Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thanks to readers, and updates to my Daily Caller articles on the way

As I noted on my twitter account @ronbryn, I'll have some interesting updates to my stories published at the Daily Caller. I'm a little behind, because I've been working on many other stories.

But here are links to all my Daily Caller articles, so far, and to a story I helped - a little bit - written by Chuck Ross, who does great reporting on the Clinton email scandal.

I've reported on Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and Carson, plus I have future articles, on the way, about Cruz and Rubio. I do my best to show all sides, get to the truth, listen to critics, and allow readers to make up their own minds on whom to support in this quite crazy presidential race.

Since I'm a media critic, too, I also often defend candidates when false stories are reported about them.

Thanks to the thousands of readers who retweet or like my articles on Twitter or share them on Facebook! I've been trying to follow back on Twitter nearly everyone who has linked to me, critically or supportive. So just follow me on Twitter or mention me, if I overlooked you (but don't mock my avatar, because Krazy Kat will get upset).

Sanders Took Heat From The Anti-War Left Over Gulf War, Yugoslavia Intervention.

Ambassador Joked About State Dept. ‘Incompetent Nincompoops’ After Mystery Hostage Release

Ex-Army Chief Quietly Hired By Firm With Close Clinton Ties

Longtime Clinton Aide Also Used Personal Email Address At State Department

Hillary’s IT Guru Jokes About Security Risks Posed By Federal Employees Using Personal Mobile Devices [VIDEO] by Chuck Ross, who noted, "Former RAWSTORY Executive Editor Ron Brynaert — who recently reported for the Daily Caller that another longtime Hillary Clinton aide used a private email address while working at the State Department — provided some research for this article."

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