Sunday, October 18, 2015

My DMs with Anthony Weiner on Swattings and Trump troll who claims he sexted her

Hi, I'm really sorry to disturb you so late at night...but let's not pretend you don't know who I am...since I broke the story about your staffer before anyone else...and I was really fair about it...i only reported on the money stuff and made slight allusion to anything else...that's not really my thing...but this is obviously too big a story...and you know damn well how i've been menaced for four years since reporting on you.
I'm giving you a chance to respond to this can see the tweets i already published...
i'll even give you a chance to completely kill this story.
But that will obviously involve you talking to me on the phone...and stop ignoring me.
I've been falsely accused of crimes for four years since reporting on you. i know about google plus...i know you traded tweets
This person threatened me with false arrest...and trolled me...and trolled conservative critics of Trump.
You've got a very short window to at least respond. I don't believe at all that you are not reading these DMs
We had a long DM conversation. That's the last thing I'm telling you.
Hey, catching up. Who is this?
You know who this is.
I was falsely accused of SWAttings because I worked on NYT story.
Are you a reporter?
You know who I am.
Oh, what bureau?
Yes. I'm independent...and I'm working with a media outlet on this story..and on other stories.
Brother, it's been a long day with no food. What's up?
You even deliberately left me out of your response to a Washington Post reporter the other day.
Check my timeline.
And I'm sure you know I've done lots of stories on Hillary Clinton. That Judicial Watch did a story on my work recently, too.
No need. I believe you. Kinda exhausted.
And I bet you've read every single article I've ever published on you.
We can talk tomorrow. I'll wait.
I don't really care about this kind of stuff. I care about being smeared with crimes for four years because I reported a fake teen monitored you on Twitter.
I was sued for millions of dollars since reporting on you.
Wow. That sucks. Is that what this is about? A deposition in a law suit?
I worked with Jennifer Preston on the story about fake teens monitoring you. She screwed me over. Patterico smeared you as a pedophile.
And falsely accused me of SWattings.
I know you know who I am. So, anyway, this person who claims to be a Trump supporter says you sent it explicit pics.
Ok. Some of this is Greek to me. So you need something to clear you name or something? Sorry to be dense.
Okay well we can talk on phone then. I just don't believe you don't know who I proved it when you responded over me the other day.
A trump supporter doesn't narrow much down nowadays. I responded to you? Ok.
I've been reporying on you for four years.....100 congressmen and a senator complained to Attorney General Holder about SWATgate which was completely related to you.
What is swatgate?
My life has been ruined...but I still bust my ass reporting. I'm a fair reporter
I think you are assuming way too much knowledge by me on stuff.
Okay. Fine.
Ok. Can I help?
Yes. You could have helped me four years ago, for one.
But lets either talk about what's on my twitter account now...or we can talk about everything before it.
Ok. I'm gonna go to sleep. If I can help nowadays, let me know.
This person claims you sent it explicit pictures. I know you traded tweets. I know they were on your google plus account.
You want to play dumb about SWATtings and pretend you don't know who I am then I will just move on this story instead.
Dude you know how to use twitter.
Tammy Weslowski
My man, it's late. I have to take my boy to school in the am. I'm offering to help.
Ooooh. Hah. Ok.
I've interviewed Weiss, Cordova and
Okay, so, again, I'd rather talk about Cordova and the fake teens etc. and the swatting crimes I'm accused of and not report on this Weslowski story...
Just please answer me one question, first. Did New York Times journalist Jennifer Preston contact you about the fake teens story before or even after? She didn't mention it.
We had enough to run a story before you resigned from Congress.
She oddly ran the entire story the day after you quit...and didn't even mention if she ever attempted to contact you. I can give you a link to that story now to refresh your memory.
On fake teens? My memory is she did a story right as it was breaking.
I've been investigating who created those trolls and Dan Wolfe for over four years.
One person did that?
Did Preston do the story debunking the teen in Pennsylvania story?
Or Delaware.
I had you muted btw. Sorry.
sorry laptop issues.
God. This doesn't even ring a bell. A bit of a shitstorm then.
Ok so what is the issue?
Is this story wrong?
no that was jan winter ...but we
Well, it would take hours to talk about everything that happened to me since reporting on that story with Preston. The blogger was smearing you as a pedophile.
Are you involved in a law suit? If I can help, I will.
But I am not up the ass of all that stuff like you might assume.
And an entire shitstorm erupted after you resigned that the media ignored...until 2012 when it changed from Swattings related to you to swattings related to Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber.
Wtf? Connected to me?!
