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State's Attorney to mull criminal action against Patterico troll Socrates

April 18, 2012 update:

First off, welcome Breitbart Unmasked readers [except for the horrible, vile troll - Neal Rauhauser or one of his associates - behind that revenge blog, which contains a lot of misinformation and is creepy and nasty].

I've spent over ten months working on the craziest story ever, and I have gotten a bunch of things wrong. Especially in this article.

Nearly every reference to Mike Stack is wrong. Neal Rauhauser and others [to be named later] have been menacing and smearing him ever since a sock called Dan Wolfe aka @patriotusa76 RT'd a tweet by former Congressman Weiner on May 27, 2011. He was also smeared and menaced by an anti-porn porn blogger named Darrah Ford who mysteriously vanished days after Weinergate broke.

I think I'm more fair to Socrates than most anyone on the left in this article, but I left comments at Firedoglake that probably should have been reflected more in this article. I don't approve of trying to take away a man or woman's blog. That's fucking bullshit.

Believe it or not - I still can't - Worthing is a real lawyer.

And Patterico appears to be a liar and a fraud. Stay tuned.

Apologies for all the things I got wrong here and in other articles. I think by the end of June, many things will become clearer...and I'll be able to fix all the rotten posts.

December 21, 2011 update:

An alleged lawyer who admitted to using an alias on the internet has responded to a subpoena based on his involvement in a cyber-stalking case, by publicly posting an email sent by the plaintiff which said that it was "regarding a legal matter in which [he was] a potential witness. This correspondence is strictly for legal purposes and you do not have my permission to republish this email or its contents in any public venue."

"I don’t need your permission," "Aaron Worthing" blogged before posting the December 15 email sent by Brett Kimberlin [see below for more background on this case].

From the email:

I would like to ask that you voluntarily appear as a witness in this case to testify about your relationship with Mr. Allen, your advice to him, and whether that advice included your legal opinion that, as Mr. Allen says, he has a First Amendment right to defame, harass, and stalk me because I am a “public figure.” I would also like you to testify if you advised Mr. Allen that he could attack Judge Jordan with his threats and posts under the First Amendment, and whether you told him that he could not be extradited to Maryland under a contempt order.

Mr. Worthing also accuses me of being Mr. Kimberlin's "associate" because of a ridiculous conspiracy theory that Mr. Allen has been spreading on the Internet for years.

To be continued....

December 20, 2011 update:

Three weeks before an order to show cause hearing which will determine whether or not an accused cyberstalker defied a Maryland injunction by continuing to engage in alleged defamation online, a blogger who claims to be a lawyer but recently admitted to using an alias is now being sought by the plaintiff for allegedly "assisting" and "conspiring with" the defendant.



As noted below, Worthing was sent an email by Seth Allen aka Socrates in which - out of exasperation - Allen jokingly - according to his testimony - referred to killing the plaintiff, Brett Kimberlin. Worthing also allegedly offered legal advice to Allen, who has spun his November court loss into a victory, due to the fact that the judgement amounted to only $100.

However, Allen (not to mention his conservative enablers including a number of Andrew Breitbart associates) fails to note that he pleaded poverty to the court in his motion to reverse judgement. Along with disclosing that all his money is in a disability trust controlled by a charity organization, Allen argued that he "failed to raise the funds to pay for air travel."

At his blog last week, Worthing deleted a comment by Allen, writing,


I have removed your comment, because frankly I know you presently have some kind of injunction related to all of this, and i want to avoid any violation of it. If you could do me a favor and forward a copy of the injunction, I will certainly let you post if it is in obedience to the injunction. i am sure that is annoying, but i have to protect myself from liability in that mess you are dealing with.

"Then delete me completely, like I was never here," Socrates responded. "That's rubbish moderating. There's no injunction against me posting. I thought you were an attorney."

Worthing said in response: "I don't know what the injunction covers or doesn't. I don't know anything about it. I have, however, seen injunctions that cover exactly that in cases like this."

Despite warnings to cool his wrath against the court (Socrates christened the judge who ruled against him "fatfuckface" and "ambulance chaser", who has subsequently recused himself from the contempt proceedings), Allen refuses to back down.

At his blog, Socrates wrote that "if a prosecutor is stupid enough to go after me, then good luck to them extradicting me. They can all kiss my ass."

I may have invented the broken record. I'll have to socratise that to make sure.

Check this out. I left a post on Aaron Worthing's website. He used to blog for Patterico.

He deleted it. He wants a copy of what the Judge ordered. He actually thinks there could be an injunction against me from blogging.

Here's hoping the Maryland Court puts an end to this once and for all. Mr. Jailhouse Lawyer is out of control!

Omg, I cannot wait until I get that court audio and post about what Kimberlin testified under oath.

Thanks for the advice. I'm not really worried about any of this.

It's all garbage. If a prosecutor is stupid enough to go after me, then good luck to them extradicting me. They can all kiss my ass.

Although Allen might face an angry court due to the attacks on one of its judges, some believe he might be aided by a - in some ways - not dissimilar cyber stalking case.

