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Shamus Clancy sells telephone entry systems

(Disclaimer: This is a work in progress so I apologize if I get things wrong, and because hackers are spoofing phone calls and making fake twitter accounts and sending fake DMs and hacking into email accounts, it's hard to tell who is hacking who. But this blog post will make little sense if you didn't read "Maggie Henningg with 2 G's and Shamus Clancy" first at )

According to his profile on a comic book related website, Shamus Clancy - who appears to know how to use cloned twitter accounts to hack Direct Messages and may have manipulated a silly DM sent by Rep. Anthony Weiner showing a sock in his pants into a public tweet which led to his resignation - has a website called The Warriors Three where he used to archive his comic book podcasts. Clancy uses the alias "metalliccorps" on comic book related websites, and plays a lot of RPG games that mix in real life names.

(None of these articles are suggesting that Rep. Anthony Weiner didn't sext with women on social network websites, just that it appears "enemies" used that information to embroil him in a sting that he couldn't possibly talk his way out of)

The Warriors Three is a cryptic blog that sells telephone entry systems and has strange videos, but is called Geneaology Steps and claims to be tips on how to trace your ancestors.

A post published on July 12 reads, "Widespread Perception Suggestions on Deciding on the Greatest Directory to Complete a Reverse Cell Phone Appear Up"

Underneath that picture, the blog post - credited to Admin. but the end of the post is signed "My name is Marky" - continues, "This form of service enables everyone to identify a caller by name, street address of his or her residence, and also discover out other phone numbers that belong to the caller. By getting into the number that termed you into a search bar on a internet site of a respected reverse cell telephone directory, you can have instant entry to info that just a few many years back was not obtainable for any cost."

"The process is fast and effortless and really handy for the following situations:

&bull Dealing with nonstop calls that are threatening or harassing in nature.

&bull Acquiring back again in get in touch with with previous buddies, co-workers, schoolmates, etc.

&bull Identifying unfamiliar calls on your cellphone or a modern phone billing statement.

&bull Hoping to figure out irrespective of whether a wife or husband or boyfriend/girlfriend is staying unfaithful.

&bull Dealing with telemarketing or bill collector’s calls.

There are much more than a handful of directories that exist on the net to complete your search. So, the query gets to be which site to operate with? Perfectly, the subsequent are a number of suggestions on how to pick a trusted directory that delivers the most precise and trustworthy benefits."

Underneath a video - geared towards assisted living facility residents and their families - there are a number of advertisements for telephone entry systems, which might mean this website might be an attempt to scam the elderly.

A YouTube video entitled "Assisted Living Directory Interview: Discussing Changes and Routines & Effects on Facility Residents" follows:

Another video added by that same user besnette is a video from which shows how to search for inspections and reports on assisted living facilities:

The info for the YouTube video reads:

How To Look Up Assisted Living Facility Violations, Citations & Inspection Reports

From: besnette | May 25, 2011 | 80 views

For more information:

This video will show you how to find and look up safety and health violations as well as inspection reports for assisted living facilities. When families start researching assisted living facilities for a loved one, often times what is looked at first are things like services, amenities and the location of the facility. This is understandable, and these are indeed important factors to consider. However, we feel that looking at each facility's most recent state inspection report, and any citations and violations that the facility might have received in the past will shed a strong and important light on the operation and management of the facility. This important data is accessible for most states and assisted living facilities, if you know where to look. Armed with this information, you will be able to sort through your list of possible facilities, and weed out the ones that have unacceptable inspection reports, too many violations, or who have been cited for major issues. Your data will bring those facilities to the top of your list who have not had any major inspection issues, or those facilities who have been the most responsive in addressing and fixing any issues.

Violations and Citations are important considerations in the assisted living industry, especially since senior care, at it's core, can be a matter of life and death. A facility that has improperly stored food, materials such as cleaning supplies, or perhaps a history of negligence or abuse can easily result in injury or a fatality. Additionally, assisted living facilities are caring for residents with a diminished capacity to speak for, and care for relying on a resident with Alzheimer's to speak up about a faulty fire alarm is simply unreasonable. We need to be able to rely on the management, owners, and the staff of every facility to operate at a level close to perfection - every single day. We also need to have a checks and balances system, or a separate, unbiased set of eyes to visit and inspect facilities periodically, and to make public their findings. This is where a state's health department or department of social services will usually come in.

Finding information about citations and violations is usually fairly simple in most states. We've chosen one state as our example in this video demonstration, and our technique should work for most states. If you have trouble finding information in your state, we recommend checking out to find links to State-Level Inspection Reports and Quality Ratings for assisted living and long term care. Consumer Health Ratings is not affiliated with Assisted Living Directory in any way. You can also check with your State's health department, or your local Agency on Aging, or perhaps your state's assisted living association (if it has one) to find out information about a facility or facilities.