Yes understood. I was sued once in 2012 for
I was sued in 2012 for millions by this crazy blogger who was represented by Dan Backer, the lawyer in McCutcheon...but more importantly im smeared as an attempted murderer
I'll give you a link to that now.
Ok. May I suggest something?
Sure. But I'm killing a big story talk to you..and we can continue tomorrow. Because I know you got a toddler.
Reads a bit nutty. If you need me to give a deposition or something, I will. But none of that story rings a bell.
I don't really care about the Weslowski thing...if someone else wants to pursue that...let them. I do want to talk to you in length about stuff that happened to me and how I was screwed over...and your interactions with Cordova.
I mean related to the trolls
I don't care about sex crap...that's personal stuff... I did think you should resign for lying....but again my life has been severely screwed with since reporting with Preston...who screwed me over.
And I have lots of questions. I'll never stop until I figure out who was behind the teens and Dan Wolfe...I'm fairly certain it was Patterico.
I'm not interesting in relitigating my scandal. Te damage is done. I've never talked about the women involved. Even the ones that weren't truthful. I made this bed. But if I can help make sure the damage to you is mitigated, I will gladly help.
Deputy DA FRey in California
Yeah...I don't care about any of that...all i care about is Cordova. I think sheworked with Patterico.
I don't know any of those people. But don't be glad to talk.
I'd be glad to talk.
Gennette Cordova
Do you work for a paper now?
The one you sent pic, too..
Yes. Her I knew. Duh.
I already told you I am working with multiple media organizations now.
But I'm independent. And it's late we can talk tomorrow if you want.
Yeah. Cool.
Okay, take care. Good night. Just contact me when you have time.
Where do you work from?
Oh. So we must have met. Worked for the nyt during my scandal?
I worked with Preston not for the times can see my profile right?
she promised me pay for story.
she screwed me over...i got falsely accused of crimes...menaced harassed for four year...sued...blacklisted...slandered
I ran RAW STORY for four years.
In 2011 I worked on stories with Mother Jones, MSNBC and NYT.....then after the SWATtings i've been accused of being a criminal by the right...and slandered as crazy by the left. Now I've gotten tons of links for my reporting on your wife, Hillary Clinton and Teneo.
But I still can't earn a penny...and I can't even find a regular job because I am slandered all over the net.
Anyway...we can talk more tomorrow.
I'd rather talk about that than do a story on Weslowski....who is out of her mind.
And I am hoping to pursue legal action against Patterico for slanderring me and menacing me. I think he committed the swattings himself...i think he was behind the fake teens...and dan wolfe
And i think Cordova worked with him.
And Preston really screwed me over. I didn't get a dime...and she slandered me, too..and she lied about how twitter was probing the hacking of the fake teen's account.
And I'm a fair reporter I report on both sides. I'm liberal...I report hard on Clintons but I like them.
it's not right what happened to me.
But, anyway, lets talk tomorrow. Just DM me when you have time. Thanks. I appreciate you talking to me.
And I'm even gonna delete my last two tweets now.
Okay...just wanted to tell you that I'm working with the Daily's an online website you can google if you want. Good night.
I'll try ya today. Prob late morning if that works.
I have to head to a lunch soon.
I read your feed. Wtf, dude?
well there's not any urgency....there was on the initial story...but not on the countless other stuff
I can give ya 20 mins now.
Okay. Cool.
All on background and anything you want for the record, you can ask specifically. Agreed?
Yes...that's pretty much the way I work. But I don't want to ambush you let me just add that I do work with conservative journos too...and if you really don't know who I am I've done tough reporting on Teneo and your wife and Clintons.
Yeah. I read the feed, not the stories. A lot of total crap.
But this is for a daily dot story?
And unlike other journos....I know that everyone lies and I trust my head and research more than sources..a.nd if I'm lied to or someone leaks something i say or screws me over publicly, the confidentiality is off...but ill give you a chance to respond.
But you're talking to a liberal journo who doesn't demonize the right wing media and works with it, sometimes.
I will talk to you under the rules above. Not some rolling reevaluation of the agreement.
Well, since I began probing who created the "fake teen" accounts, and Dan Wolfe, the one who saw the Tweet I've been harassed etc. so that's my main focus. And I want to ask you about Preston first.
