Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Ballad of Brett Kimberlin: Hypnosis, Levitation and a 'pot bombing'

Of all the silly things Andrew Breitbart hosted on the internet, the prize might have to go to the October 11, 2010 article "Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist" by Liberty Chick aka Mandy Nagy, who may or may not get paid to research, report and shill for the Big empire.

The article confuses research with googling stuff on the Internet and copy-and-pasting from them without investigating whether or not they could be true or it was intentional confusion.

Since the subject is a renowned hoaxer, it truly is bizarre that Big Government would unquestioningly report on stories that claim (and this is just a small part of the idiocy): In 1978, 50-100 ATF agents spied on Brett Kimberlin on a hunch he executed a woman - on the word of a perhaps kooky relative - then set off bombs to distract cops, even though there were no witnesses to the murder, which was solved by showing pictures of men - who were captured in Texas trying to catch marijuana falling from the sky from a plane flown by a Columbian drug smuggler who couldn't reach a makeshift runaway they had built in the desert - to the 68-year-old widower of the victim who couldn't ID until he was hypnotized and who tragically - or suspiciously - died shortly after he fingered a man from Ohio who had an alibi he was in Ohio.

Hypnosis is apparently the investigative tool that helped solve the Scyphers murder or maybe not, according to sketchy Indy Star articles Liberty Chick cites in her authoritative “this story’s not about Andrew Breitbart” story about the Velvet Revolution ties to a kook who she knows is notorious for lying.

Detectives in Speedway, Indiana investigating a homicide showed photos of nine men arrested including the on-the-radar Brett Kimberlin in Texas who were nabbed for running into the desert to try to catch marijuana falling from the sky and the murder victim’s husband “Scyphers picked out one of the other photos. It was an Ohio man named William Bowman, and based on Scyphers’ ID he was then arrested and charged with the murder. Police still believed Kimberlin was behind it and hoped to get Bowman to reveal the connection as he faced his own trial.”

68-year-old Mr. Scyphers' ID was based on a momentary glimpse of the getaway driver’s face through his windshield as he pulled out of their driveway.

But the case apparently fell apart because when the cops showed pictures of 9 dudes who tried to catch pot falling from the sky in the desert from a plane loaded with primo – i assume – ganja from columbia he must not have recognized any of them so the cops hypnotized the 68 year old man and showed him the pics again.

I'm not lying:

“But Bowman never went to trial for Julia Scyphers’ murder, nor did anyone else. Fred Scyphers had terminal cancer and died on March 14, 1979, about two weeks after Bowman’s arrest. With no witness there was no case and the charges were dropped. Even had he lived, there was no certainty of a conviction. He had barely seen the man who’d come to the door that day and had only been able to provide a positive identification of Bowman after undergoing hypnosis. Bowman’s lawyers, meanwhile, were prepared to bring witnesses putting their client in Ohio on the day of the murder. ”

From the Indy Star story we learn, “Police showed the store clerks several photos and one of them picked out Brett Kimberlin.”

Lets hope all those photos were of men arrested in Indiana at least and not Texas or Ohio…but this was the 1970s.

An earlier Indy Star article (from at least 1980) credited to R. Joseph Gelarden is cited (perhaps published on an April Fool's Day or the result of a lost bet), which claims the mad bomber planned other bombings and political assassinations that i guess the feds never got the goods on and so he escaped justice.

The article claims Mrs. Scyphers was with her three granddaughters in the living room when the man knocked on her door to ask about stuff in her garage sale but there is no mention on why no one was manning the garage sale.

We learn that the killer slipped a gun from his black briefcase to kill Mrs. Scyphers but since there were no witnesses to the actual shooting and no trial how the hell would anyone know that?

Don’t miss this purple lines: “Along the way detectives found maimed bodies, broken families, strange relationships and international drug smugglers” and “A noise, described as the sound of a falling TV tray, drew the attention of her husband.”

Page 2 of the story says something about 4 people killed in a Burger Chef that same night….but no “credible link” was found…so the Indy Star throws it in the mix anyway, since there wasn't enough spice, apparently.

An interview "took place on the evening of Nov. 17, 1978 - the same night four young persons who worked at a Speedway Burger Chef restaurant were kidnapped and slain. Mrs. Barton told a story that was later expanded into an alibi for Kimberlin."

