Monday, June 18, 2012

Email I sent Patterico, Raw Story, Brad Blog calling Velvet Revolution hoaxers

On September 20, 2011, I sent an email to Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey aka Patterico, my former colleagues at Raw Story, Brad Friedman @TheBradBlog, Crooks And Liars editor Diane Sweet, and Justin Elliott (who then worked at Salon but now reports for Pro-Publica) which called out Brett Kimberlin's Velvet Revolution as "wackadoo hoaxers".

Nine months later, Patterico is still pretending that I'm tied to Kimberlin and The Brad Blog, and ignores the fact that Raw Story later tried to sue me and that Elliott, my former colleagues at RS, Friedman and every single left-leaning blogger and journalist turned against me partly because I tried to help conservatives who were SWATed and were sent death threats.

The email I sent Patterico contained a forwarded press release by Kyle Hence, who used to date Larisa Alexandrovna and who belonged to Kimberlin and Friedman's Velvet Revolution, a "wackadoo group" I froze out at Raw Story when I was Managing Editor and promoted to Executive Editor from January of 2007 to mid-October of 2010.

"Kyle Hence is a lying hoaxer who has sent out fake news releases for a long time," I wrote in the 9/20/11 email.

I advised my former colleagues, "If you are at all serious you should publicly call him out," and mentioned a hoax he tried to push me to cover in December of 2009, which DeadSpin wrote up a day later as "Tiger Woods Accident Story Becomes Latest Email Hoax Your Dad Will Send You".

9/11 Truther Kyle Hence forwarded me the bogus Tiger Woods story - that fooled less cautious reporters - on December 23, 2009, including a phone number, name and email address of the "conservative" source he allegedly received it from.

"FYI for what it is worth from a friend of a friend is the inside story on Tiger," Hence's source claimed. "Knowing the source, I actually believe this. The sensationalism of the media has never been as accurate as you would believe. The following paragraphs come from my friend’s friend..." [Identical hoax story can be read at this link].

In my 9/20/11 email sent to Frey, Elliott, and others, I complained that Hence "tried to get me to report this Tiger Woods hoax story for Raw Story. He sent the tip to me before anyone else in the we would have had the 'pleasure' of having an exclusive on fake news."

"Kyle and Larisa Alexandrovna are a couple of hoaxer wackadoos along with everyone in the wackadoo velvet revolution," I wrote, which only Patterico responded to, although he ignored the contents, and just asked for other information, which I promptly sent him.

After a few emails distorting tweets I had recently made, Patterico - who had strangely turned on me over the summer, even though I was on the phone with him during his 7/1/11 SWATing and had been trying to help - thanked me for forwarding him the press release Hence had sent me and other emails that the creepy and menacing Neal Rauhauser kept sending me, at the time. But - to this day - the lying Deputy District Attorney still pretends that I'm in some kind of crazy conspiracy with the Velvet Revolution gang and Rauhauser, a Democratic operative who appears to be a longtime FBI informant and agent provocateur, whom New York Times journalist Jennifer Preston warned me was "dangerous."

"The fact that you are forwarding Neal's emails is reassurance to me that you are not working with him," Frey wrote me on September 21, 2011. "I became suspicious of you because you refused to talk to me on the phone, when you should be able to recognize my voice."

Frey added, "But if you're forwarding Neal's emails then it is likely you are on the up and up. Please keep forwarding them."

Apparently, Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey - who has spent a few years defending hoaxer James O'Keefe III, a convicted misdemeanorer - manipulated me into sending him emails that he could later spin on the Internet to frame me as a "criminal" and "terrorist": Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism.

Since I report the truth about both sides, and have criticized just about every left-leaning and right-leaning blogger, journalist, and media organization at least once, I've become a convenient patsy. While right-wingers call me criminal, my former friends and colleagues on the left pretend I'm crazy and ignore the nearly year-long harassment I've faced while probing Rauhauser and the Breitbart associates who have smeared and menaced me simultaneously.