When you have would be easier for us to continue if you read this story so you can have background on Patterico, Swatgate, the crimes I"m falsely accused of, and how it relates to you. Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey is "Patterico". This will read like long conspiritorial nonsense, but there are still million dollar lawsuits going back and forth with Brett Kimberlin - on the left - and these crazies on the right led by a De[uty D.A. who oddly isn't fired even though he falsely accuses many of crimes and a judge just recently ruled that Kimberlin had a case that Patterico may be using his office to entrap him.
and this is the judge's recent ruling ....kimberlin is resuing patterioc.....Kimberlin is suing patterico mainly because he was accused in media of being behind the swattings...while i'm the one actually accused of doing them...because of absurd claims I'm in a conspiracy with Kimberlin and the left.
And believe it or not, the AP, Politico, Daily Beast, Slate, Salon, Fox News have all reported on this stuff...and they all ignore me and leave me out of the narrative - although I'm the one who is fingered as the "attempted murderer"...and they link to Patterico's blog and treat him just as an innocent victim. 100 Congressman and a Senator asked AG Holder to probe these SWATtings. They remain unsolved. I'm still smeared as the culprit. The FBI refuses to talk to me about any of this.
An FBI agent in Dallas, Texas met with Patterico and allegedly agreed I'm the SWATter...and that same agent also met with Patterico about Barrett Brown - a journalist who worked with Anonymous and was arrested in September 2012 - and falsely testified that Barrett was involved in these SWAttings. Brown got 5 year sentence for threats against another FBI agent which he made under duress partly due to Patterico and Neal Rauhauser.
thanks, talk to you later
Np. Later.
omg these trolls...this trump supporter who i contacted you about that claims you sexted her. is making absurd threats again.
Law enforcement knows. I'd totally ignore. Btw, I emailed my press secretary from '11 about Preston.
You know what makes no sense? How can Attorney General Holder and FBI be probing swattings all related to you but never contact you about them? And Preston knew about them in 2011 but never reported on them. She also lied and claimed Twitter was probing the "fake teen" and said it was hacked....but it was a lie...twitter doesn't tell journos that..they only work with law enforcement.
She dropped story. She was harassed by Patterico. She asked me to defend our story on Twitter. He stopped harassing her and never did again and just harassed me
She publicly thanked all the breitbart weirdos like patterico but not me....and slandered me instead...lied about nytimes getting calls from creditors about me.
And since i was on the phone with patterico when it happened and im allegedly a suspect it makes no sense that four years later not one cop or fbi agent will talk to me about a witness, too..yet no one contacts me...jeez.
you've already been an enormous help...and helped fill in blanks....and disprove theories...thank you...ill talk to you when you have more time again.
Did they ever formally investigate the swattings? Seems like a public safety imperative, no?
"If you don't take my name off your wall with that mans name ! I will have you arrested ASAP ! I've had enough of you !!" DM from Weslow
um...i have no clue....patterico attacked the fbi...for not really
holder ignored letter from 100 congressmen
Isn't that crazy?!
um, yes
but the whole obama-clinton relationship is, too
The fbi didn't investigate cause a law enforcement guy was involved?
Isn't that crazy?!
The fbi didn't investigate cause a law enforcement guy was involved?
mike stack claims that no fbi agent would talk to him..he was first swatting victim
patterico claims la fbi fucked with him..only texas fbi was helpful...but they couldn't do anything
and both patterico and rauhauser claim FBI special agent allyn lynd is their contact
And Lynd falsely testifed at Barrett Brown hearing denying him bail....that there was evidence on computers claiming he was involvved in the swattings
Wanna hear the best part?
Patterico claims Lynd is a fan of his blog.
The fbi tries to recruit every hacker they arrest...for all i know this is just related to years of FBI probes of Anonymous and Bradley Manning...everything is so bizarre.
Now the State Department is going after Hillary....when they're the ones defying the court....wapo runs does the nyt...only politico is decent
State is just incompetent.
Your take on Huma is utter crap btw.
fair willing to completely hear others side, apologize make corrections..
unlike other journos i have no problems making corrections, apologizing...all i care about is truth.
i sure wish i conatacted you years ago...presumed you wouldn't talk to'venever responded to my tweets..but you get so many....
i didn't realize you had open dm
that wapo journo should have fixed his story and apologized...instead he just called you mean lol
judicial watch did big story on my reporting...if i got stuff williing to fix etc
I had you on mute. Sorry bro.
i do apologize for anything i've tweeted personally about you.....but its been four years of stress and no one has helped me.
It sounds like hell. I feel bad for my part.
Thank you.
It's been worse than hell...but I've never stopped reporting...and I am right aboutmany things ;0
omg this person is def the worst ever...that's her real name by the way.
"So watch it ! I JUST may be the police looking for men trolling on young boys"
I"m not talking to just keeps sending me DMs.....I don't want to block since obviously she might say something more incriminating. And she attacked famous people who have bashed Trump.
