Monday, August 1, 2011

You Decide If Dustin Lies & Distorts

(Editor's Note: When I first started this blog there was a giant disclaimer on the front page explaining how I might get things wrong. And, boy, did I get things wrong in this blog post. Someone else had the @Dust92 Twitter account before Dustin, so the picture found on Topsy is not him, and, um, a larger version of that avatar reveals that it doesn't look the slightest bit like Ben McIlwain, either.

About the only thing that is accurate in this article is the screenshot of Patterico's sitemeter which showed Dustin's visit and his IP address. I do apologize to my readers, Ben, the original @Dust92, and even Dustin for getting so many things wrong in this blog post. However, eight months later, Dustin still claims that the screenshot shows him visiting my blog and not Patterico's which is a deliberate lie, as opposed to my honest mistakes.)

Dustin is almost definitely Ben McIlwain, a far left-leaning Wikipedia editor and longtime punkster hacker allegedly living in Maryland, now.

When he used his Dust92 Twitter account to attack my tweets about this article on Twitter, I found out - through the website Topsy - that Dustin had actually started that account in May.

On May 4, a Twitterer called Sally Rusli using the tag @sallyberliana welcomed Dust92 to Twitter.

This RT by Dust92 magically turns into a Tweet by Mandarin Chinese speaking SallyBerliana, which Dustin refused to explain, when asked politely at Patterico's website on Tuesday.

This is the picture attached to the Dust92 account in May (Note: I'll add a larger picture, later):

There is a website which contains many articles - including pictures - of Wikipedia editors who have engaged in alleged sock puppetry and hacking. There is one such page for Cyde Weys aka Ben McIlwain. I'm not going to link to it directly, since it contains unproven allegations and is written in a horribly smearing manner, but the html address can be seen in the following picture I'm posting.

I saved a copy of the following page in case it is pulled, but even if the information on the page is entirely accurate, I think whomever wrote it should be ashamed. It's written in a menacing and disgusting manner and if my email accounts weren't hacked I would just email this information to Patterico instead of posting it here. But six weeks of menacing by Dustin is enough, so out with the troll:

That is obviously the same person, skinnier younger before on Twitter and heavier older after at that Website. There is a more recent photo of Ben McIlwain in that same article.

Even though Dustin pretends to be conservative and/or libertarian-leaning at Patterico's blog and others across the web, he writes at his CydeWeys blog at

"You could definitely describe me as liberal progressive, including nearly all of the views that entails."

"This is far from my first website, nor is it really even my first blog."

"The kind of people I hate the most are the willfully ignorant."

At his old blog, Ben described his philosophy:

"Perhaps my other post was confusing you all; let me say that once and for all, I am a strict Atheist; that below was simply some of my more wacky alternative theories.
That said, let me bring up a point I've considered. What creature likes being worshipped? In what creature is worship a desirable trait? Boring worshipped is disgusting - no entity of any advanced intelligence should want it. Thus, a God, assuming It should exist, would despise being worshipped by humans. The greatest entity of all would not need the opinions of us flawed peoples. That is why I detest religion - a lot of time is wasted praying to some God or other when, if the God was real, it would detest all of the annoying attention. And look at how much time is spent praying and revering and worshipping God - for many people, it's on a weekly basis. Personally, I think a God would reward with Heaven those who do not waste their time foolishly embarrassing It; those who discover a good moral code for themselves and do not depend on the punishment of God to keep them in line.
If there is no God, as I believe, all this worship and time wasted of religion, is moot. If there is a God, not only is the effort moot; it actively sends that person to Hell; for no ultimate Entity would enjoy being worshipped."

This update will be updated throughout the day, and as often as possible, just like the menacing comments by Dustin and his hacker socks that never end at this June 30 Patterico post here:

Update 2 (My blog internal traffic claims that I only had one visitor all day, so I guess my updates are just for Ben aka least for now):

This screenshot of Topsy shows that his old avatar is showing up on some of the newer @dust92 tweets:

And now he seems to have modified his new avatar of the Wikipedia page to add a clown face, since this is a laughing matter, of course:

more later...

