Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear blogs and media, Did you get this smear letter?

Since helping New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston report a story about how fake identities were used on Twitter to get information on former Congressman Weiner I've been menaced in a number of ways: Preston lied to me and burnt me after asking me to defend her against conservatives linked to Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe on Twitter; someone posted a copy of an expunged arrest at Patterico's website on a post with 3,765 mostly menacing comments and many making ridiculous accusations against me and my sources; LA Deputy District Attorney Patterico claims I made a fake 911 call during a conversation I was having with him which would be impossible to do, said he would sic a "mad" New Jersey cop after me, then posted pictures of his wife shooting targets at a firing range; and Neal Rauhauser sent a smearing letter to my ex-employers and then wrote another one which he sent to at least two bloggers.

Rauhauser is completely tied to hacker groups such as LulzSec and he often bragged about his connections before getting banned there in diaries like this one laughing about how they broke into Arizona law enforcement computers.

He was banned after writing a diary - that Daily Kos mods refuse to make public again or send to me - about how he might send hackers and trolls after me...which wasn't even honest....since he already had weeks prior to pretending if he should or not.

Background info on how Neal Rauhauser, who is tied to the Netroots and used to post at Daily Kos under the name Stranded Wind, can be read throughout this blog and at these two links, especially: Stranded Wind aka Neal Rauhauser: The shadowy Democratic operative and Don't Make 911 Calls, A Neal Rauhauser Threatens Me.

This is one smear letter Rauhauser sent to bloggers about me:

I'm certain other journos and bloggers got this email - or a similar one - about me, too, but they are too cowardly to admit it.

From: neal rauhauser
Date: Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 10:27 PM
Subject: Regarding Ron Brynaert

Ron called me a few days ago and I've been really under the
weather, so I just got around to calling him back today. I had sent a
note to Mike Rogers at Raw Story, as a way to background check, and
what came back was "We do not comment on former employees".

Even before we spoke there was something odd - he was getting some
bulk text "sign up for debt reduction" stuff, which he blamed on me
because he'd texted as well as called me.

I rang, he answered, and I was treated to ten minutes of him ranting
about all sorts of things I've supposedly done. He'd ask a question,
take a breath, I'd get out four or five words and then he'd be off
again. Crazy stuff, like do I work for Soros, every sock puppet he's
ever seen is my system, I'm Dan Wolfe, etc, etc.

So, maybe this is a manic phase for someone bipolar, maybe late
onset schizophrenia given that he had a good job with Raw Story for
about four years, but this is a person who is not well. I sent him
packing with a relatively polite, but public "You're not well" and
this seems to have set him off even further.

I guess he has been attempting to reach Jen Preston, too.

If you guys haven't talked to him I strongly suggest a phone call
before you treat him as any sort of source - no good will come of
winding up someone in his condition, and any information he might
think he has is extremely suspect given his mental state.

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