One of Allen's supporters, Donkeytale, noted in a diary at the Pffugee Camp blog,

Violent/murderous (so-called), vicious, impolite, frequently banned, and often abused by majoritarian groupthinkers, internet trolls across the world wide web are cheering and vigourously flipping off the epidemic herd mentality today after a federal judge dismissed a criminal cyberstalking complaint against a California man on free speech grounds.

In a nutshell, the Judge opined that posting on a blog is not the same as communicating a threat directly to another person through email, snail mail, telephone calls or face to face, and therefore blogging is a protected form of speech.

As Somini Sengupta at The New York Times reported,

In a case with potentially far-reaching consequences for freedom of expression on the Internet, a federal judge on Thursday dismissed a criminal case against a man accused of stalking a religious leader on Twitter, saying that the Constitution protects “uncomfortable” speech on such bulletin-boardlike sites.

The government had accused the defendant, William Lawrence Cassidy, of harassing and causing “substantial emotional distress” to a Buddhist religious leader named Alyce Zeoli. He had posted thousands of messages about her, some predicting her violent death. He lived in California, she in Maryland.

In his 27-page order, Judge Roger W. Titus wrote that “while Mr. Cassidy’s speech may have inflicted substantial emotional distress, the government’s indictment here is directed squarely at protected speech: anonymous, uncomfortable Internet speech addressing religious matters.”

The United States attorney’s office in Maryland, which filed the case, had no comment on the order Thursday, and it was unclear whether it would exercise its right to appeal the decision. Shanlon Wu, a lawyer for Ms. Zeoli, said in an e-mail that his client was “appalled and frightened by the judge’s ruling.”

However, the Cassidy case was a criminal case under a federal statute, while the Allen one is a state civil case alleging defamation and interference with business, so it almost definitely won't be a factor in the January 9 hearing.

More information on Aaron Worthing at this link: Lawyer using fake name asked others for real names.

Worthing's "rattling" response at this link.


On December 9, an order to show cause on January 9 was issued by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County in regards to "PLAINTIFF [Brett Kimberlin]'S NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO MARYLAND STATE'S ATTORNEY FOR CRIMINAL CONTEMPT CHARGES AGAINST DEFENDANT SETH ALLEN [aka Socrates]" who was "ENJOINED PERMANENTLY FROM ENGAGING IN TORTUOUS CONDUCT CONSTITUTING DEFAMATION OF OR INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS RELATIONS OF THE PLAINTIFF" on November 16 after being sued for cyberstalking.

A new judge will be handling the proceedings. After losing the civil judgment, Socrates claimed that he was the actual winner at the Patterico blog, and attacked the judge that ruled against him, calling him "fatfuck" and "fatfuckface" and "a robot" at two different blogs, and defamed him as a former "ambulance chaser."

Patterico - a Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney named Patrick Frey who does a lot of blogging in support of Andrew Breitbart and his interests - is planning a blog post that purports to prove that Socrates outperformed Perry Mason in court, and somehow got Brett Kimberlin to commit "perjury."

At his blog on Sunday, Socrates celebrated "Patterico's Pontweetifications" by copying and pasting Frey's words of support - from his blog and Twitter account - for the accused cyberstalker who won't stop blogging about his imagined nemesis, and appears to be feeling enabled by all the attention from Breitbart associates.

Interestingly, Socrates has claimed to not be too familiar with Twitter, but instead of copy-and-pasting Patterico's tweets, he took them from Tweet Tunnel, a semi-obscure website I had only learned about from the Kid Kenoma blog a few months ago.

Breitbart researcher Liberty_Chick aka Mandy Nagy left a comment on a Socrates post Saturday which implies that I was involved in some kind of fake prank of Media Matters' Eric Boehlert - who seems to get paid to argue with Breitbart on Twitter.

Nagy and Patterico and other Breitbart associates have spent the last five months falsely accusing me of alleged crimes because I've reported stories such as "Breitbart Gang teams up with Real Porn WikiLeaks Crew" and "Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch already had Weiner pics". Patterico and Mike Stack - the co-pilot of Weinergate who has been accused of stalking women - even claim that I "swatted" them.

Defined as "prank phone calls to police to lure them to mobilize SWAT teams to respond to fake hostage situations," as ABC News reported in August. "Swatting perpetrators tend to be males between in their 20s and 30s -- social misfits who mobilize SWAT teams for nothing more than 'bragging rights.'"

However, Stack and Assistant District Attorney Frey are claiming that these calls were related to their "investigations" into Weinergate and were perpetrated by a dastardly trio composed of wannabe Democratic operative cum hoaxer named Neal Rauhauser aka Stranded Wind, Darrah Ford, a mysterious porn blogger who used an alias, and me.

Patterico has theorized that Rep. Weiner bankrolled us to stop him from reporting on his online interactions with teens. On July 28, Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey wrote,

"And Ron Brynaert is in league with them and Neal Rauhauser.

Working for Anthony Weiner, to blunt the edge of material I have not yet released, from Anthony Weiner to Nikki Reid. To sow confusion.

And do other evil things.

Both claimed online that they have tapes of 911 recordings that sound like me, but in private conversations they have claimed otherwise. Nagy also claims to have been in contact with multiple law enforcement agencies investigating alleged crimes, and Stack sent me the following screenshots in November:

To be continued....Original post follows:

State's Attorney to mull criminal action against Patterico troll Socrates

by Ron Brynaert

Who is Socrates and why are conservative bloggers connected to Andrew Breitbart defending him and giving him legal advice and publicity?

