Saturday, November 26, 2011

Did Fox News columnist Hollie McKay delete tweet to Goatsred?

On June 9, the infamous Weinergate co-pilot Mike Stack aka @Goatsred (aka Redgoat when he was the moderator of a XXX forum or at other porn industry blogs where he harassed women connected to the adult film industry) had a bizarre exchange with a Fox News reporter on Twitter.

That tweet by @holliesmckay is no longer on her Twitter timeline; it was deleted some time after she sent it (that is - unless someone hacked her, sent it, and then deleted it).

(Editor's Note: Many tweets and blogs have disappeared during Weinergate. When he menaced Darrah Ford for two years, Mike Stack often deleted blogs and tweets to erase the evidence. Now, all of Redgoat's comments have been deleted from the XXX Porn Talk forum he moderated, as well)

"'16 years old? woah woah' Just wanna retweet what a FOXNews dot com 'reporter' just tweeted to me," Stack MT'd on June 9, less than two weeks after the Weiner underwear tweet. "Very unbiased."

The full response by Goatsred is viewable on Tweetdeck: "I suppose that I should show the last remaining 'reporter' the screencaps of them contacting me? But sending pics to them, thats ok?"

Actually, Goatsred asked Betty to DM him on May 18 (but Stack has his own confusing take on the matter).

(hat tip to Greg Beato from Soundbitten's Weinergate timeline for the screenshot)

Two days later, on June 11, McKay retweeted a Patterico tweet that turned out to be wrong: "'Betty' is not fake, folks. She was on Twitter acting like a high school girl since September 2010."

But a week after, The New York Times published a story I worked on with Jen Preston called "Fake Identities Were Used on Twitter in Effort to Get Information on Weiner" which proved that "Betty" and "Veronica" were fake.

On June 18, at Patterico's blog, commenter Miranda noted, that the FriendFeed page for Starchild111 tweets shows two subscribers: "both Hollie McKay (one personal & one professional I suppose), who is a Fox News entertainment reporter. So I thought – well, I guess someone really is messing with us."

After adding that she saw the Patterico RT, Miranda asked, "Why does Hollie McKay care about what Patterico says about a pretty obscure detail of the Weinergate story? Well, I’m lost now."

"Per Stranahan, Hollie only subscribed to the friend feed recently," a commenter named Molon Labe responded.

Stranahan subscribes to one of McKay's FriendFeed accounts: link. The other McKay account has zero subscribers and only the one subscription to the fake teen starchild111 account.

On June 20, McKay tweeted a link to a Lee Stranahan blog post called "Timing, Weinergate & Nikki" which speculates that the creation of the fake starchild111 account had something to do with the date of Weiner's wedding. Stranahan and Breitbart both believe - for mysterious reasons - that Dan Wolfe is actually a jilted Weiner mistress.

Sometimes when twitter users are hacked their accounts wildly tweet spam.

On July 1, McKay tweeted, "help! my twitter has gone wild with spam... what to do?"

To be continued...

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