Saturday, August 13, 2011

Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch already had Weiner pics

August 15 update:

Late Sunday night and Monday morning, after poring through all statements and tweets and Facebook conversations I could find between Lisa Weiss and former Rep. Anthony Weiner, and putting together many, many pieces...I came to the following conclusion:

Somehow.. and and Lee figured out that was targeting so they exploited it.

Check my tweets at

I still have more i's to dot and t's to cross before writing up an article...but I don't think any of the Weinergate women are telling the truth...and there seem to be a lot of ringers working as stringers for different news agencies that are aligned with hacktivists and 4chan pranksters.

Also...stay tuned to find out the SUPER-SECRET intermediate source for other Weinergate photos which I believe might be bogus. Hint: Think famous line from the movie MacArthur.

Plus TWO - count them TWO - other sources that Andrew Breitbart used for photos in his first two Weinergate articles, and they weren't Dan Wolfe or Mike Stack.

or go to for the confusing, slow sock version or for the silly 4chan game version.

Greg Beato's has good stuff, too, but some misinformation, unfortunately (I suspect prankster Ken Danieli aka koam aka @wittier has taken over Beato's website).

August 14 update:

Facebook posting proves 1st Weinergate article was published at Big Journalism by at least
12:21 AM on May 28 morning. Before Dan Wolfe sent pictures to Andrew Breitbart and possibly before Rep. Weiner even tweeted that he had been hacked:

(Note: Assuming Dan Wolfe lives in the continental United States, there shouldn't be more than a three hour difference in time zones)

This May 28 tweet reveals that Big Journalism's P.J. Salvatore is Ezra Dulis or vice versa:!/ezradulis/status/74647290157076480

The html code for the underwear picture that Ezra Dulis aka P.J. Salvatore posted at Big Journalism claims that the screenshot was taken at 11:04 PM on May 27, which is before Rep Weiner ever even tweeted the Seattle college student:

More at



(Note: During a June 26 phone conversation, Lee Stranahan told me that Andrew Breitbart uses ghostwriters, sometimes, so the thirty-to-forty tweets that were sent from his Twitter account on August 10 in reaction to multiple questions I sent from mine at @ronbryn may not be from him.

One example:

There's also the possibility that his Twitter account was hacked, since many of his answers - plus tweets to others the last few weeks - seemed - to me, at least - slightly bizarre.

I should note to readers unfamiliar with post-Weinergate events that I worked with New York Times reporter Jen Preston on an article published on June 17 which revealed that two of the teens in the scandal were fake.

Shortly after, Preston and I were both punk'd by pranksters - who are affiliated with Democratic operative Neal Rauhauser, Anonymous and 4chan hackers - and my email accounts and phone were hacked, and we haven't spoken since June 27 after I publicly complained about being left to hang out to dry since she had asked me to defend our work on Twitter, making me a target for hackers.

Preston told me Rauhauser was "dangerous" and he made indirect threats to my family and sent smear letters after we argued on the phone because he bragged about his apparently illegal secret involvement in 29 Democratic campaigns.

This is a work in progress by Ron Brynaert)

On June 6, New York Times reporters Jeremy W. Peters and Jennifer Preston wrote a front page story called "Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Blogger, Looks For Legitimacy" that not only is at odds with later statements by Breitbart on his role in Weinergate, it also doesn't match up with other stories published by the Times, including one by Preston.


On Twitter, where RT means re-tweet, he also alerted Dana Loesch, a blogger for Mr. Breitbart, saying “Anthony Weiner just tweeted an X Rated pic to a follower.” He later shared screen shots of the photo and the post with Mr. Breitbart. By the next morning, Mr. Breitbart had published an account of the events on his blog, titled “Congressman Claims ‘Facebook Hacked’ as Lewd Photo Hits Twitter.”
The next day, The New York Times published a new Weinergate article, this time credited only to Jen Preston: "A Twitter Group Warned About Weiner."

The leader, a man who identified himself on Twitter as Dan Wolfe and used the handle @PatriotUSA76, is the same Twitter user who discovered the photograph that Mr. Weiner took of himself and sent to Ms. Cordova. He shared it with his followers and the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who made it public the next day.