Why is a Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney linking to a blog post that seems to defy an injunction?

And is it really true - as hoaxer Neal Rauhauser claimed - that Socrates threatened a liberal activist's life in an email cc'd to Breitbart in August?

This might be the first published photo of Socrates aka Seth Allen aka many, many other aliases, taken from his Massachusetts driver's license: [redacted upon request: 6/20/12]

In 2009, one blogger wrote,

Encountered socrates? Offended? Angry? Perplexed? Horrified?
You are not alone.
To save you some time and energy, here’s a sort of unofficial faq.
Q: Who is socrates?
A: According to his own admissions, he is an unemployed, caucasian, trust fund baby (1, 2).
Q: What names has socrates used?
A: No one except soc will ever know all of the IDs he’s created across the world wide web, but he seems to have poasted as socratictruths, socrates, prepostericity, Jeff Reynolds, may41970, KendrickGarrett, NoMoreKosHate, LetTheSunShine, nwoisevil, Guy Cabellero, ForJuliaScyphers, worthless poster, Broccolli, Happy Gilmore… (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, )
Q: Is it possible to reason with socrates?
A: No. Many have tried, but none have succeeded in reasoning wth socrates. socrates’ internal reality is much stronger than any external facts (1).
Q: socrates said terrible things about me/someone I know/my group and I’m very upset! What should I do?
A: You must immediately, and this is extremely important, stop reading anything socrates writes. Above all, you must not respond to any of his comments. His memory is spotty and he’ll forget about you sooner if you don’t communicate with him. To socrates, you will always be just another paid disinfo agent or useful idiot, like the rest of us. He does not think the people he encounters online are real people, just made-up characters, and treats them accordingly (1).
If you’re reading this trying to understand the confusion that ensues in socrates’ wake, then you’re probably quite a nice person, indeed. You/the person you know/your group probably did not do anything to warrant socrates’ attacks. It’s sort of like being hit by a drunk driver. You happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and socrates got an idea in his head about you.

A: That sucks. If it involved some sort of threat, contact law enforcement immediately. For less serious matters, you can contact the sites where the info was published and ask them to remove it. If it was on a site maintained by socrates, complain to the hosting company. Google will remove private info on request. You may also be able to sue for slander and get info about who socrates really is. There are people already trying to do this who may be willing and able to help you (1, 2, 3).

In September of 2010, a "COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF FOR DEFAMATION, LIBEL CYBERSTALKING, AND TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS" was filed against Allen by Brett Kimberlin (See The Ballad of Brett Kimberlin: Hypnosis, Levitation and a 'pot bombing' for some of the 'Breitbart gang vs. Kimberlin/BradBlog backstory).

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey has a strange sense of humor.

At his blog, Frey posted an article called Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin vs: Socrates/Prepostericity: The Hilarious Result.

So Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, got a default judgment by filing suit against a penniless man who lacked resources to hire legal counsel. Yes, he’s still a perjurer and a convicted bomber who blew off a man’s leg. Yes, he was sued for wrongful death by that man’s widow and lost — and thumbed his nose at the judgment, showing his contempt for the rule of law. Yes, his associates who claim he was exonerated are spreading falsehoods. But when the defendant fails to respond, the court issues a default judgment. It’s ridiculous, but that’s how the system works.

Curiously, Patterico ignored that Socrates aka Seth Allen had written a bunch of derogatory comments about "Judge Fatfuck" at a blog called Pffugee Camp which showcases fake troll fights (even though I tweeted him about it before he posted his blog).

Make that one hundred dollars. The mediocre judge probably feels inflation has increased the value of such a booby prize for frivolous lawsuits won through default. I took a lot of slander on the chin yesterday. Fortunately, I was the smartest person in the room and was able to make sure how the case would be decided.

It was a very fascinating showdown. I'm still groggy from driving all the way down, going through a three or something hour hearing, and then driving all the way back. It will take time to write this one up in an appropriate manner.

But I will tell you this. You wouldn't believe the amount of shit smelled yesterday in not only Pennsylvania. I'm talking hardcore slander. And the judge definitely had a favourite in this case, imho, and it wasn't me.

I done good. I was like Perry Mason. Judge Fatfuck What'shisname had no choice but to declare me the winner. This will take time to properly socratise. There is no time limit. I also have all that other stuff which got deleted by the court which I can now repost.

I will try a little harder not to get personal, be more journalist-like. The only thing the Judge had on me, which really wasn't anything anyway, is that I broke some unwritten law in football blogging of no piling on. But to be blunt, I have none as in zero respect for that Judge, nor for that part of the state of Maryland and Washington D.C. which is clearly full of anal retentive, hypocritical, fat fuck fascists. Developing....

"Judge Fatfuck did not do right by way," Socrates complained in another comment that Patterico ignored. "He's basically a self-serving rent-a-judge. he's the type of ass who sits in on dui's and dumbass arraignments and is basically a robot tool of the state apparatus."

