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Maggie Henningg with two g's and Shamus Clancy

Or "How someone may have cloned the Twitter account of a teenage girl to hack fake DMs with Weiner"

(Disclaimer: It's hard to tell who hacked who. It's possible both these teens' twitter accounts were hacked, like so many others...and if that's the case I deeply apologize for insinuating anything about them.)

On May 27th, 13 seconds after Dan Wolfe or saw Rep. Anthony Weiner tweet an obscene picture to a young college girl in Seattle, someone who used to be followed by Weiner tweeted a reference to a Family Guy clip:

"Didn't mother theresa o'd?! HAHHAHA" a twitterer I don't believe the Associated Press or The New York Times ever spoke to tweeted.

Of course, Mother Theresa didn't OD in anyone's car and because Twitter can be hacked, something else may not have happened either on 5/27. The clip is a mocking reference to how you can mix up the truth with lies, and it would be an astronomical coincidence that it was tweeted 13 seconds after Dan Wolfe retweeted what appears to be a silly picture of Rep. Weiner with a sock in his shorts that was probably sent as a DM but turned into a public tweet by hackers (controlled by people who had proof that Weiner was cheating, and by making this a confusing story, it's harder to talk out of....Weiner was mostly forced to resign for lying...when he really was hacked).

I apologize to Maggie Henning, who I suspect was pranked by Shamus Clancy without her knowledge, for having to use some of her tweets, which are now private. Or I'm exposing the prank they both pulled.

As I showed in earlier blog posts, hackers make dummy twitter accounts and are seemingly able to make phony tweets that way. One hacker appears to be making false tweets @patterico using an account called EthylKXA which may be a reference to "Maggie Henning", a teen girl that Rep. Anthony Weiner allegedly followed and exchanged Direct Messages with back and forth.


Meet Shamus Clancy @Sclancy or who shows up many times on the transcript that Neal Rauhauser put online of Maggie Henning tweets, which appears to have been leaked to him by a sock puppet he followed called BigWangTheory, whose account has been suspended.

On July 1st, Big Wang Theory DM'd me for the very first time, after he started following me on June 12th, I believe because Lee Stranahan retweeted something I regret I tweeted about the innocent victim in Seattle, who knew before anyone that fake accounts were being used to punk Rep. Anthony Weiner and couldn't get anyone in the media to believe her at first.

"neal rauhauser? did he send you threats? i didnt get any from him but im trying to find out his involvement and what he said to u and others," @bigwangthe0ry DM'd me.

Next, he said, "if u dont mind i have some Q's... is jen presto suing u? why is she "lawyering up"? also.. she apparently censored stranahan's blogshow."

His profile claimed, "yes, my other acct was suspended for tweeting too much in a short time."

I immediately suspected BWT was a sock that worked with Neal so I let him believe I trusted him, but then he went over the top when I played "bad cop" to help the girl in Seattle who he had creepily befriended. As if he were reading from the StrandedWind playbook, he began to insinuate I was crazy and scream at me all in caps, then he began to openly tweet with conservative socks even though he claimed to be liberal.

He was one of the scarier socks I met...and I suspect it was actually Neal or he followed MaggieHenning and hacked her on Neal R's behalf.

Coincidentally, perhaps, the very first Twitter account Shamus Clancy ever followed was The Big Bang Theory TV show (which is produced by the same producer Charlie Sheen went to war with).

See Neal R. transcript:

(Perhaps there's a reason why Neal Rauhauser aka StrandedWind framed this "evidence" which doesn't go back far enough to expose this potential hoax.

maggiehenningg: Next year, im picking my bracket with my eyes closed. 03/19/2011

However, when Shamus retweeted it, it looked like:

Maggie Henning
by sclancy

It looks like a similar trick was attempted with President Barack Obama, since the cloned account was used to send the tweet:

“RT @BarackObama: The goal is simple―reduce imported oil by one third in the next decade ”
maggiehenningg 04/03/2011 849 more

On June 19, Shamus tweeted to Henning, "I just didn't understand how he was fake. Why would they have a statue of someone who wasn't real?"

That may be a reference to an online prank game called The Last Statue or perhaps a reference to the former TV show Lost, it's hard to tell since Henning's tweets are now protected.


Shamus Clancy tweeted about stabbing people in an airport because of flight delays and he tweeted Lebron James, "You're gonna die in Philly"!/sclancy/status/57633856647479296

Shamus Clancy
by ronbryn
Shamus Clancy
by ronbryn

Ater Dan Wolfe called Rep. Weiner "freak" on April 13 for following Henning, she complained to Shamus, "cause representative weiner followed me back today and some sickos are trying to make a thing of it."

Shamus Clancy told Henning he's in his 13th year in Catholic school but his twitter account is full of profane quotes against God & the church. Like a lot of twitter accounts the past few weeks, Shamus seems obsessed with Bruce Springsteen, sports and fake news stories.

"HAHAHAHA as long as he doesn't get in trouble for sexting teenage boys I think I'll be okay." sclancy tweeted to Henning on July 6th.

More examples of MaggieHenningg with two g's can be found here:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=97eede9ed711c932&biw=1030&bih=483


Both Maggie Henning and Shamus Clancy shut down their Twitter accounts after I posted this story. Since Henning seems to be a willing accomplice I will no longer refer to her as Ethel. I'm also not linking to her new account since it appears to be a trap to show that I'm stalking her.

I just want Maggie Henning to cooperate with FBI cybercrimes detectives since I believe she met up with hacktivists during the DC trip she met Rep. Weiner at, and I believe she knows a lot about the widespread hacking, that has even hit the White House the last few days.

More about Shamus Clancy can be read in this post:

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