She is being watched. Ignore it.
You grow up in bk?
I was born in queens but i grew up in you know where that is in orange county? ive lived in nyc though since 93.
Do you need the tweets she sent about you? I have them saved still.
She deleted them. But, yes, I'm never going to respond. I'm just going to save what she sends. Generally people who use their real name don't act like this. You should see our whole interview.
I know Newburgh. My best friend in college was from washingtonville.
yes...that's very close.
Morning. When you asked me the other day if there was anything exculpatory you could do I couldn't think of anything at the moment. But perhaps you could listen to the bullshit youtube video made claiming I sound like the SWatter, read the cherry-picked audio expert report he slandered me with, and help me with all the liberals or reporters like Dave Weigel (who completely smeared me at Slate) who pretend that I'm crazy....and make a tweet about this crap?
Not one liberal journo publicly defended or quoted me in story. The 3rd swatting of Erick Erickson who went on CNN and lied referring to me was on 1 year anniversary of Weinergate. And Patterico NEVER published his police report, which is fishy.
Where you ever charged with a crime or sued?
I was only interviewed by two media outlets....politico and la weekly....and they both left me out of story...and didn't quote me....not one place quoted me except Dave weigel who completely smeared me, published off the record email from me....and lied. He is PALS with the people who falsely sued me.....Dan Backer's crew....and I wanted Slate to assign someone else to story because of his bias...instead he pretended i didn't want them to report on the story at all.
I was falsely arrested in the 90s. My was abducted and raped in Florida from a bar. The police did nothing, I yelled at them. They pretended I was drunk...i was in cell for hour, bail was a dollar...days later it was expunged
Someone somehow got that report. and posted it at Patterico website (probably him!) even though no cop has ever seen it.
He told me about it on phone jujst before the swatting....acted like he was my hero for deleting it...and never mentioned that it was done to me when he smeared me for next four years....His job refused to probe to see if he illegally used work computer to find it.
It's all over the net. Anonymous biggest twitter account doxed me in 2012. They posted that report too....they tweeted it to million and a half followers and called this operation
they told 1.5 million people to kill me....posted what they thought was my currernt address and Twitter never even suspended them....and refused to when i again asked them last month.
is that account....its the only person Anonymous told to Kill and no one has even reported it.
it would take hours to tell you all the horrible things done to me since i wouldn't stop reporting on created fake teens to smear you as a pedophile. I was BY FAR you biggest defender against that smear.
And yes I was sued twice already over this nonsnse...and IRS is coming after me...even though i cant find work after 4 years because of this
RAW STORY sued me....because i broke NDA to defend myself. I was smeared because of their ties to Brett Kimberlin. They allegedly got 500,000 default judgement against me. I ran site for four years, worked there for six...they refused to dfend me.....and ignored all this... And the crazy people sued me in Virgina over this using Dan Backer, the tea party lawyer in SuperPAC supreme court case.....judge tossed it out of court.
Everyone knows its a lie....that I'm a swatter or crazy....but i'm hated for many reasons. I report on both sides and criticize media. There are probably 100 corrections at other media outlets on 100 journos' stories because i complained to their editors after they ignore my critiicism.
Not one NYC outlet reported on swattings. Azi Paybarah has mocked me when I complained. First three of the four swattings are all related to weinergate...the fourth one is almost definitely fake and was used to just smear kimberlin himself.
its implied i did them all....i get falsely accused by people anytime anyone is infamous on web because of this has ruined my life.
I should have gotten lawyer in 2011 when i had money and sued...FBI has ignored multiple complaints ive made....ive tried to report myself out of this crap for four that i think i know who did it...i desperately need lawyer....i lost my wallet a few weeks ago, too...i cant even look for a non journo job now..and im practically starving.
meanwhile....the walll street journal reports on stories i broke today....and even though i get lots of journos mostly on the right to cover my reporting now and i work with one will pay me a dime.
And I'm fair in my stories. Today's story defends Hillary Clinton related to your wife. You might not like all my opinions...but my reporting is fair.
