Wednesday, July 20, 2011

IP address linked to Drew Neisser wants to know where I live

Who is Drew Neisser?

What is The Drew Blog?

And why is someone connected to his IP address visiting my old blog from a website that showed what NYC subway stop I used to blog at?

This is from the Sitemeter for my old blog,


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The link shows IP 206.217.94.# (ICG NetAhead) from Austin, Texas visiting my blog from a website at

That website shows that I used to blog near a particular G train stop in Brooklyn, New York (where I lived with an ex-girlfriend who catered the RNC convention in MSG in 2004 and Bloomberg media partners at Governor's Island and this was just after I mentioned a blogger named Qritiq has ties to to @buttermilkbklyn or Doug Crowell who owns Buttermilk Channel on the Island):

This link traces the IP address to which was registered on Jan 22 2008. The blog's description adds, "renegade thinking from the ceo of renegade, the social media & marketing consultancy that helps clients make more out of less by transforming communications into 'marketing as service.'"

From the bio page for Drew Neisser at his Renegade consulting web site


a little bit about Drew

Drew Neisser, the founder of Renegade, is just that. Part strategist, part writer, part visionary and part punster, he defies easy categorization, although he can’t seem to shake his press mantle “guerrilla guru.” Diapered at Wells Rich Greene, trained at JWT and retrained at Chiat/Day, Drew learned first hand why bigger isn’t better. An entrepreneur at heart, Drew founded Renegade in 1996 as a place where the best ideas can sprout from any corner and collaboration trumps ego.

At Renegade, Drew has helped four clients be recognized as Guerrilla Marketers of the Year by BRANDWEEK. He named and launched the Toughbook for Panasonic, rolled out the BankCab for HSBC, conceived the “Time Me Up, Time Me Down” PR-extravaganza for G-Shock, neutered bunnies for Oxyride batteries, uncorked Zinfomania for Ravenswood and originated The Optimist Network for Cablevision. He also has a knack for penning catchy tag lines including “Where Family Comes First” for Family Circle, “We’ve Got Your Back” for Colonial Insurance, “Great tech support. Good karma” for iYogi and “Fire Things Up” for Toasted Head wines.

A frequent speaker at industry events like Social Media Week and BDI’s The Social Consumer, Drew has also MC’d four Optimist Network events along with Social Media Days at various clients. He maintains a monthly column for, writes case studies for and has contributed articles to, AdAge, Brandweek, Promo and Chief Marketer among others. Drew has been a featured expert on ABC’s Nightline and CNBC, tweets regularly and occasionally finds time to speak his mind on

A graduate of Duke University, Drew set up and manages a LinkedIn Group for fellow Blue Devils in entertainment, media and the arts (DEMAN). Married with three grown-up children (if you count Pinky the French Bulldog), Drew still thinks its not to late to learn how to surf and is always on the hunt for the best guacamole in town.

If you have a recommendation, let him know rapidamente.

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