Regarding Kimberlin, Twitterer Stephen Sheiko asked Patterico, "Is that terrorist on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else where people can antagonize him?"

"I do not encourage 'antagonizing' him -- but I do have a post in the can about what he is up to these days. Stay tuned," Patterico responded.

[Editor's Note: See Breitbart Gang teams up with Real Porn WikiLeaks Crew to see how Patterico and other Breitbart associates and defenders seem to do a lot of encouraging of antagonizing behavior on Twitter]

On Wednesday, Patterico's commenters greeted Seth Allen - who hijacked a thread - by asking, "You hanging in there OK, Socrates?"

Socrates had threatened to kill Kimberlin in an email sent to Patterico, co-blogger and alleged lawyer Aaron Worthing, Breitbart researcher Mandy Nagy and Breitbart himself in August, but the conservatives rally behind Allen because the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

From: Truth Seeker
Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: Making progress - urgent request
To: Aaron Worthing
Cc: Liberty Chick , Andrew Breitbart ,

Hi Aaron, thanks for the response. I think the default judgement is just for the preliminary injunction of deleting my blog. I am going to file motions myself. I will try to make it down to the next court session. But this is bogus. I need to know who this sherriff is. The record is in that courthouse, not at the website you mention. Brett Kimberlin is lying. That sounds like perjury and I want his parole officers to find out if he has yet again perjured himself. And all this time Breitbart just stands on the sidelines as if I don't even exist. I'll get this done myself if possible. I need to know that sherriff's name. I'm no lawyer, but you can't make claims in court that are lies. That means Kimberlin should go back to jail if that's true. Whatever, maybe I should murder him. Maybe that will finally get me some justice. This life sucks anyway. All anyone cares about is themselves and their own money. Freedom of speech is dead in America. Thanks for nothing Breitbart.

At the Qritiq blog, Mandy Nagy opined on the Kimberlin vs Socrates case,

"Again, anyone who read the complaint and the case file asks why it hasn’t been thrown out – it’s a ridiculous suit with ridiculous charges that are not accompanied by evidence. Had Socrates shown up for a single hearing before the damages phase, it would’ve been tossed. And you and any legal minded person looking at it knows that. You pretend not to know it.

Whatever your opinion of Socrates, whatever history you and others have with him, it doesn’t negate the truth about the facts of today. And all of you are intentionally distorting the facts, which I find to be extremely suspicious and telling."

In the comments of his blog post, Patterico wrote, "Prepostericity talks about this more at his blog. I don’t subscribe to everything he says and I don’t subscribe to everything he did (and did not) do during the course of the lawsuit. Nevertheless, I congratulate him on an excellent result in some patently frivolous litigation."

But in his eagerness to embrace his perceived enemy's friend's enemy, Patterico seems to be blissfully ignorant that the November 14 injunction against Allen, also prohibited him from defaming Brett Kimberlin or interfering with his business, and that Allen apparently violated that injunction by defaming Kimberlin and attacking the judge.

This is the latest news to report out of Maryland in the Brett Kimberlin vs. Seth Allen saga:

"A Status hearing on the above case was held today, 11/17/2011 by Judge James Bernard Sarsfield. The Court’s finding is as follows: Plaintiff only appears and explains a civil citation pending in Montgomery County Circuit Court in which injunctive relief in Petitioner’s favor on 11/14/2011 entered. Petitioner has filed contempt proceeding in that court on 11/15 and 11/17 against Respondent. This Court defers to that court on such issues and to State’s Attorney for possible criminal action."

Fresh off his self-proclaimed "victory" on Wednesday, Socrates reposted one of the twenty-one posts that - according to a source - Google removed from his blog in August after he defied a court order to pull them himself. Today, it mysteriously vanished: either yanked by Allen or perhaps Google again.

At his Dave From Queens blog, Socrates complains,

While there's no proof anything written in deleted articles was false, it doesn't seem legally they can be reposted. Hmmm.

I guess there are two options. Perhaps the stuff could be put together into book form. Maybe I could pick and choose good research done and simply come up with new narratives. My apologies go out to anyone who left comments on those threads. It's time for me to find a 1st amendment attorney. It's time to go on the offensive.

Socrates probably would have been better off deleting the post where he attacks the judge, but the damage might have already been done, and only time will tell if Patterico still finds it "hilarious."

Lowlights from Socrates blog attacking Judge:

he default actually should have been reversed, but the presiding Judge Richard E. Jordan is a rookie whose resume shows his specialty is "ambulance chasing."


According to The Office of Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland, "[Richard E. “Rick” Jordan] specializes in personal injury cases." Hey, let's fill all court vacancies with ambulance chasers. That's the stuff!

Mr. Jordan also served as a prosecutor for Montgomery County. You think he might have a bias against defendants?


Not only is Judge Jordan a former ambulance chaser, imho, he appeared to have a negative disposition towards defendants representing themselves. Well, I didn't have the money to get a lawyer, Rickster.

As for possible future lawsuits I appear justified to file, the people who have libeled and cybersmeared me will probably be scheduled for court dates on my own home turf in Massachusetts. It should be much easier to find pro bono representation as a plaintiff rather than a defendant in a civil case.