Had all the jousting with others damaged your ability to work freelance?
patterico's motive to commit swattings himself was to smear you as a pedophile...the only two reporters still working on weinergate when he was swatted were me and lee stranahan....he was posting fake dms by the fake teens' "father" after i helped prove with the NYTimes it was a hoax...he got us both to shut up essentially so that he could post more.
patterico is the one who got credit for deleware girl smear against you.......and the reporter who went to her house used the fake teens fake dad as a was most probably soon as she got there the cops showed up and grabbed computer which probably meant the source called them.
everyone pretends they can't pay me lol.....that they're broke or some shit.....its the way the media ignored when i apply for jobs because they google me...and reporters basically exploit me...Jennifer Preston promised to get me paid....she lied...we were supposed to do future stories....she lied.....look at top of my twitter account thats' her dm to me day after you quit when story ran...promising me mpay
It doesn't say promised brother.
i have other emails...she promised to ask...she never did
she promised to write story about me......she never did
we were supposed to meet for lunch...after she lied and said twitter told her the fake teens account was hacked.....and they were giving her proof....twitter doesn't do that
and she dropped story and never reported on swattings.
she said she was "going dark" to report on this.
she's a loon.
Read this.
See how she never even contacted her before publishing story after lying bout why she contacted her? I'm the one who connected that woman to the fake twitter teens.
And if you read the Preston ny times story....the fake teens had fake drivers license etc.....she never posted proof of that nor did mediaite...they never told police.....and whomever did swattings has to be same person who did that.
she has evidence that could help find swatter
or made it up.
And the nytimes story defends Tommy Christopher at mediaite...who smeared the first swatting victim using those fake teens.. tommy christopher acted crazily any time someone questioned him about it....after i disproved it.....i outed his real name and he threatened to sue me. Mediaite refused to fix articles inferring you contacted high school GIRLS (plural) and they smeared me even though i disproved their hoax......its absurd.
oh and patterico and crazy blogger who sued me claim i work for you. the crazy blogger just said it last month...he is suing maryland and brett kimberlin for millions now....and his lawsuit lies and says that audio report says 90 percent im the swatter...when it actually absolves me... the whole thing is nonsesne...i have tons of proof that i wasn't in conspiracy with rauhauser and kimberlin....Preston recommende rauhauser as a source to me....his daily kos diaries were insane.....then she sent me dm saying he was "dangerous" and wouldn't explain why...then i found out she met with him a few months later.
patterico made me a patsy to create confusion and so no one could really report on this or figure it out. And I'm the only way he could "tie" it to kimberlin.
i didnt even contact kimberlin until october of 2011 and he lied to me constantly claiming he wasn't working with rauhauser.......its bizarre...both sides came after me for crap i didn't do.
Neal RAuhauser is an fbi informant...he tries to entrap hackers or push people to commit crimes...
he was in Project Vigilant with Adrian Lamo when Lamo talked to manning......he was in infragard too
Neal Rauhauser poses as me on IRC...he gave my social security number to a troll who tweeted it....he had tried to get me to use that account and talk to hackers. I've never even made an internet phone call.
everyone on the left knows its a lie that i work with rauhauser.....because ive gone after all the democrats and anonymous hackers who worked with him....he is a genius at recruiting people to do shit....
this all sounds like crazy conspiracy shit...but its all real...its all on the web...anyone can research this..but no legitimate conservative reporter or blogger likes those crazies anymore....they mostly like me now lol....breitbart news links to my stories.
On some level you have to shed these fuckers.
i cant...employers google me....rooommates and landlords...
I try to move on...but im starving now
i was evicted months roommate is being nice...
i get international attention for my reporting...but cant make a dime
and cant find a nonjourno job even though i was store manager before becoming a journalist
Yeah, but your skill is correcting the narrative. Plenty of time to do that.
i'm an swesome researcher...and find things no one else can...and im a born skeptic...and i theorize....those are my top skills....thats partly why its hard to find work, one hires researchers really.
I'm really close to getting my journo career back , though.
i've broken so many stories...i was first to report you were mulling mayor ...and i reporeted you moved campaign headquarters to nyc first..the post plagiarized me...i proved ann coulter was a plagiarist national attention and the ny post hired a plagiarims expert to confirm it and didn't even credit me for finding it in first place lol
1st swatting is to guy who sent stuff to Breitbart about fake teens. 2nd swatting to guy who claims it was done to stop him from reporting on you, 3rd swatting is on anniversary of the infamous tweet....but FBI never even contact you? That is bizarro.
obviously the swatter has some kind of obsession with you ....they never contacted you to see if anyone crazy emailed your or tweeted you..never asked you about fake teens who almost definitely did swattings
In 2012, Patterico essentially changed narrative from Swattings being related to you....just to go after Kimberlin....heres a link to congress asking them to probe...Patterico and the others lie about the first swatting....Mike Stack NEVER blogged about Kimberlin..and he hates Patterico.
