Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Did James O'Keefe violate his probation conditions?

9/28 update: Instead of answering questions, apparently James O'Keefe is letting his associate @SimonTemplarPV make menacing comments and mock me regarding my plans to contact the court about potential violations of Mr. O'Keefe's probation.

Here's a sample, but he has lots more at his Twitter account, if you can't get enough:

Perhaps I'm wrong - but in addition to what I present below - I don't think that the court is going to think letting an employee or volunteer make jokes about committing "serial beatings of his political enemies" for someone on probation for a politically motivated misdemeanor reduced from felony charges is funny.

And, for all I know, O'Keefe is socking at the SimonTemplarPV account and making these tweets himself.

Two months ago, I deduced that James O'Keefe might have violated his probation conditions if he hasn't informed the court about his interactions with potential felon Dan Wolfe, and after he responded to me on Twitter tonight (after ignoring probably a 100 tweets going back for months) I pulled out my ace.

Check my twitter feed for the tweets, which I'll add to this post on Tuesday.

#9 on the list of O'Keefe's probation conditions under the standard conditions of supervision: "the defendant shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony, unless granted permission to do so by the probation officer."

As I mentioned to O'Keefe on Twitter Monday night, Dan Wolfe told me that he spoke to both him and his prankster colleague SimonTemplarPV, and both still follow Wolfe's account now.

This is a Direct Message Dan Wolfe sent to me on June 29. He was supposed to email me the DM conversations he had with both, but he hasn't been able to contact me for mysterious reasons (I believe my outgoing and incoming Yahoo emails are being intercepted by hackers but can't prove it, yet):

O'Keefe had no way of knowing if Dan Wolfe was a hacker and if he had hacked Rep. Weiner's Twitter account when he followed him and shared direct messages with him. O'Keefe must have known the risk, since he made no public tweets to Dan Wolfe's twitter accounts. In fact, Lee Stranahan - another Andrew Breitbart associate - was confronting Dan Wolfe with accusations that he was the hacker when O'Keefe and Templar were talking, too.

(I'll add more from my tweets and Direct Messages with Dan Wolfe on Tuesday)

Dan Wolfe is still (not the best phrase but it works) at large - and may have never committed any crimes (I don't think he hacked Weiner) but O'Keefe sure can't prove that (plus Wolfe could have been convicted of a felony in the past - for all anyone knows - since his true identity remains a mystery) .

Since O'Keefe remains on probation for pleading guilty to breaking into Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu's office in 2010 for mysterious reasons, he probably should inform the court about all his interactions with Dan Wolfe and everything he might know about Weinergate as soon as possible.

As I blogged in August, a story I reported for Raw Story in January of 2010 about Tampergate hit MSNBC and resulted in a response by Patterico and a statement later issued by James O'Keefe on Breitbart's site. O'Keefe never responded to any requests for quotes when we did multiple articles at Raw Story, and probably should explain why he deleted his old blog and scrubbed his early college articles before accusing the media of doing anything untoward again.


Wendy from Snapple said...

This is a stretch, to say the very least.

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You certainly said the very least.

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Reingold represented Google.

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thanks...i need a day to process all this new information...

i keep getting sidetracked by this Socrates, Brett Kimberlin sideshow which has nothing to do with what I care about...but seems to be completely intertwined with Weinergate.