Monday, September 26, 2011

'We're Not Script Kiddies'

If the Script Kiddie Facebook page is deleted (which I'm not linking to) I wanted to make sure journalists note this quote so they can use it in their future reports, unlike stupid or lying websites like Techcrunch who refuse to do any real investigating.

"The methods we use are original, although our name may lead you to think otherwise, We're not script kiddies. We have very creative ways of doing what we do, IT security is a joke anyways. It's impossible to make anything on the internet 'Secure.'"

All the hacker groups are on the same team but pretend to have feuds. But the feds should start talking to everyone at Daily Kos, since they coordinated with all the hacker groups there in multiple diary posts, and all the hackers are liberal.

When will the media report that other ways to hack on Twitter include clicking on links in Direct Messages and using tricks to access your password even if you changed it exploiting other applications like Tweetdeck, as I've show in multiple posts at this blog, especially this July one, where a hacker - who uses sock names similar to Andrew Breitbart confusing people - showed me all kinds of tricks he could pull off:


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honestly, this hacker shit is all new to me....but yeah...crappy post....

My point is the media keeps dismissing them as script kiddies...when they are actually more sophisticated...and use way more techniques to hack than the simple password guessing etc that the media keeps throwing into all their articles.

These groups threaten all of us...they access personal info and they make shit up...partly for Lulz and mostly because most people on the left seem to think anything that wins is good...even though they don't care they push away people that don't agree and they have accomplished nothing in the last 8 years.