In parenthesis and using bold and caps for the first word, Gelarden continued, "(ALTHOUGH surprised by the event, investigators never have been able to establish any credible link between the Burger Chef murders and the bombings.)"

Also, Brett bragged to the cops he learned how to levitate and disappear and would be able to escape from any prison.

"Once, a source recalled, Kimberlin bragged that his brother, Scott, had traveled to India where he supposedly studied transcendental meditation with a famous guru. He said his brother learned the hidden arts of the mysterious East and passed them on to him. 'Brett bragged the cops might arrest him but would never hold him. You see, he claimed his brother taught him how to levitate and disappear. He said he just could disappear from jail."

Also, Brett was dating the law clerk for US magistrate Thomas Faulconer and his office is next door to prosecutors and investigators feared Brett got access to sensitive information but “no leak was ever detected.”

We learn more info about the – I kid readers not – Texas “pot bombing”…..they had arsenal of weapons a “futuristic” tasar, rifles, pistols with silencers and poison tipped bullets

The story also claims that Kimberlin tried to frame a family working with cops to solve the Scyphers murder by planting a bomb on her property…and informants ratted out Brett…but I'm not sure when or if he was charged with that crime.

Nagy wasn't happy when I noted the following minor plagiarism, and blasted her for using too many sentences in her article that were too close to the sources. She should use quotation marks and blockquotes more or come up with entirely new sentences that retell stories in entirely new ways.

Mandy “writes” for Breitbart: “When caught during the drug arrest, police confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a TASAR (brand new technology at that time), pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.”

Indy Star had reported “They confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a futuristic electronic stun gun called a TASAR , pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.”

ATF crime lab experts determine a timer was used so they tracked persons who bought them only at a local sales outlet (now why they decided that only the local sales outlet could have sold the timer i don’t know).

Then we learn

“Kimberlin seemed to be the only one with a possible motive – to distract police attention from the Scyphers murder and delay or halt their quiet investigation of him.”

Yeah that’s completely fucking believable for a motive…..(i’m personally planning on resurrecting Lex Luthor’s Superman 1978 plan to make California sink to the ocean so that some bogus 911 tape evidence I was told by a prankster or a silly blogger exists on his iPhone will disappear)

“50 to 100 ATF agents poured into Indianapolis and began a 24-hour surveillance of him, snapping pictures from hidden locations.”

Lets just say 75 ATF agents tailed one suspect….(they pretended it was labor day and hid behind a marching band that followed him around town i think) and we still haven’t been told how they tied him to buying the same timer used in bombings.

Oh wait here we get to that now…..they actually hadn’t tied Kimberlin to buying the timers yet…they just suspected he did since he committed a murder that no one witnessed and no one identified him as the killer………and they assumed the bombings were to foil the cops who always drop all smaller cases like murders in those events…even when 75 ATF agents are in town to help….

“The pictures were mixed with others and shown to sales clerks at the Graham stores to see if they could pick out the man who bought the timers. They said Kimberlin looked like the man.”

No word on whether they showed pics of other people who bought a timer there…or how they would get such pictures, but perhaps the ATF has 50 to 100 agents tailing other potential suspects that we don't know about, instead of putting all their eggs in one basket.

Also there’s a strange part in the story when we learn that after they got a search warrant from a judge who must have been high on Dan Quayle pot (joking reference to Brett Kimberlin's lies in prison trying to warp an election - for the good guys at least, wink) and search his car and his hideout and arrested bk with the same timer, stolen military drivers licenses he tried to eat, and traces of chemical.

“About two weeks after he was arrested, Kimberlin was released from jail. The charges were dropped because state and federal prosecutors wanted to dig deeper into his background and decide whetehr he should be charged on state or federal charges.”

Sounds plausible to me..and it worked…although Deputy District Attorney Patterico blamed the dirty parole system for letting the bomber out too early in a weird phone call we had last week where he claimed I was tied to Kimberlin and a thug named Neal Rauhauser and a - perhaps fictional - anti or pro porn troll named Darrah Ford, all because we hate Goatsred, a vile porn mod who threatens and menaces women with his vile troll buddies.