I now await the audio which proves I was slandered in Monday's court proceeding. This whole lawsuit in and of itself was libel. I proved that in court. The only reason Kimberlin received 100 clams was because of the default judgement. I wish I had that audio right now. My constitutional rights have been violated. If there's any way to legally address this, I WILL!

At the Pffugeecamp blog, Socrates added,

Liberty Chick is a definite sweetie, but she already has a boyfriend.

She does write some things I don't like, but she is one of the more open-minded debaters. Perhaps a left-right romance can work. It's got the mechanics for Hegelian dialectics or something.

I asked her if perhaps Breitbart will let us cowrite an article and/or publish one of mine going solo. It's not like I am allowed on Huffington or DKos. I realise it would be the equivalent of Olbermann working for Fox News. Oh my, as Dick Enberg would say. Alas has been overused.

Perhaps I could try Firedoglake at some point. Anyway, blogspot does quite well by its bloggers for google search rankings. Just look at it how it propelled Francis Holland to big man in small pond status. So I kind of don't need nothing from nobody.

I wouldn't blog on it for Patterico. Or maybe. I don't know. I don't really like the tone of his joint. It's got too much of that stereotypical libtard versus repiglican juice.

Since Socrates likes to have the last word, here he is defending himself at Qritiq's blog in September:

Hi Qritiq,

I am not saying you run an unfair and unsafe forum. I do not know you. I do know there are a few cybersmearers here who have been attacking me for both no good reason nor with any proof, because there is none.

So I take it we are in agreement Ron has been displaying signs of psychosis. Neither of us have proof whether he is faking it or not. It is my opinion he is, in order to protect the milieu I helped expose, one he has been part and parcel of for many years. As I said, he appears to be a human rabbit hole. He appears to be running interference for fake lefties I exposed with proof. He is a historic troll cranking up the noise to signal ratio, period.

This KidKenoma person is a real sadistic jerk. It has decided to cybersmear me along with Neal, Ron, and others. Let’s take a look at his list of all these sock puppets I am allegedly supposed to be. I do not use sock puppets. I have had zombie accounts, but I always admitted to those. I was the one who provided that info. I am not a multi-personality troll. The Socrates from 2005 who is called a supertroll was not me. I am not Dustin. I am not The Last Name or Brain Left. To repeat, I have never hidden who I’ve been on websites. I have never had fake dialogue between my usernames. If you allow these cybersmearers to continue posting on your blog, that to me is a good sign this place is not safe to post on.

Prepostericity- Me
Worthlessposter- May41970
May41970- Some cybersmearer from Taiwan
PauloFrerie- Me years ago, but spelled wrong
ifkak- Not me
nwoisevil- email handle outed by Brad Friedman to a cyberstalker
struth40- email handle outed by Jeff Wells and another blogger
Homer- Not me
Noom- Not me
ShaghaiCharlie- Not me
antiwingnut- a myspace name I used
AKA- Not me
distorter- Not me
Jeff Reynlds- a username of mine at a now deleted blog
Jay Reynolds- Not me
BigJimMcbob- Not me
4kedtongue- Not me
TheCrustyPotato- Not me
MusterQuark- Not me
Brocolli- My username at Huffington
ForJuliaScyphers- Not me or possible zombie at BradBlog
GuyCaballero- Zombie at DKos
HappyGilmore- Username at Huffington for a few posts
LetTheSunshine- Zombie at DKos
NoMoreKosHate- Zombie at DKos
ProfesorMeathead- Not me

And one more Socrates comment for good measure:

I got into Weinergate, because it came to my attention I was being cybersmeared by Neal Rauhauser. I found out about it a month or two ago. I’m not good with dates, but I found out relatively recently I was the mastermind or an involved right wing tool. I’m a nobody blogger from Massachusetts who doesn’t deserve the crap I’ve received. Debate my ideas or things I’ve posted, but don’t attack me based on lies. I am now in contact with an FBI Special Agent from Boston. You (cybersmearers) keep pushing the garbage attacks on me, it could very well come back to haunt you. Even if they stop, the law may still catch up to you for your previous activities.


Just Call Me Lefty has audio from Socrates' first day in court. Allen argues that the threat against Kimberlin was a bad joke but seems to be upset that Nagy "ratted" him out. I personally think the audio humanizes him but I'm kind of a softie (that is - when I'm not responding to menacing tweets by Breitbart agitators or arguing with journalists or bloggers who won't correct errors and/or lies).

Socrates spins a sketchy yarn about Kimberlin's "incestuous" relationship with Raw Story. But what would I know? I only worked there for six years, four years running the joint as Executive Editor. His proof was that "a raw nerve was hit in Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna" when he asked her about it and because it says it on the internet.

A few months ago, I actually did ask the real person who owns Raw Story on Facebook if Kimberlin ever owned any part of Raw Story but he ducked the question. But John Byrne promised me health care coverage for four years, a $100,000 "bail-out" if I was fired, actually once chose to hire sketchy journos like Larisa Alexandrovna and Jason Leopold, and apologized to me in March promising to send me more money than the paltry amount I had to fight for but never did, so do with that knowledge what you will.

