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Stranded Wind aka Neal Rauhauser: The shadowy Democratic operative


In his latest Daily Kos diary, Stranded Wind (and a few socks in the comments section that pretended to be friends with an innocent young woman who is being menaced in Seattle - by using twitter accounts with names like symbolman - and that are connected to The Political Carnival blog and many anti-Palin crusades) either writes satire, highly original snarky superheroic investigative journalism or a smear job: your choice, readers.

"The third wheel here is @ronbryn, who was once a journalist of some note, but he seems to have fallen on hard times. He has some, errr, unique theories about Weinergate, and hackers taking an interest in his landlady’s dog. I’m having trouble following it all, but he was quite active in the discussion with Patterico for a period of time."

Instead of responding to hundreds of specific tweets and a few different articles I've now written, StrandedWind continues to mock and smear and pretend confusion (even though he writes lots of diaries on Weinergate and seems to be able to sniff everything before it happens, perhaps he studied under Jerome Armstrong aka Vis Numar or Sen. Mary Landrieu office invader James O'Keefe, whose early writings at college, as I'll examine in a future post - but tweeted about already - seem very Seattle-riot-smash-the-state-anarchisticish).

The only "hard times" I'm under is being menaced by hackers who have harassed conservative bloggers they disagree with and at least three innocent women, not to mention an elderly couple. I was bombarded with nasty mentions and retweets on the Fourth of July for nearly 24 hours. Why doesn't StrandedWind take a picture of that and write an all-American diary about the hatred and mocking I endured.

There are 2,248 comments on this Patterico post written on 6/30/11, but for some reason Neal Rauhauser isn't following the majority of the commenters like @wittier and @rocksem who seem to be obsessed with Weinergate, and smearing me, my friends, and my sources ( ).

And he deliberately distorts my story that I tweeted about how my landlady called a bogus 911 call on me and sent my late dad's dog to the dog pound, which I never blamed on hackers. That's the StrandedWind (and Blogfather of Daily Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas) method of operation: ignore information, focus on a detail that is either wrong or bizarre, mock, pretend confusion, clown around, insinuate that the person is hysterical or crazy or mental or jealous or has a grudge. But never truly responding to the questions.

StrandedWind's full diary at Daily Kos - along with comments by his socks - can be read at this link:’s-Petulance

The next step will probably be to continue the same pattern or write a serious-sounding post explaining things or a sympathy diary designed to get the Daily Kos faithful to feel bad about his own health and/or troubles).

Original post follows:

Stranded Wind's Profile at Wind

Grassroots infrastructure guy, knowledge & security engineering, Anonthropologist, John Bosley to the Anonymiss Angels, user & maker of maps of all sorts. Helped to create Progressive Congress News, worked 44 elections in 2010

March 23, 2011: "Aspects of Anonymous" by StrandedWind aka Netroots radical grass roots activist leader and secretive Democratic operative Neal Rauhauser:

"Anonymous has been around for a good long while. The world noticed when the collective took up the Guy Fawkes masks during the scuffle with the Church of Scientology in 2008, but I had met some of the hackers who bedeviled the church a decade before this. Keep in mind that anyone who tells you there is a leader or formal structure is either confused or teasing. There are organizations with agendas that blend in with the group, but collectively those involved are adamant that there is no hierarchy. It's the leaderless resistance postulated by the American right, only their sole cause seems to be resisting classification."

"Today journalists with no background and no contacts, triggered by the Wikileaks imbroglio, are struggling to understand and report on this flashy, theatrical, and yet highly secretive social phenomenon. I set aside my black hat many years ago, but recent events have compelled me to pay attention at the level of ghosting along with a few of the major groups so that none of the things I'm responsible for get blindsided. If you're going to report on this stuff you have to understand a bit about hackers, trolls, the places they frequent, and their values."

August 20, 2010 "Conspiracy Theory" by Neal Rauhauser writing as StrandedWind at Daily Kos:

"One of the tools used by the mainstream media to disengage citizens from participating democracy is the subtle backing of conspiracism. This is a multifaceted phenomenon that needs to be dealt with forcefully, but it's hard to know where to begin."

More interesting StrandedWind excerpts to come in a future post, which might be at a different blog since I got weird hits from an uploaded image at at shortly after my first posts.

The following is a post that I put up at my last blog with more background on Neal R:

Neal R. watches my Tweets but I can't read his

Introduction and semi-disclaimer:

* I'm not revealing all my phone and Twitter interactions with Neal Rauhauser now since he appears to be using everything I publicly write (or send in emails or DMs) against me already. I also want to remind everyone that it's hard to tell what is what since hackers can send fake Direct Messages on Twitter and do all kinds of other dirty tricks. I've been getting punk'd for a while now, I realize, and other people I'm writing about may be victims, as well. Perhaps even Neal R., but if so, they are using HIS playbooks. *

I barely even knew Neal existed until Jen Preston from The New York Times asked me on June 23 - spelling his first name wrong and not telling me his last: "who is neil r?"

I sent her a bunch of DMs asking what his last name was that she probably never received and we had a few odd phone calls where she ducked the question and wouldn't answer me why she was also talking to Lee Stranahan.