Preston's article, though, didn't link to the article credited to Publius that was posted "the next day." Instead it links to an article posted on Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism website, published less than an half-hour after Rep Weiner sent the underwear tweet, and credited to someone named P.J. Salvatore (Salvatore has many short articles, often defensive of Breitbart, posted at Big Journalism dating back to 2010 and he shares a name with a D.J. who writes many offbeat tweets and has strange videos posted at YouTube).

(I'll be updating this article over the weekend to showcase other issues with the Times reporting on Weinergate based on Breitbart interviews and what AB later told Lee Stranahan on a podcast two days after Weiner resigned and what was tweeted to me on August 10)

According to the Breitbart site, the Salvatore article entitled "Weinergate: Congressman Claims 'Facebook Hacked' As Lewd Photo Hits Twitter" was posted on May 28th 2011 at 12:21 am.

The story credited to Publius contains the same four pictures with the same four html codes and contains some of the same sentences that Salvatore used.

The photo was reportedly sent to a woman on Twitter. We’ve protected her name and her account, which was at one time verified to be active but has since been deleted after the photo in question was deleted. Coincidentally, the rest of the photos in the congressman’s alleged yfrog account were also deleted around 11 p.m. eastern.

This article was posted at "May 28th 2011 at 12:24 am."

Both articles at Big Government note, "We were unable, at this late hour, to reach anyone at Conressman Weiner’s offices for comment," which is at odds with Preston's New York Times article

Breitbart has been claiming to the media that Dan Wolfe aka patriotusa76 sent him the pictures he used, even though Dana Loesch, Editor-in-Chief of Big Journalism, was on Twitter when it happened and sent a tweet to Patriotusa76 telling him she already had screen caps.

" I have screenshots of all of it. Just ... so ... weird," Loesch tweeted Dan Wolfe.!/DLoesch/status/74332664047484928

Another twitterer named Darin Driscoll also saw the tweet sent by RepWeiner, and he not only retweeted the initial Patriotusa76 tweet, he also tweeted Loesch's and sent this tweet to Salon's Joan Walsh a few days later.!/Darin_Driscoll/status/76037009784844288

According to emails leaked to The Smoking Gun, Dan Wolfe emailed Andrew Breitbart around four hours later, which appears to be after both stories ran at Big Journalism.

(Note: Even if there is a three hour difference in time zones, this email to Breitbart still would have been sent after both articles were posted0

In the article accompanying the leaked email, The Smoking Gun reports,

"After forwarding the screen captures from Weiner’s Twitter and yfrog accounts, Wolfe anxiously waited to see what Breitbart & Co. would do with the material. In e-mails, he asked about “any updates?” and sought to determine “What did Breitbart say about all of our stuff? Is he going to use any of it?”

But it's unexplained why Wolfe would have to write someone else to ask about the "stuff" if he sent the email and pictures to Andrew Breitbart. And the pictures went up immediately that night, nothing else that Dan Wolfe or Mike Stack ever purportedly had in their possession was ever posted at an Andrew Breitbart website.

During an interview with filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr. conducted over Twitter direct messages on June 3, Dan Wolfe, using a second Twitter account that he would also later abandon, said Breitbart never used his pictures.

Filmladd (6:12:15 PM): I thought after it happened you were tweeting it to everyone including Dana Loesch?

danwolfe7676 (6:12:22 PM): That night Dana Loesch saw this unfold too and got her own screenshots

Filmladd (6:12:24 PM): Or was that someone else?

danwolfe7676 (6:12:28 PM): Let me finish

danwolfe7676 (6:12:54 PM): Dana asked me through DM if I got screen shots and could they see them

danwolfe7676 (6:12:57 PM): I said yes

danwolfe7676 (6:13:18 PM): And I said if you want I'll show you more because me and my crew here believe this is a pattern.

danwolfe7676 (6:13:26 PM): That's all.

danwolfe7676 (6:13:38 PM): I sent them to Breitbart. He never used.

danwolfe7676 (6:13:41 PM): End of story.

To be continued...

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