But this argument from the comments section of Patterico's blog is the most "interesting" development. Another abusive, menacing troll named DohBiden called Socrates a "faggot" which is, apparently, fair game at the blog, as long as it's not said by a liberal who will probably get banned:

You can’t judge a large group of people (like the left) according to the behavior of one or two people, Prepostericity says.

And if one or two people here shout him down, then he will judge everyone else here according to the behavior of those one or two people!

If I can be serious: DohBiden is out of line above, but then, DohBiden is very often out of line. He kind of reminds me of that guy who used to post with bird names. You sort of have to take him for what he is.

But when there are people here willing to say DohBiden is out of line, you have no business painting everyone here with the same brush. At least, if you’re going to argue that you can’t judge a group by one or two of its members.

Comment by Patterico — 11/17/2011 @ 7:15 pm

Exactly Patterico.

I admit I’m often out of line.

Comment by DohBiden — 11/17/2011 @ 7:52 pm

Honestly When I’m out of line I need to be called out on it.
Comment by DohBiden — 11/17/2011 @ 8:02 pm

I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong and I was.
Comment by DohBiden — 11/17/2011 @ 8:28 pm

I appreciate that.
Comment by Patterico — 11/17/2011 @ 10:57 pm

I admit I’m often out of line.

Well, I don’t comment here much these days, so someone has to step in for me…
Comment by Scott Jacobs — 11/18/2011 @ 1:47 am

You’re a hypocrite, Patterico.

It’s an excellent example of how the left tries to shut down truthful speech with thuggish actions like filing frivolous lawsuits.

Maybe you should shut your piehole. The majority of citizens understand how much integrity police, prosecutors, courts, corporations and politicians have. It’s unfortunate you couldn’t lend me the $400 to prevent the default. It’s surprising a person like you doesn’t have a credit card. I would’ve paid you back.
Comment by Prepostericity — 11/18/2011 @ 2:19 am


That was totally out of line, totally. I’m sorry for your troubles, they were disturbing, but to project them onto Pat?

Pat has a young family to take care of, as a man you should understand where his priorities lie, and furthermore defending you has exposed him legally and financially as these same people have attacked him as well
Comment by EricPWJohnson — 11/18/2011 @ 3:14 am

$400 loan? What?
Comment by carlitos — 11/18/2011 @ 5:41 am

Something that should have been kept private
Comment by EricPWJohnson — 11/18/2011 @ 5:51 am

I don’t know what you’re talking about. You went radio silent for months during which time I was repeatedly sending you emails, which you ignored, telling you to address the lawsuit. If you had displayed a responsible can-do attitude and the only issue was a $400 loan that probably could have been arranged; people here would have donated for the cause of free speech.

That’s not how it played out and you know it. You buried your head in the sand, allowed a default, and engaged in counterproductive actions (to put it mildly) after the default. Actions that made it impossible to help you.

Please do not paint a fictional picture of what happened.
Comment by Patterico — 11/18/2011 @ 6:39 am

Evidently Seth is referring to a last-minute request he made for me and Liberty Chick to buy him a plane ticket for the next day to try to REVERSE a default that had already been entered.
Comment by Patterico — 11/18/2011 @ 6:52 am

Everything will be told in due time. I have nothing to hide. For now I want to correct Seth’s misstatement — and I’ll assume it was an innocent misstatement — that I refused to lend him $400 to “prevent” a default. That’s false.
Comment by Patterico — 11/18/2011 @ 7:09 am

Cops have integrity?
Please tell that to the leftys who prop up Mumia Abu Jamal.
Comment by DohBiden — 11/18/2011 @ 7:13 am

Well, that illustrates the bounds of the sympathy I had for Seth right there.
So Seth, if we can’t count Kimberlin as “part of the Left”, can we count people like you who turn on on people who were willing to help and bite them as part of the Left?
Comment by SPQR — 11/18/2011 @ 8:07 am

Shorter Seth – We don’t really know each other Patterico, but since Kimberlin and his buddies have also harassed you, YOU OWE ME, BIG TIME.
Comment by daleyrocks — 11/18/2011 @ 8:16 am

On Saturday, Socrates left the following comment at the pffugeecamp blog, claiming that his edited posts won't be "breaking the court order":

Since I am on blogger, there will be no difficulty reshooting up the google charts for certain phrases, names, and whatnot.

Here's the deal. Since I've been an unpaid blogger, most of my schtick has not been excellent. I admit that.

Now I am able to look at what was deleted as roughdrafts.

I am now able to cut out the fat and rewrite the narrative so I am not breaking the court order.

Thus, interested readers are going to get a far better read this second time around. The stuff will be much tighter. Like with the above.

All the clutter has been excised. People will be able to clearly understand why Kimberlin not only wanted my stuff deleted from google, but why he wanted the judge to order that I never again blog on him or Brad or anyone else associated to him.

While I never libeled or defamed him in the original writings, as proven by the damages hearing, I can't take a chance with the criminal injustice system.

I'm just finishing the touches on my next installment. It's titled Incestuous Relationships Part 1. It is a continuation of the theme of this article.

The use of the word incestuous has no sexual connotation. It's use is in alignment to Donkeytale's post and how things tend to go viral on the internet.