I'm almost certain Jennifer Preston of The New York Times has been punk'd, although her role in getting New York Times reporters on to social networking sites so that hackers can take advantage of reporters smells a bit fishy, and honestly, it's hard to tell even if Neal R. or Lee Stranahan sent what they sent to me since TWITTER AND FACEBOOK CAN DEFINITELY BE HACKED.

Then on June 26, Preston warned me that he was a "dangerous" Democratic operative, oddly misspelling his name again.

Neall R is a dem operative. at this point do not engage. very dangerous.
Direct message sent by Jennifer Preston (@NYT_JenPreston) to you (@ronbryn) on Jun 26, 7:46 AM.

Jennifer Preston

Goatsred followed me late in the evening on June 25th after I publicly tweeted that I thought he got a raw deal in the Weinergate scandal, smeared at the Smoking Gun and Daily Kos for meaningless private and fantastical things he did or didn't do in the past.

Mike Stack mentioned Neal's name in a direct message to me that night, then the next day Neal R. DM'd me on June 26th and told me he had a scoop about Weinergate. After I sent him my phone number I got strange texts that I googled and found were potential spam sites that hackers might use to trap your personal information. He ducked my calls and DMs even though I knew he was reading them on Twitter - you can see when someone's on twitter on the left side of your screen in the DM section.

That same day he wrote a note to someone who used to work with me at a former job, asking, "I see from Twitter, Did he leave /w personality rub, or was there an ethics problem? Sounds like he's just out, minor drama /w John (Byrne?) when he leave. I want to make sure not another Clayton Ryan type character."

I never heard of Clayton Ryan before, but he appears to be some Daily Kos diarist who accused Andrew Breitbart of outrageous things (like the kind of stuff Neal himself does). More can be read on Clayton Ryan at this link:

Then Neal R. called me two days later when I told him I only wanted him to DM me and proceeded to brag about how he worked on 44 Democratic campaigns - like it proudly says on his Daily Kos profile at - 29 under the table in secret because he was being threatened and harassed by the right.

I immediately stopped him and told him that that was against FEC laws and that I didn't want to hear anything else that he had to say, and we began arguing with each other. I told him I'd only talk on Twitter and we did (you can see the tweets we shared that day where he made indirect threats to my family, twice after I asked him not to....or maybe you can't since he protected his tweets).

Our phone call was a little bit over ninety seconds long.

On June 28, Neal Rauhauser sent a smear letter about me to some bloggers, claiming that he was "treated to ten minutes of him ranting about all sorts of things I've supposedly done."

StrandedWind, the Daily Kos smear specialist, added, among other things, "So, maybe this is a manic phase for someone bipolar, maybe late onset schizophrenia given that he had a good job with Raw Story for about four years, but this is a person who is not well."

Rauhauser - who has written a number of diaries at Daily Kos using the name StrandedWind on how to confuse your perceived enemies by spreading misinformation and slander for a greater cause - added, "any information he might think he has is extremely suspect given his mental state."

"Come on comic book villain too chicken to say an out and out threat, but willing to hint at it because of perversity..." I tweeted to Neal Rauhauser aka StrandedWind on June 29th after he made three indirect threats to my family.

Neal R. replied, "Threats require a time, a place, a method. They're actually quite rare on the intert00bz. Menacing behavior is much more common"

Shortly after menacing me, I guess Neal Rauhauser decided to menace the innocent Jennifer George in California.

from neal rauhauser
date Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 1:28 PM
subject Researching Weiner stalking, not interested in you


So, I am researching the Weiner stalking, I have a short list of people I know were involved, a few more that I think were involved, and I might spend another month or three watching and gathering info. You're not on my list at all. I do like Ginger Lee, Meagan Broussard, Mike Stack, and I think I know where to find the person who posed as Dan Wolfe.

I see this tiresome Stranahan fellow bothering you, and maybe this Patterico creature would like to get into the act, too. Sorry to hear you're facing this - they pulled something similar to Weinergate with me last fall, but I'm not a big fish like Weiner so it didn't go anywhere. But that's why I take this stuff so seriously.

Maybe you've been told things that would help me solve the puzzle. Feel free to whisper in my ear if that's the case, either from this one or anonymously - my email is quite public. If you're sick of it all and just want it to stop I can understand that, too ...

Neal Rauhauser

More here: &

Neal Rauhauser aka StrandedWind made his tweets private on June 29 after indirectly threatening my family three times but he keeps a list online of everything Patterico, Stranahan and I say on twitter (or what I say and he's writing on the other two hacked accounts perhaps). StrandedWind's mysterious followers with fake names and scary avatars on twitter accounts are really interested in what I write.

Neal's file is called "Patterico Stranahan Meltdown" and atop the five pages it says @nealrauhauser/goatsred" List View.

You can see it below ( ) until Neal R scrubs it from the net.

Here's one exchange we had, notice how he ducked my serious question, taunted me and mocked me as insane, just how his strandedwind strategy tactic pamphlets at Daily Kos (or expunged from the internet) advise:

Neal Rauhauser @NealRauhauser replied to you:

@ronbryn Ssshh. I'm hacking into HAARP, the machine that controls the voices in your head. You'll just KNOW here in a minute.
In reply to…
@NealRauhauser Give me the name of one Democratic campaign operative I can call who will vouch for you & tell me what you did as work.

Patterico Stranahan Meltdown

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