Original post follows:

Last night, shortly after reading Dustin's latest comment (at the time: #2548 at ) at the June 30 Weinergate conspiracy thread at (where he and his hacker friends have been menacing innocent women and multiple sources of mine, by repeating their names over and over and over again, while mixing in indirect threats and ridiculous allegations) I took a peek at Patterico's Sitemeter.

I noticed an incoming link from a Wikipedia uploaded media page that I had blogged about previously because I thought it blocked traffic at my blog by launching some kind of DDOS attack (just educated guesses, of course).

More info at my blog at this link:

Last night I discovered that hacked twitter accounts can be controlled by multiple users, and you can easily match who is hacking which account by checking to see what communications device is used.

The hacked Patterico mostly tweets to Qritiq and me while using an iphone, which may be what Dustin owns (he claims that he doesn't use Twitter).

The hacked Patterico ignores most of my tweets that show his site is being hacked by socks leaving comments (Sitemeter reveals July was one of his worse months ever for traffic, after having one of his best months ever in June, but he probably has more comments in July than any other).

But last night, he sent me this odd tweet:!/Patterico/status/97819396646514689

I tweeted Patterico the evidence, even though I know he's hacked (and I suspect hackers might have turned my tweets private), but I assume he will might be able to still see my tweets in his incoming email account.

Last night I first tweeted, " website is also getting traffic from uploaded picture at Wikipedia which may be some sort of DDOS attack:!/ronbryn/status/97817799505874945

Then, I tweeted, " say hi to Dustin! His IP address 74.192 142 is coming from Georgetown, Texas & can be seen in your sitemeter visiting from Wiki"!/ronbryn/status/97818438776520704

I tweeted, "@Patterico, Dustin must be Wikipedia editor & visits blogs to spam them from link: (note: pic may slow your computer) [DON'T CLICK ON THIS LINK!!]!/ronbryn/status/97819441429098496

Then I tweeted, "Well, Dustin I'm 99 percent certain you're not qaeda now, big sigh of relief You're just a hactivist punking conservatives from Wikipedia."!/ronbryn/status/97820819232792576

I then tweeted!/ronbryn/status/97822261746216961

IP 74.192.142. coming from wikipedia pic &

I then tweeted!/ronbryn/status/97822758251147264

I blogged about the wikipedia pic cause i got links from it and it stopped traffic at my site:

In the following tweet I accidentally wrote Clyde instead of Cide, because there was a typo at my blog post regarding Cide Weys:

I then tweeted!/ronbryn/status/97823032424402944

Dustin's name at wikipedia might be Clyde Ways:

I then tweeted!/ronbryn/status/97825276465131520

It's possible he disguises his IP to look like he's in Texas Cyde Weys is IT consultant who lives in Maryland

I then tweeted to Patterico, "Of course, I'm no expert on that...I could be wrong...but man how can someone be so dumb not to disguise IP coming from Wiki?"

This is the blog where I found Dustin's name linked to his IP address and with his unmistakeable voice: repeating names over and over again, smearing everyone, but then, in the end, choosing to pick one to defend in a manner that reads polite during first read, but calculating and menacing when you realize (my nickname for Dustin based on a treacherous character from Shakespeare's Othello) Iago's intentions.

This is Dustin's version left early Monday morning at Patterico's website, which I believe I've proven is full of lies and distortion, but readers (and future lawyers, judges and, perhaps, law enforcement officials) can make their own determinations and judgements.

Sometime last night my internet gateway stopped working. It’s never happened before. My router was fine.
This morning when it starts working again I have an email from Patterico notifying me that Ron is broadcasting my IP address and geographic location to the world. I have a normal firewall in place and normal security settings, though I won’t go into detail. I’m not a hacker, but I’m technically inclined and know how to stay relatively safe on the internet.
The only blog I read related to Weinergate last night was Patterico’s and Qritiq’s. I’m not sure how Ron would have gotten my IP address last night, but if he had it for a while and was patient before sharing it with the world, he may have gotten it because I’ve clicked on a few of his links. Lee Stranahan explained that he will place links and then somehow monitor them to see whose IP connects, and then share that information with the world if he’s suspicious of someone (his white whale, Mr Wolfe, of course).
Just to be clear, I don’t think Lee did this to me (he’s had my IP for ages and doesn’t care about me). He simply explained how it worked and that he did this to Dan (who, unlike me, uses a proxy). I guess this is the new ethics, though. If you’re saying something a thug doesn’t want you to say, they will root you out. Lee and Ron share that, though they are not comparable in sanity.
Anyway, unfortunately Ron’s information this time is accurate. Usually when he talks about me he’s lying, but when he’s sharing my personal info he’s somehow gotten (I don’t read his blog) he’s telling the truth.
The more I think about this, the more perplexing it gets because I thought the links I clicked (of ron’s) went to Google’s blogger and Youtube services, which do not provide IP addresses. But I’m not really hiding myself (nor doing anything worth trying to hide) so I can’t really say how he found me.
Is it realistic that someone with my IP could cause my gateway to malfunction? My gateway has been plugged in for years without problems until practically the same time Ron noted the IP.
Comment by Dustin — 8/1/2011 @ 7:12 am

Then, in this next comment, note especially how Dustin jumps on my typo, Clyde, when the name is actually Cyde, and he pretends to not know the exact details about my tweets.

  1. BTW, I have no idea who Clyde [I’m going to redact his last name is, but my guess is it’s someone Neal Rauhauser hates. Ron is claiming that’s my real name. I like the name Clyde, but it’s not my name.
    99% of people Ron is a thug towards happen to be Neal or Brett’s enemies. Then Ron will have some lame and weak accusations of Neal to confuse the matter. For some reason he’s a lot harsher to all these other people.
    Sorry Clyde, whoever you are, if my use of that image on Wikipedia as my referring address has brought you any grief. The intention was not serious, and obviously it wasn’t an effort to mask my activity (it has the opposite effect).
    Comment by Dustin — 8/1/2011 @ 7:24 am

Dustin added one more relevant comment, repeating the same nonsense unnecessarily in order to create confusion and ridiculously portray himself as the true victim (when his menacing comments are all over that 6/30 post and the evidence that I've been harassed can be seen on my twitter feed...and I've spent five weeks trying to help Patterico, while Dustin pretends to by menacing - and he spends hours and hours posting comments on other issues when I spend all my time trying to help innocent women and conservative bloggers he and his hacker friends have threatened):

  1. As funny as it seems, I am legitimately concerned for my safety. Behind the scenes, Patterico’s family has been attacked in a real way. Not just internet hassling. Stuff you can’t just turn off by getting off the internet.
    They want to know my name, my real location, and are revealing my IP address to encourage people to thug against me. Obviously I am being harassed, but I have no idea what I should do about it. Would it do me any good to have my IP address changed? It’s not hard to learn the next one, once they know my ISP and location.
    Any tips would be appreciated. I know this seems like an idiot on twitter doing me no real damage, but I don’t see it that way.
    Again, I am sorry to Clyde if this harms him in any way. I don’t know him, and I simply linked a photo he uploaded. It was not a security measure (And anyone informed on this issue would understand it does the opposite of hiding me).
    Comment by Dustin — 8/1/2011 @ 8:15 am
Dustin has somehow stopped traffic at this blog and is referring to my expunged police record again, so I left another comment at Patterico. He might play games with my words so I copy and pasted it before I hit submit:

Go ahead and play your hacker tricks, socks, no one will believe them. This is my first comment here in weeks and will be my last.

Of course, you jerks are lying. That is not Greg or Gennette or Patterico or Goatsred leaving comments the last week...many of the things you have them say don't even match up with stuff they've told me themselves. You're a bunch of lying clowns.

I've refrained from commenting here again, because I assume you will sock me (but I'm copying this and adding to the end of my Dustin article, now).

Dustin smeared me by referring to an expunged police record which Patterico deleted from this website. He had no right to refer to an expunged arrest, which is illegal.

I was arrested for arguing with police in Florida who refused to investigate the abduction and rape of my sister, and charges were dropped and my record was expunged.

Dustin knows that, since I had to explain it on Twitter since he won't stop referring to my expunged "criminal" past, but continues to call me a criminal when he's the one going to prison.

My article is called "You Decide If Dustin Lies or Distorts" and his reaction is to open up a twitter account and lie that it contains viruses, etc:

Just like Neal Rauhauser would do....anyway....Dustin is also lying by claiming CYDE, not Clyde which was a typo as he knows, is a real name, when it's an alias, too.

Read his lying tweets at

You guys are probably playing some kind of game by making my tweets private, because you're Stalinist scum. I bet you delete this comments because I link to my blog which "reveals" the ip address of the thug Dustin who is sending DDOS attacks at this website.

There aren't even any incoming links on the Wikipedia upload page, so it's impossible for Dustin to come to this blog from that link. It is being used to DDOS attack this very site.

Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 5:19 pm

I left another comment later, because I can tell Dustin is blocking hit to my blog and keeps calling me a criminal for an expunged false arrest:

  1. My expunged arrest was trying to help my sister who was abducted and raped.
    Seriously, how many socks calling me a criminal for that are going to be believed? Ridiculous.
    And Patterico makes a reference in this very thread about the illegality of leaking expunged arrests…and of course it’s illegal to even refer to one…and it’s unAmerican and against our entire justice system.
    And what does Aaron Worthing know about my Twitter account? My tweets were fine until he made weird tweets claiming you can only read my account when unsigned out.
    Aaron is playing games with hackers. And socks have stopped referring to my tweets about Neal Rauhauser because they know something funny is going on with them.
    Also, Dustin keeps referring to something regarding Patterico’s family he shouldn’t even know about.
    You hackers do realize that I haven’t peeped a word about the phone call only because I was asked; Much different than Lee Stranahan’s reason.
    Patterico knows I am trying to help him.
    Let the police figure it out, I don’t care what socks say.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 6:40 pm
And another:

  1. Dustin why would I be mad at Alicia who doesn’t exist?
    I believe you are Alicia, since the record was expunged and you referenced it after Patterico deleted it (any other reasonable person would assume it was you in the first place since you did that) which is why I posted your IP address.
    Let the cops figure it out.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 6:45 pm
And another:

  1. Dustin and the socks are absurd.
    This entire page is full of them smearing and threatening innocent women.
    I don’t know why they keep posting here since they know Patterico doesn’t believe a word they write.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 6:48 pm
And another:

  1. This will be my only response to anyone else here…but I might still defend myself against Dustin’s lies.
    But SPQR, I was referring to this comment above by Patterico left LAST MONTH in a thread left open so that you hackers could dig yourselves holes.
    Patterico wrote, “All public record to be sure” because I explained what the arrest was to him in our first phone call, and it was a sly reference to the record being EXPUNGED.
    And, Dustin and the rest of you evil scumbags still leaving comments on this thread, did a real slimy thing by socking as Goatsred who had the same crap pulled on him.
    Of course he wouldn’t defend that…and Mike, Gennette, Patrick and Greg are my friends and Dan Wolfe is my source…so stop SOCKING FOR THEM! None of them would be posting comments on this thread, especially Patterico.
    I deleted a comment that purported to post personal information for Ron Brynaert.
    For some reason the whole thing reminded me of the way The Smoking Gun treated Mike Stack.
    All public record to be sure.
    Hi Neal!
    Comment by Patterico — 6/30/2011 @ 10:15 pm
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 7:05 pm
And another (I'm not posting Dustin's absurd lies, since they don't even make sense, he has lost his cool, scared because the feds know his IP address, now):

  1. Dustin is really panicking because now the feds have his IP address.
    Only a madman would accuse someone of lying about being arrested arguing with the police after their sister was abducted and raped.
    I’ve kept that secret for over twenty years, but had to reveal it BECAUSE OF YOU…not because of Alicia Pain, since Patterico deleted her comment.
    My arrests were expunged…only thugs would call someone a criminal.
    I’m so honest I’m revealing that I HAD TWO EXPUNGED ARRESTS!!!
    Seriously, Dustin, the feds are gonna catch you and even Neal Rauhauser wouldn’t just call me a liar for referring to my sister’s rape and abduction. You’re an animal.
    Ask Liberty Chick to call the Florida police department and probe if you need to…
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 7:17 pm
And another:

  1. I spoke to Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, told my lawyer to contact the police, told my listener to contact the police, and on July 7, after I realized you guys had hacked my emails, too, and panicked because I gave you the names of family members and secret sources, asked a copy shop to call the police and gave them my name, called 911 and asked to be transferred to FBI, went to a former job of mine and asked the woman behind counter to call FBI, she refused so others called 911 and I told them to tell the police my name and that they have my info because I used to work here, I also tweeted the Secret Service and on Saturday night I left my message about Neal on the website for the FBI as my laptop cache will show.
    When I was waiting for a police detective from Mass to call me during the last week of June, all the cell phone coverage in my area mysteriously went out…Patterico agreed on our phone call that that might have been hackers.
    My phone is hacked and so are my emails..and the haiku guy keeps leaving menacing references to watching me outside my apartment. Some of these monsters – like Jeff – have referred to killing my cat.
    I am literally DYING to speak to the FBI and Secret Service and the deputy district attorney and my scared sources.
    If you were able to intercept that FBI note, Dustin, it is a crime. Or somebody else did, and it’s a crime.
    The Deputy District Attorney can surely have me arrested if he wants.
    Eric of course isn’t leaving comments here and it’s fucking absurd you socks keep talking about following each other when even the Anonymous hackers on Twitter openly warn not to do that.
    I’ll come back tomorrow and respond to more lies, Dustin, if you want, but this is my last comment here tonight.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/1/2011 @ 7:35 pm
I left this comment Tuesday morning:

  1. After averaging 90-150 hits a day, I only got 20 since writing about Dustin.
    Can you access my tweets and blog, socks?
    If you don’t answer the question, then it’s obvious that you are involved in the hacking.
    Remember…Patterico is watching…and so are his real conservative readers.
    Strange edits at Wikipedia on the picture which I claim is sending DDOS attack and Dustin is using for his avatar at Dust92
    djbd v s zjd v fjdf sjcv sv dsjvb sd s kvbsj js dd vskj sd vjs vsb k vsbdvsbvs;ovs; ; .. .’ . .’ djdifvv
    ,fd fhnf j djv jxbjd bncv h drhhhhhhsdkkkkk dcfj,
    were removed today:
    Plus, sometime between July 30 and August 2, there were 3 “intermediate actions by one user not shown”
    Just a coincidence, Dustin?
    Dustin’s tweets are almost all lies or phony excuses:
    “You called him Clyde. I quoted you. That’s mighty evidence I’m a hacker, Ron? AFAIK, linking Wikipedia doesn’t launch DDOS’s.”
    I made one typo, Dustin knows the name is Cyde but he and socks keep saying Clyde because that’s what they do. They can argue, but Patterico knows the M.O. of socks, since we discussed it on phone.
    “@ronbryn Also, I see you deleted your racist claim that because of my nationality I must be in al qaeda. Now you’re just ‘inquiring’.”
    Absurd. I don’t delete any tweets, unless I spell something wrong, then I repost it. I said you might be Qaeda because of your involvement in Draw Mohammed Day, and then when you said you had more Muslims in your family I noted that, too.
    Research, a little, bozo, my favorite book is “The Autobiography Of Malcolm X” my favorite living author is Toni Morrison and the only true activism I ever did was to help Muslim girls who were being – I thought – unfairly deported:
    “@ronbryn Everyone be wary about clicking Ron’s links. That’s how he learned my IP address and why he is smearing me.”
    That tweet is implying I’m posting viruses instead of links to evidence, plus I discovered his IP address on the Patterico sitemeter and Googled and found a comment with his name on a right wing blog matched with is IP, as Dustin knows.
    “@ronbryn accused me of dozens of things, and never shows any non-stupid evidence. Crazy? Or pretending to be while he smears nice people.”
    Yeah, you’re real nice, Dustin. This thread proves it. And my evidence is all stupid. Thoughtful, well argued tweet.
    “@jeffeneff Also, his screenshot of my access to his website shows I viewed it twice. That’s his DDOS. And he’s hosted by google’s blogger.”
    Another lie. The screenshot shows him going to Patterico, not my blog.
    “@ronbryn already deleted his single reply to me. He’s smeared me over hundreds of tweets. I ask him why, and he ignores it and blocks me.”
    Another lie. I tweeted lots of replies to Dustin…and have it saved on my browser. If he is deleting tweets or preventing others from reading them, it’s more proof he hacks. Of course, I didn’t delete any tweets I sent.
    “@ronbryn @Patterico No, I did not view this idiot’s blog for years. His own ‘evidence’ shows I’ve only viewed it twice, which is true.”
    That tweet has nothing to do with anything since the sitemeter i posted shows Patterico’s site…and the “only viewed it twice” makes no sense at shows one visit by him and says nothing about how many times he visited a site ever. If Dustin wants me to post sitemeter pictures GOING BACK YEARS showing his hits from Georgetown, Texas to my site, I will.
    I’m assuming Dustin also uses the John Dean Sluggo handle since he seems to have a longtime grudge against me.
    And it’s really low to keep using Goatsred as a sock…And stupid since NJ law enforcement officials are almost definitely monitoring this website.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/2/2011 @ 6:26 am
And another:

  1. Also, I’m supposed to get an email anytime anyone mentions my name on twitter.
    But I only got one, even though Dustin the hacker sent TWENTY-THREE TWEETS TO ME LAST NIGHT!!!!/Dust92
    I don’t always get tweets from the hacked Patterico either…or many of the socks.
    I get tweets that mention me in my email from people I banned and reported for spam, still, but not from all you socks.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/2/2011 @ 6:33 am

  1. This post is absurd and the sock who wrote it is smearing Patterico.
    Headline at HuffPost (a website i usually can’t stand0 is “Andrew Breitbart Accused Of Creating False Controversy Over Reporter Norah O’Donnell (VIDEO)”.
    Very first line at The New Republic link: “Andrew Breitbart has clipped an exchange from today’s press at conference at the White House.”
    The phrase “you have Democrats saying” is clearing missing from the Breitbart clip.
    The full line is at The White House website: “But you have Democrats saying you gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing.”
    Guess they haven’t hacked that yet…or maybe it’s an Obama lie!!! (the next fake patterico update, no doubt)
    I can’t get the CBS video to play, nor the White House video but only a MORON wouldn’t be able to hear the missing obviously edited part after 19:50 seconds. Wow, impressive, hackers edited the White House, YouTube video…
    Left leaning socks pretending to be conservatives are just trying to make Patterico look stupid.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/2/2011 @ 8:33 am

  1. Breitbart to be indicted any moment now.
    Ronbryn to be 5150′d any moment now.
    Comment by JD — 8/2/2011 @ 8:43 am
  2. I’ll repeat…
    The full line is at The White House website: “But you have Democrats saying you gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing.”
    Pointing that out makes me crazy, JD, or you for ignoring it.
    Sheesh…who do you think you’re fooling?
    The only thing wrong with TNR and HuffPo is that they are ASSUMING Breitbart is responsible for the edited video.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/2/2011 @ 8:52 am

  1. LOL, seriously:
    The LA Deputy District Attorney remembers both our phone conversations…and I guess the hackers weren’t able to hear anything we discussed either time…since they keep posting ridiculous things that the real Patterico would never say….like the above which was also discussed in our second phone call (the hackers know about that interference on the first call since they were responsible for it, as we both agreed on call #2).
    That’s the last time I’ll say anything about our calls… Again, not because I can’t – like Lee – but because I’m doing all I can to help track down the threateners.
    The entire purpose of this thread was to test to see why socks weren’t considering my theories.
    Comment by Ron Brynaert — 8/2/2011 @ 9:02 am