Now kiss me my fool. p:>

On Sunday, in his comments section, Patterico (who recently yanked this June 30 Weinergate post which slandered me, as I tweeted last week) addressed Seth Allen's "recent comments about the judge," calling them "counterproductive," but then the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney - couldn't help taking a dig at Kimberlin, speculating that Socrates might be telling the truth that he lied under oath about being "exonerated regarding the bombings."

Frey probably should remind his readers - who hopefully include his overseers at the Los Angeles District Attorneys office who have been alerted by multiple bloggers about his apparent abuse of power by slandering people on the internet - that Kimberlin filed a California Supreme Court complaint against him.

In his first comment after his 11/16 post, Patterico - I believe - took a shot at me, because I tweeted about complaining to his bosses about how he has been menacing me for five months with harassing phone calls, blog posts and tweets.

I hope this serves as a lesson to some of the would-be litigants in the world who go around threatening lawsuits at the drop of a hat, as a way to try to deter constitutionally protected speech. I have received several such threats in recent months, and they’re about as scary as a fluffy bunny. Ask yourself: if a lawsuit against a penniless man who doesn’t defend himself results in a $100 judgment, it is possible that maybe your threat to sue a lawyer –one with pro bono counsel already retained — doesn’t sound very scary?

Since July, Patterico has been making ridiculous accusations against me, calling me a "hacker" and a "criminal", and claiming I worked for Rep. Weiner to prevent him from reporting on his true relationships with teens. I feared he was hacked, since his tweets have been absurd since we talked on the phone on July 1, and he later tweeted that he was leaving Twitter.

In another blog post, Patterico wrote,

And then there are Neal Rauhauser and Darrah Ford. Suffice it to say that the former has been repeating the slanders of a convicted bomber against me, even as he has devised crazed theories that my wife and I are behind the hacking of Weiner — a hacking which never happened, by Weiner’s own admission. The latter has long carried a huge vendetta against a man named Michael Stack, who worked with Wolfe to expose Weiner’s penchant for following young women on Twitter. Circumstantial evidence ties together Ford and Rauhauser — and also ties them to a man named Ron Brynaert, a former editor of a web site connected to the bomber. You haven’t heard the last of him.

And somewhere in all this — again after Weiner’s resignation — Mike Stack, blogger Ace of Spades, and I were threatened not to look into the activities of Gennette and Weiner. The threatening parties have gone much further than that, in fact, and the matter has been turned over to law enforcement. I am not revealing details, but when we catch the people who did it, I predict that they will go to prison.

Someone in this story has risked a great deal. Someone has a considerable investment in the story, even after Weiner’s resignation, to the point where they are willing to risk prosecution and prison time.

In a future post, I'll include other comments that Patterico made that I saved before he pulled his June 30 article that had over 3,750 comments, many attacking me and my sources (someone posted a comment referring to an expunged false arrest of mine from twenty years ago that was somehow illegally obtained, Patterico claimed to me, but he never showed me it).

The Breitbart crusade against Kimberlin is partially connected to the hacking of HBGary by Anonymous, which I'll get to in future posts. But Frey's strange fixation on Kimberlin over bombings that took place over thirty years ago - instead of Neal Rauhauser, a hoaxer who glommed on to Kimberlin, Anonymous, HBGary, Indict Breitbart, Daily Kos and #OWS and HAS menaced him - is something that only a Herman Melville could possibly explain, since it makes no sense to any one not connected to Breitbart.

I don’t want to pile on Prepostericity, who has engaged in some serious errors in judgment, to put it mildly, but who has also been the victim of one of the nastier cyberstalking campaigns in recent memory. But I have a feeling that his recent comments about the judge are going to prove very counterproductive when Kimberlin tries to convince the judge he violated the injunction.

Personally insulting the judge is never a good litigation strategy.
Comment by Patterico — 11/20/2011 @ 12:29 am

I’d like to think his outburst was a temporary fit of anger.

But he also knows I can’t support him when he says outrageous things.
Comment by Patterico — 11/20/2011 @ 12:31 am

I hasten to add that those outrageous things do not include his statements that Kimberlin is a convicted bomber. Which he is.

By the way, I eagerly await the courtroom audio to hear if Kimberlin claimed to be exonerated regarding the bombings.

And if he did so under oath.
Comment by Patterico — 11/20/2011 @ 12:34 am

Insulting the judge won’t win you any sympathy.

Kimberlin is a pile of sludge.
Comment by DohBiden — 11/20/2011 @ 8:13 am

Thanksgiving Day Update

"Perry Mason always got the criminal to admit the crime," @Patterico tweeted on Thanksgiving. "But what if he got the criminal to commit provable perjury? Almost as good!"

This appears to be a reference to Socrates' claims that he was better than Perry Mason in court and he got Brett Kimberlin to admit something on the stand that Patterico can prove isn't true on the internet by using google and pretending that he is a deputy district attorney from Los Angeles. Or is he?

At the Pffugee Camp blog, Socrates wrote, "I have some very good news. A blogging friend has listened to the November 14th hearing and was very impressed. Things are now making 100% sense to that person. It's been like that for me the whole time, but it's nice to know that someone else gets it."

Stay tuned.

Enjoy your turkey. Patterico sent bizarre tweets on the 4th of July so he doesn't take holidays off. And Scooby Doo is usually pretty busy on Thanksgiving.

