Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Is The SaintRPH?

On May 27, SaintRPH aka Matt Dawson was the second person to respond to Dan Wolfe (aka Patriotusa76) after he retweeted the infamous underwear picture that former Congressman Anthony Weiner sent to a Seattle college girl.

"Ugh why did I have to click on that," Dawson responded, (thus joining a cast of characters that runs from Dana Loesch to porn star Ginger Lee to The Fonz as Twitterers involved in Weinergate to varying degrees).

On March 18, Dawson exchanged a number of tweets with Dan Wolfe about Weiner which wondered why patriotusa76 was so interested in the - at the time - Democratic Congressman from the Ny-9 district. The mysterious Wolfe (who I interviewed from June to July at length but - so far - have only released excerpts of our conversations) claimed he never lived in New York, but that he had family and relatives there.

By email, Dawson told me that, at first - late on May 27 when he saw the Wolfe RT of Weiner's picture - he "didn't think it was real."

When told he was only the second person to respond publicly to Dan Wolfe's tweet, Dawson said it was "pretty cool and I might tell [people] that. Too bad I wasn't the first."

Doug Stewart at Ameristroika proudly announced a few weeks ago, "Matt Dawson has joined the team at PatDollard.Com. While patdollard.com is one of the most active and up to date breaking news sites on the web, we did need to add some comedy relief. That came in the form of Matt Awesome. (his real birth name). Here are some things you may not know about Matt Dawson.

Dawson lead the #occupycouch movement; the only rational response for patriots across the nation to get involved with."

Dawson's first post at Dollard's blog can be read at this link.