Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another Hillary Clinton State Dept. aide used private email account; 5 emails later marked classified & heavily redacted

Two other State Department aides used private email accounts while working for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, I've exclusively reported in the last two weeks. Media outlets such as the Associated Press and Gawker - along with conservative watchdog groups Citizens United and Judicial Watch - may want to add both names to any future Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests they intend. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley might want to write another official query naming them, as well.

One key thing to note is that John Kerry's State Department did or now knows both of these former government employees also used private email accounts, but instead of alerting the media or informing the public, they partially redacted both email addresses while dripping out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails, making it tough for journalists to discover. And since the emails were sent to or from official government accounts, they didn't even need Clinton's emails to know about either private account.

My story on former Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs David S. Adams aka "CrippleCreek61" - who now works with other colleagues of the Clintons at Anthony Podesta's Global Solutions - was posted at this website on February 6th, and can be read at this link.

The Daily Caller published my exclusive article about "Monica R. Hanley, who began working for former Secretary Hillary Clinton as far back as June 2004, when the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate was a New York senator" yesterday, and can be read here.

Interested readers on the right and the left can contact media outlets to get them to report on this news, so that voters in the presidential primaries can be more fully informed.

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