patterico also claimed fbi "lost" or was too slow to get phone records to another call related to swattings. there are emails on interent from kimberlin lawsuits that show Patterico trying to get others to entrap Kimberlin. And he claims FBI special agent allyn lynd would arrest me if he was in charge of case....just for a tweet!
patterico menaced me....threatened me...accused me of crimes...broke a california law calling me incessantly...then when i finally spoke to him again on phone after swatting...we were on phone for hour and a half...he didn't ask me one question...i think he was just recording my voice. He pushed me to make a dumb tweet...but i thought he was hacked he was so crazy...and i wanted to see if he would claim a perfectly legal tweet was an actionable threat....instead it backfired and was used to villify me. I said "I would like to punch him in face etc." because he was falsely accusing me of crimes and harassing me.
anyway...ill talk to you more when you get a chance...thanks for listening..
oh this is completely off the record....obviously like everything else for now...but i am very fair...i complained to washington times last night about their "double dipping" headline referring to your wife. Opinions and articles are different. That headline is bogus.
Hi, I know Grassley and conservative media have been wrongfully claiming Huma was paid $335K because of a stupid Fox News copy and paste job. And based on what you told the NYT, she could have only made 10 to 30K at most in 2011. Haberman is claiming she got $105K. Is that true? Why did she get paid so much for one only one month in 2012?
One month?
i thought she only worked January to february 1st for teneo in 2012.
it's still shorter than the time in 2011 if it was 2 months.
She worked for more than 1 month.
I don't know the calendar years tho.
i'm off by a year, sorry....2012 and 2013....ah okay...but she still seems to have gotten more for shorter time in 2013.
I never finished story about Senator Grassley wrongfully overclaiming Abedin salary due to Fox News article because i have laptop issues lol....
i always wondered why you both didn't respond to that.
they can't add lol
We released our taxes. What more can we do? Hah.
It did look a little bad, i thought.
They combined both our incomes for that year I guess.
they just trusted a stupid fox news copy and paste job...Grassley cites it in countless letters to Huma.
They think it was a fox news exclusive lol
Grassley has been intentionally wrong about a lot. Btw, didn't she file her outside income?
yep...that's exactly what they did.
i mean combine your income stupidly.
and make the mistake that it was all from Teneo lol
On the other hand I think nyc reporters reported it all as mine when they wanted to do "fat cat" stories on me. was a complicated story...that's why i never finished it.
Did you ever work for teneo? if not, why not?
obviously this is all off the record still...just filling in blanks.....i wont publish a word about anything without confirming with you first...and its the swattings i care about more
Who me? No. I didn't want to work for anyone. Now you understand why.
ahhh that makes sense.
See what happened with mww. That's after 5 years!
Do you know what happened to CureMD owner?
oh...i thought you just got hired by mww? you did some consulting for them going back to 2011

he had some kind of drowning accident allegedly
im not obviously making conspiratorial point...just curious if you heard
Of course. I'm close to the family. Horrible.
oh so you know about preston...our last argument was why she wasn't reporting on threats to conservatives...the first swatting victim mike stack got a threat for talking to her. He's quoted in article....then he got swatted and told her...she kept it quiet...patterico allegedly got threats for not dropping story...then she mysteriously dropped story...patterico got swatted...i told her in phone message...patterico didn't go public until 2012...she never reported or tweeted about any of that.
and it was over her story....and she allegedly got fake drivers license from tommy christopher at mediaite who wrote 4 page story smearing you as a pedophile and mike stack too...that's what i disproved
Tommy Christopher once was able to ask hillary clinton a question in press conference first by masking his phone number and pretending it was coming from a different journo...same thing used in swattings.
it's fishy stuff...but not necessarily all a conspiracy etc...just the fbi might not care about swattinigs since they all happened to conservatives....and i do think patterico did them with perhaps only 1 or 2 co-conspirators
Yeah. Not my knowledge.
Well, I'm still smeared over this...Mike Stack was victimized...and perhaps Patterico is a victim if he's not the culprit. And Erick Erickson was swatted on 1 year anniversary of your tweet. I was hoping you could hire someone to investigate....or call on fbi....or maybe i can just do story and quote you about how you just learned all this and it's weird how fbi never contacted you.
Any of those things would help me.
Why would I be a person of interest to the fbi in this? What's the weiner connection?
I might get sued again.....those are crazy people still suing each other back and forth.
I told you that Mike STack got threat for talking to nyt about the fake teens...then he kept talking and he got swatted
patterico got swatted for not dropping story....and erick erickson on anniversary.....all three of those swattings are directly related to you and that fake teen who preston and christopher allegedly have fake ids from.
If he was talking about the mets they wouldn't interview the team. I'm a tangent.
or even if you believe the lie that i did it...then they claim i did it working for you
Well that isn't true
I'm pretty sure it's not...unless you're check to me got lost in mail....the crazy person who sued me for millions...
still claims that i covered for you
"Covering for me" is not the same as saying you worked for me.
patterico said that i directly worked for you
i called on you to resign and i knew the tweets were real....crazy person was allegedly 4th swatting victim
but that was just to tie it to kimberlin....patterico probably did all 4
Well then if you don't feel any responsibility for any of this....can i quote your reactions?
That would at least give me a great story.
You'd have to ask me questions I can answer.
But sure.
awesome. well obviously i want the wtf quote first lol.
i don't know what story im going to have...if he ends up screwing me over maybe ill do weslowski anyway Sep 24 Ron Brynaert And an entire shitstorm erupted after you resigned that the media ignored...until 2012 when it changed from Swattings related to you to swattings related to Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber. 40m 41 minutes ago Anthony Weiner Wtf? Connected to me?!
"WTF," Weiner responds to SWATgate, reveals that FBI never contacted him
im thinking of something like that for headline
But I can also write out specific questions and email you...based on our convos and you can take time to think over etc.
since politico reported on this...and i have a contact there...i'm going to pitch this to them instead so you know....
i just want to get paid for a story lol
and this will be big one...and help me get people to look at me as a journo again.
and the main reason the fbi should have contacted you is because im allegedly the see if i had contacts...and the fake teen should be the suspect..and you definitely dealt with it. Whomever did these crimes are obsessed with you...
since they remain's pathetic that they didn't talk to you, me or preston or christopher.
and mike rogers was swatted too....rauhauser is obsessed with him...and he said that he wanted Rogers out of Congress with a giant Anonymous footprint on his back.
oh and frey's wife is a DA too..she handles sex crimes for la two officials were swatted
What is that first thing?
oh sorry which first thing?
oh the reaction was wtf....but actually lol
i have something else
I'm working with
Sep 28 that's why i stopped working with him
that guy never even spoke to an editor...and told me to tell you i can say i was doing story with daily dot
i can send you our entire dm convo...if he took out of context dms
my word is my bond.
and weslowski would have just been about the troll's claims...not reporting you had an affair with her.
she's a crazy liar.
that guy is a scumbag....he had no right to leak anything after i told him i didn't trust him and didn't want to even pitch to daily dot because of it
you can't trust anyone in this business
I just told  i was talking to you...only two journos on planet know
and you contacted law enforcement about her
i told him that, too.
that was after my dm...which is out of context..and that was our arrangement anyway....if you lie to me or fuck me over publicly our dms wouldn't be off the record...we both agreed to that.
i still am not going to publish anything you told me unless you lie to me...or fuck me over publicly...that dm doesn't contradict that
i mean you told me lots of things that i could use for lots of great stories already...
and i wouldn't publish a word unless you lie or fuck me over publicly
the state department line was gold
What do you mean when you keep saying fuck your over?
if you tweeted, Ron is crazy
something like that.
personally attacked me.
that or lying are the only two reasons i ever would break confidence...both happen ALL THE TIME to me.
and i barely ever have reported on dms even when it did happen.
as far as im concerned once you said that law enforcement was watching that crazy person who is claiming i solicited her cousin to go to gay bar and scares the hell out of me
i lost any interest in ever reporting about her....
sure as hell don't believe her.'re speaking to someone who broke the new york observer story about dolev azaria
i never reported you had an affair with her.
my stories were just about how much she got paid to close an office...i reported you lived next door to her...and the column you had dinner with matt damon.
but that sex stuff doesn't interest me in reporting.
i've done like 50 stoires on you many were on sexting?
those guys all slander me on the left...i only have like one contact there..and im liberal.
a big reason im hated is because i will work with both sides and report on both sides.
if you dont trust me now...ill forward you our entire convo
because he obviously did fuck me over and lied
just to sabotage me...i told him i didn't want to work with him because he never contacted an editor at daily dot
i said after i publish a story and its big i will probably tweet that daily dot could have had it.
and since i told you i was working with daily dot...i was mad he never spoke to an editor...
i'll also tell you otr....
and im trusting you with that.....i never had to resign from congress for lying.
i'm a fair reporter and i work with real reporters...if you're just going to ignore me now based on a dude with no journalism background really....its dumb....i got dc examiner to akcnowledge that clintons did good things in ireland.
and i already complained to ...
i'm fair and honest and i report on both sides...ive been slandered by slimy online journos on the left for a decade
this is fucked up, starving...and im not going to publish a word you told me...and everything that happened to me is because i was defending you from pedophile bullshit
my phone number again is going to get the only food i can afford...$2.00 chicken that my cat will eat most of...
why would i screw over a source like falsley accused of swatting mike stack and patterico and they were my sources
which is why it made no sense that i was slandered over that
and im being nice to should be probing this shit...that happend to me...if you didn't sext anyone...none of it would have happpend...i'd be making 65,o000 a year still
instead i make zero, get exploited, plagiarized, meanaced, death threats, falsley accused of crimes and im starving and im stressed.
all because i wouldn't drop story that smeared you as a pedophile
I can't follow this.