To be continued...

(originally posted on November 17, 2011)


Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like Socrates is on a suicide mission going after the judge. I couldn't figure out why Soc was attacking the judge if he won the case. But now you make it clear that he did not win at all; not only did he get slammed for nominal damages and court costs, but he got a permanent injunction against him.

Now it seems like Soc's lie has come back to haunt him with the two contempt motions for violating the judgment by posting defamatory statements about Kimberlin and his business on several blogs. And by attacking the judge on two separate blogs, he has ensured that the Maryland State's Attorney is going to prosecute him. I mean, what prosecutor would not salivate to be the one who puts Soc away for attacking a judge that the prosecutor has cases in front of.

it sounds from your blog that the prosecutor also might be revisiting that death threat to the right wingers in light of these postings.
I would hate to be Socrates in that courthouse after he called the judge FatFuck, ass, incompetent, robot for the state apparatus, and an ambulance chaser. He is so fucked.

Thanks for printing the truth.

Just Call Me Lefty said...

Great piece of writing and investigative journalism Ron. You have hit the nail on the head many times, and this one takes the cake. I hope you get this out far and wide. Maybe post this every few days on twitter and a number of other places.

I posted a follow up to your article and have included courtroom audio portions of Seth Allen in court showing off his Perry Mason skills. He truly shows what an idiot he is in these audio portions. And I tell you it was a nightmare to slog through it all.

I posted here:

I hope you allow linking, but if not, maybe you can cross link it on Twitter.

I read your tweets and blog here every day at least. It is a virtual gold mine of information. I know you fight most of the battles alone, but I will say this to you here, you have many people on your side even though you at times think you don't.

Don't let those right wingers get to you, for they know not what they do. You have support out here on the tubes, and you have people that are very interested in what you have to say. At times you tend to go off the deep end searching for clues, and during those times it gets confusing to follow it, and you, down that deep hole. But you eventually get to the point and get back on track and do some mighty fine writing. So keep it up Ron, you are appreciated even though others claim you are not.

nosockz said...

Thanks for the kudos, I don't get many these days.

JCML, I'll tweet and link to your article later...can't wait to hear Socrates

Anonymous said...

I will second that Ron. Great work man. Socrates has been tormenting people for the past decade with his serial anonymous stalking.

He has now been totally exposed by your terrific work. Good lord, where did you get that picture? That's is straight out of Hollywood casting for psycho movies.

It may be hoping too much to think that the right wingers like Patterico will stop relying on lunatics for their material now that they have been absolutely burned by Seth Allen. That crazy murder email ties Patterico directly to a murder plot. And the bizarre thing is that Joe Paterno was just fired for not reporting (even though he did) enough information about his assistant. But here, Patterico did not report anything about a death threat made by Socrates and sent to him. And now Patterico is spinning like a top to justify why he did not report the death threat.

Man, if Paterno could get fired, then Patterico could get fired, especially now that all the evidence shows a long term relationship between him and Seth Allen. This is really a lot worse than Joe Paterno because Patterico mentored and advised Allen for what looks like a year, culminating in a murder plot.

The questions abound. Did Patterico urge Seth Allen to murder, or did he gin him up, or take advantage of his mental disabilities. Did Patterico pay Allen to attack Kimberlin. Did Patterico introduce Allen to his associate Aaron Worthing. What was discussed in the hour long phone call Allen had with Patterico just days before the murder plot email. What has the FBI uncovered in its investigation of this incident.

Clearly, the FBI has become involved because this is a multi-jurisdictional crime, across interstate borders, involving multiple players.
No wonder everyone is abandoning Seth Allen -- they participated in a murder plot with him and then it got exposed. Their names are on the smoking gun email.

Jeez, this is worse than the emails implicating Murdoch in the illegal hacking.

nosockz said...

"Whatever, maybe I should murder him" is not a "murder email" but it is something Patterico should have reported and Aaron if he's really a lawyer (yeah, right).

Just Call Me Lefty said...

Explains more about the Seth Allen, Patterico, Breitbart connection.

Anonymous said...

Seth Allen AKA, Socrates is such screwed up individual I'm betting that he has some serious mental problems.

He outed himself of being this characther named may41970 a long time ago
after carrying on endless conversations with this same poster at various chemtrail sites while he used other ID's like FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe,Socrates,SocraticTruths among many others.

He got banned at one of his favorite chemtrail haunts and posted that he actually was may41970 at the following site,....

He always bragged of being such a liberal but now he is keeping company with far right extremest like Breitbart, probably because no one else will have anything to do with his stalking craziness.

For a person of the Jewish persuasion he sure seems to be keeping company with some strange people, they kind of deserve each other but knowing Socrates I bet their little love-fest won't last very long, I just think it's hilarious that Seth / Socrates is still being his insane, stalking old self and a pain in the ass after all these years, at least he's consistently crazy.

Anonymous said...

God damn it, Ron! That's, like, REAL JOURNALISM!

Seriously, dude, you're gonna make the rest of them look bad if you keep taking notes, making a timeline, writing full articles like this.

Makes me sad to think what the 'real' news has become - they don't have many left like you.