Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't Make 911 Calls, A Neal Rauhauser Threatens Me

Update: Tweets by an anonymous troll called Stormpeedo which include threatening statements directed at Patterico - a Los Angeles deputy district attorney - resemble emails Twittergate mastermind/hoaxer Neal Rauhauser sent me.

From: neal rauhauser
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 2:46 AM
Subject: Re: You'll need to offer a correction

"Breitbart or Patterico sends someone, perhaps the same person who posed as Dan Wolfe, to convince you that they are pursuing him. My take is that this is one of them, perhaps James O'Keefe, and they're using you to muddy the water.

However, I have consistently held to the belief that it was always Breitbart at the root, with Patterico either running the whole thing, or O'Keefe running it and Patterico being called in when it blew up in their face - he's served as a fixer of sorts with their ACORN mess.

We'll know more based on Kimberlin's discovery in his suit against Seth Allen. They don't seem inclined to disclose any more online despite the chatter that has popped up on qritiq and kidkenoma.

stef says to invite you for coffee tomorrow. I know you won't come, but I had to mention it."

In a prior email, Rauhauser claimed, "Oh, I know who runs stormpeedo, certainly, but it ain't me. If you have any specific message I will pass it along."

And in another email to me, Rauhauser wrote,

"I just went and read stormpeedo's Twitter - I can see where you might think it was me. One of the things we do is coach people in how to take on a persona - Stormy has been working on that for a while, changing voices and perspectives. I guess today was sound like Neal day. They can do a pretty good Darrah Ford, and I think they can probably mimic a beandog, or @ronbryn for that matter. It's not hard to do, you just have to get into the right mindset.

I wish you luck on pursuing that one, the person has some skills, and they really don't want to be found. I don't actually know a name/location, not even sure how they knew to come to me - probably an old hacker contact having some fun."

In reaction to this blog post, Neal Rauhauser emailed me, "Patterico won't unban you, Ron. You're just too weird and unstable, and they have other troubles in their lives right now."

(Update at bottom: Response to this post by "a Neal Rauhauser")

I keep getting menacing emails from a troll who might be Neal Rauhauser or might not be. Either way, the emails are almost definitely sanctioned by him, since these are the games he likes to play, along with his fellow clowns Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranahan.

(Disclosure: Some of my responses to this troll were quite nasty, in the hopes of trying to get a rise out of him, so he'd get sloppy, as has happened in the past when dealing with 4chan hacker anonymous trolls.)

Here's two from today: