Saturday, August 6, 2011

ChickJustin brags to police she/he hacked patriotusa76

In a July 26 tweet directed at the Indiana State Police (a spammer using USASunrise and Weinergate menacer/conspiracy theorist Lee Stranahan), someone using the handle @ChickJustin on Twitter boasted that he/she had just hacked the old account used by Dan Wolfe aka @patriotusa76. Wolfe was the mysterious twitterer who spotted the May 27 Rep. Weiner tweet to a Seattle college student before it was deleted.

Wolfe, who is a source of mine, has been unable to contact me for close to six weeks because of menacing hackers who have hounded up to ten people involved in Weinergate and investigating it. Days after seeing the tweet, Wolfe was forced to shut down @patriotusa76 due to abuse and threats from James O'Keefe associate Simon Templar and Lee Stranahan, plus beandogs sent by Neal Rauhauser. But last week someone reopened the patriotusa76 twitter account and allegedly tweeted links to spam and viruses (I didn't click on links, that's what socks connected to Stranahan and Rauhauser aka Stranded Wind at Daily Kos claim).

Dan Wolfe's last known twitter account @dwp6776 has been hacked, too, so don't believe any lies socks are putting in either cyber mouth. He has been menaced by beandogs since April, even before he saw the Weiner tweet.

The following tweet can be seen at this link unless/until it is deleted:!/chickjustin/status/96006523242823680

The profile for ChickJustin states, "Objectivist slut, charging my lasers. Studied Italian in TX, so I'm armchair-tough. Don't mess with it. Love argyles, Fallaci, cats, & offending you. Go Israel!"

And a blog is linked, The Force of Reason, which seems to be boasts about hacking websites and spreading fake news, aimed at Indiana law enforcement officials, and it contains a quote by Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist who died in 2006, who was considered anti-Islamic and racist.

I'm not quoting any of the insane crap contained at that blog....

But this is from the New York Times obituary of Oriana Fallaci at

Her boldness earned her a new generation of admirers — and many detractors — after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, prompted her to end years of silence with warnings about Islam. In three books beginning with “The Rage and the Pride” (Rizzoli, 2002) and in many interviews, she sharply criticized not only Islamic extremists but also Islam itself. She accused the West of having become too complacent and tolerant to understand the threat she believed Islam presented.

The “sons of Allah breed like rats,” she wrote, condemning the growing immigration of Muslims in Europe, including her homeland.

Her warnings endeared her to many conservatives and won her, a lifelong atheist, an audience with Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. But she was also accused of racism, and in Switzerland and Italy she was charged with violating laws against vilifying religion. In 2003, the left-wing Italian newspaper La Repubblica called her an “exhibitionist posing as the Joan of Arc of the West.”