The music is by Kevin Macleod, used under Creative Commons license. His website is and the song is "Sunshine" (less info)

Another post on the blog is called Pennsylvania Vols at and it seems to be on some experiment with mice.

Pennsylvania Vols


Kedar B.Karki.

Principle Investigator,

College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery CLUS.

The Philippines

Gemerlyn G. Garcia

College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery CLUS.

The Philippines.


An experiment was conducted to investigate the immunologic property of Fusarium Graminearum infection. Several groups of mice were randomly selected for the following groups: (PC, T1and T2 were groups of mice that respectively received a 1:1, 1:100 and 1:100,000 fungal dilution while T3, T4, and T5 were groups of mice that respectively received the same concentration but each were treated with Diethyl amine Acetarsol (Acetylarsan). A group of mice was included as a negative control (NC). Increase in weight of the spleen doubled as early as the second week (from 49 mg to 80 mg) and progressed up to the fourth week (125 mg) where it tapered off in the untreated group. Similar increase in the weight of the spleen was observed in the treated group mg to 64 mg) but not as great as that in the untreated group (105 mg). Hematological findings showed a lymphocyte count of 1.83 that increased to 3.356, monocyte count of 0.47 that increased to 0.981 and neutrophils increased from 0.399 to 1.698 in untreated groups. Lymphocyte count in the treated group was increased from 1.8 to 3.64, monocytes increased from 0.068 to 0.325 and neutrophils increased from 0.223 to 1.056. High incidence of death was observed in animals that did not receive treatment (PC, T1, and T2) while relatively lower death incidences were exhibited by groups that received diethyl amine acetarsol (T3, T4 and T5).

The following note is at the end of the post,

About the Author
Kedar B.Karki.
Principle Investigator,
College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery CLUS.
The Philippines
Gemerlyn G. Garcia
College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery CLUS.
The Philippines.

This post is followed by a video of the 69th Irish PA Vols at Philadelphia July 4th Weekend

Finally, the website was started on December 23, 2009 in Australia according to a WHOIS search, and the attached Tech Name is Colin Cullum and his Tech Organization is ABR Home Industries:

Domain ID:D30907449-LRMS
Created On:23-Dec-2009 12:55:15 UTC
Last Updated On:04-Feb-2011 22:13:04 UTC
Expiration Date:23-Dec-2011 12:55:15 UTC
Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)
Registrant ID:CR74255439
Registrant Name:Colin Cullum
Registrant Organization:ABR Home Industries
Registrant Street1:240 Toombul rd,
Registrant Street2:Northgate
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Brisbane
Registrant State/Province:QLD
Registrant Postal Code:4013
Registrant Country:AU
Registrant Phone:+61.0732662902
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+61.0732568808
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:CR74255441
Admin Name:Colin Cullum
Admin Organization:ABR Home Industries
Admin Street1:240 Toombul rd,
Admin Street2:Northgate
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Brisbane
Admin State/Province:QLD
Admin Postal Code:4013
Admin Country:AU
Admin Phone:+61.0732662902
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:+61.0732568808
Admin FAX Ext.:
Billing ID:CR74255442
Billing Name:Colin Cullum
Billing Organization:ABR Home Industries
Billing Street1:240 Toombul rd,
Billing Street2:Northgate
Billing Street3:
Billing City:Brisbane
Billing State/Province:QLD
Billing Postal Code:4013
Billing Country:AU
Billing Phone:+61.0732662902
Billing Phone Ext.:
Billing FAX:+61.0732568808
Billing FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:CR74255440
Tech Name:Colin Cullum
Tech Organization:ABR Home Industries
Tech Street1:240 Toombul rd,
Tech Street2:Northgate
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Brisbane
Tech State/Province:QLD
Tech Postal Code:4013
Tech Country:AU
Tech Phone:+61.0732662902
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+61.0732568808
Tech FAX Ext.:

The ABR Home Industries website appears sketchy, so I don't recommend visiting it, but here's a sample from :

Welcome to Brisbane Upholstery By ABR Home Industries.

Upholstery and polishing services for commercial and domestic furniture. Quality at an affordable price is our main aim and we deliver that.

We will work on a single chair or a complete hotel furniture refurbishment including pelmets.(new &recovery)

New (Made by us) Unique Custom Built fully upholstererd Lounge Suites,sofas,arm chairs, designed and built to your exact requirements to order . A 15 year structural gaurantee comes with all pieces. Built to a high quality to last a long time so that over the years of use you will get great value for money and comfort over something cheap that will look good for only 2 or 3 years!