Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mike Stack is menacing me

Fw: Mike Stack is menacing me

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 12:39 PM
Detective Larson,

Someone called me from the following number in the last hour but left no message on my phone: 908-359-8211

When I called it back immediately I was told that they had no idea who called me.

I would appreciate if you respond to me by email or forward this email to someone else at the police station and please have them contact me by email and not the phone since Mike Stack - i believe - makes spoofed phone calls and is tied to hackers...and has been harassing me with his friends who have threatened to physically hurt me and who has accused me of ridiculous crimes with no evidence because I won't stop investigating this story.

Ron Brynaert
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ron Brynaert
To: ""
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 10:10 PM
Subject: Mike Stack is menacing me

Mike Stack has been harassing me by email and twitter because I'm a journalist working on a story. I left a message on your phone hours ago but I would prefer speaking to someone else there since he has bragged about having friends in the police dept.

After I tweeted, "Mike, I'm pressing charges against you because one of your friend's friends threatened to kick me in the mouth. You're a thug."

He tweeted, "@ronbryn Pressing against me because one of my friends threatened to kick you in the mouth? Retard."

I've been menaced for five months...and Mike was a source but I found out two weeks ago that he had been lying to me and he is working with people like Thomas Ryan, a hacker, and people in the porn industry who are calling women the c word on twitter.

Mike has been claiming that you have a 911 recording tape with my voice on it. Please have another detective contact me by phone.

You can see many of his tweets to me at the below link, mocking me for wanting to call the police because one of his friends claims he knows where I live and would like to kick me in the mouth with his steel-tipped boot. That is just one threat I've received from people working with Mike.

This is Mike's friend who has been threatening a lot of people on twitter:!/doctorwarbucks

I'm just a journalist trying to report on a story...and help people who were threatened. Mike's actions lead me to believe that since he has a long history of menacing people and is connected with thugs who are menacing women and journalists online, you might want to consider checking out if he "swatted" himself if, indeed, these swatting took place on June 23rd as he claimed to me.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Mike Stack <>
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: RE

Too late. Already contacted my Detective.
And he already has all of the screen caps and you posts about me being a stalker.
And the tapes.
From: Ron Brynaert
To: Michael Stack
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 6:01 PM
Subject: Re: RE

I"ve been menaced by Doug, Patterico and Scott because of you forwarding my emails today. I will be making a criminal complaint for harassment against you for this and everyone else connected very shortly.

Please don't ever email or call me again. It's clear to me you are a thug and this is the same harassment you did against porn stars for years.

I will continue to work on this story, Mike, you can't frighten me away.

From: Michael Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Cc: Mandy ; Douglas Stewart ; Patterico <>
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 2:15 PM
Subject: Re: RE

First---- nobody is searching for darrah
She keeps popping up and disappearing. Breitbart can care less about her.
Second ---Neal AND her went to Sean to try to get him to implicate me in the PWL scandal/ hacking.
He said no and has all the proof in DM and emails.
Wanted to tie me to Donny Long putting up all girls names and IDS To hacking wieners account.
They approached him. Those people stuck up for me. Nobody else did until Mandy and Doug and Michelle after.

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On Nov 7, 2011, at 1:07 PM, Ron Brynaert <> wrote:


i got seder to correct something wrong about Breitbart...

name me one fucking liberal who would care about facts on breitbart being wrong?

.and then i've done what i've done for the last five months...tried to get someone in the press to help on this story....

(i mean either let the cops do their work and dont involve the press - which goes against everything i believe since exposure is always best....or you try to get press attention....Breitbart and Patterico and mandy doing this in secret means that they have shit to's bizarre and weird and wrong)

Mandy is Breitbart's researcher and is looking for Darrah Ford and has worked with all of them. Doug works with her.

you should be thanking me for continuing to trust and believe in you and keep your name out and continuing to defend you to others who dont

If you changed from who you were years ago...then you shouldn't be defending Sean Tompkins - who has nothing to do with Weinergate - but says hateful things to women and stalks and menaces them....but i understand you might be old friends with him..but he exchanged emails with Neal and has been working with Doug and Mandy to go after Neal and Darrah so he put himself into this story.

I resisted this porn angle for five months...but you're the one that kept mentioning Darrah....

Look at my blog....don't you see i edited all the porn mod references to you in my new post which is the beginning of me rewriting everything?

Did I mention you at all or allude to you?

Did any of those people defend your arrests or attack the Smoking Gun to the extent that i did? Do any of them care about that aspect of your story as much as me?

From: Mike Stack <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2011 12:01 PM
Subject: RE

Waking up and seeing tweets automatically attacking Breitbart for what Sean at TRPWL or anybody has to do with Darrah is bothersome enough to me.
But, the capper is, bringing in Sam Seder,someone who hates Andrew in on your attack. For what reason?
So you get a chance to attack Andrew indirectly and then piggy-back on what Sam says??
I'm not going to be a part of this anymore Ron.
I'm going to help myself and contine to utilize the talents of the people around me.
This is the kind of behavior that has kept me from ever sharing any legit,possibly helpful info with you.
I found out who my friends were/are on June 1st.
Neither Mandy, Pat, Doug, TRPWL,Lee, or Andrew or the other assorted people have tweeted nasty things about me, or cared that I had anything to do with being a "porn mod",.
This is about loyalty and truth for me.

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