Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher threatens to sue me for outing him

(Update: Whois info for Tommy Christopher's website "Daily Dose" lists "Thomas Eric Beller" as the owner, and other things I've found back that up. However, Mr. Christopher said on a recent podcast aimed at attacking Daily Caller reporter Jeff Poor for reporting on him, "I feel like I'm lying almost" when he provides his name to the Secret Service guards at the White House" and that the "name on his birth certificate isn't either of the two." "I have friends everywhere...." Christopher told Ed Morrissey, and proved it when many conservatives stood up for him on Twitter and at their blogs (as usual, most liberal bloggers just completely ignored it). To be continued...)

"I asked my friend Caleb to witness the call because this person threatened my family and has waged a cyberstalking campaign against me," Mediaite's Tommy Christopher responded in an email last night when I complained about a weird phone call we had last night to (redacted).

Mr. Christopher has ducked my questions regarding his role in the fake Weinergate teens hoax for the last eight months, and when I noticed that he had a long history of using his family as props in his satire and news articles - and even co-starred in his old videos - I wondered how outing the real name of a White House correspondent could endanger them. And I thought it was strange that Mr. Christopher had so many conservatives attacking Daily Caller reporter Jeff Poor, who first revealed he wasn't using his real name.

See: What is Mediaite blogger Tommy Christopher’s real name?

Is it possible Tommy Christopher aka Mr. McNulty and his brother - an activist - both fight to keep their real last name secret because they are related to a New York Times executive who seems to only follow liberal bloggers on her Twitter account?

Mr. McNulty accused me of blackmail because I sought answers - in part - to help Mike Stack aka @Goatsred who has been menaced for eight months over Weinergate ever since mysterious sock Dan Wolfe aka @patriotusa76 vanished.

See: Stack's new blog where he has been chronicling the many horrible pranks and accusations hurled at him by Democratic consultant Neal Rauhauser and his #P2 friends.

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It sure got quiet after I outed Mr. Christopher. I guess we both have no readers or followers on the Twitter.