But I'm trusting you to be honorable.
how are you acting honorable?
and the person who sent you this dm is claiming he didn't send shit.
how the fuck do you have a dm i sent one person?
and that dm was before any agreement we made, and his response is blacked out
You attached it to the string above. Go look.
haha i didn't notice fuck me
I'm treating you honorably. Answering your Qs. But we have agreed on rules.
ack i had to apologize to him lol
okay thanks, anthony....i thought that he leaked it to you
ill talk to you tomorrow...and i swear to you that only two journos even know i've talked to you
i can't tell you how crushed i felt the last hour..anyway have a great night..
I trust you but I have no way to know if I trust them.
well, i'm only doing story with
and i promise you that i will square anything i publish that you tell me.....
I don't know what that means. I offered to answer your questions. That still stands.
i do stories with others...but they dont know i talk to you and i promise you i wont share anything
i meant i won't publish a word unless you agree to it.
that was our deal
Ok. Let's grab a beer. You ask what you want.
sure...i would love to! when?
i keep meaning to ask you if you're a knicks really only follow rangers in playoffs ...and i was a huge messier fan...but hockey is my least favorite sport....knicks, syracuse orange basketball team, mets, jets, in that order for me heh...most dems hate sports
Mets and isles. Long story.
I can meet during the day most days. Can do an early evening
well any day except this friday works for me..i have no job lol
an early evening probably would be cooler..i'd love to have a beer instead of a glass of water
I can do today. Can't really do this evening. No childcare.
Awesome! What time? Do you have a place in mind?
There's a Hyatt on 4th just south of union square. Quiet bar there.
12/13 I think.
4:30 work?
Yes. Just call me by 3:30 if you need to cancel
Oh, I don't record convos. Would you prefer that? Anything you tell me I'm still going to clear with you first before I publish anything.
Same rules. Off the record. If you want to use something, you may ask.
I'll be reasonable.
Thanks! See you later.
Yesterday was kind of scary. If your intent was to make me feel sympathy for your wife. It worked. My dad who was an alcoholic often acted like that. You lied to me repeatedly, but since you incredulously claim that you didn't, here's a few questions. What law enforcement agency did you allegedly report Wesloski to, what reason did you give, and who can I confirm this with? Smells like bullshit to me.
And to be specific, one lie that you repeatedly kept pushing was that I was mixing up years when I kept trying to ask you about the $30,000 in 2012. And you were so loud that it was publicly humiliating. That's lying, dude. And it's the same Alinsky kind of crap nearly all lying liberals and wackos that worked with Breitbart do.
I made a mistake. I treated you like a reporter who wanted to ask a source questions while respecting a common agreement on what was on the record. In both instances I was wrong and I regret my error.
I am not making the same mistake again. Good luck to you.
Please seek help. That's your mistake. You have some kind of alcoholic, drug or rage problem. I might be reporting Wesloski to real law enforcement agency officials, not the pretend ones you obviously lied about.
And please don't try to get staff there fired....they all felt bad for me...except for your bro tending bar.
My mistakes were not bringing a tape recorder and meeting you on your turf. Thanks for learning me on that. It's scary you were almost mayor. I've only lost 10 percent of my life essentially defending you from bogus pedophile claims...and all you did was harangue, lie, rage, prevent me from writing notes, turn tables on me, and make absurd claims about facts. Please get help. Please don't hurt your wife or child.

One of the things you lied about directly to my face. You claimed you weren't required to report your finances when you ran for mayor.
"New York City's annual disclosure law, Section 12-110 of the City's Administrative Code, requires that approximately 8,500 New York City employees, elected officials, and candidates for office file annual reports of their financial affairs and outside positions and interests, as well as those of their spouses or domestic partner and dependent children."
But you'll lie about lying about that directly to my face, I'm sure.
you're a liar...i'm sick of being harassed by Weslowski & Schwartz...and you were horrible to me. I'm publishing now.

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