Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fawkes Security aims "to combat and disrupt the anonymous community"

10/29 Update: Who's that girl?

"Call her the Mata Hari of cyberspace," Shaun Waterman reported in his July 18, 2010 Washington Times article "Fictitious femme fatale fooled cybersecurity."
"Robin Sage, according to her profiles on Facebook and other social-networking websites, was an attractive, flirtatious 25-year-old woman working as a 'cyber threat analyst' at the U.S. Navy's Network Warfare Command. Within less than a month, she amassed nearly 300 social-network connections among security specialists, military personnel and staff at intelligence agencies and defense contractors.

A handful of pictures on her Facebook page included one of her at a party posing in thigh-high knee socks and a skull-and-crossbones bikini captioned, 'doing what I do best.'

'Sorry to say, I’m not a Green Beret! Just a cute girl stopping by to say hey!' she rhymingly proclaimed on her Twitter page, concluding, 'My life is about info sec [information security] all the way!'

And so it apparently was. She was an avid user of LinkedIn - a social-networking site for professionals sometimes described as “Facebook for grown-ups.” Her connections on it included men working for the nation’s most senior military officer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and for one of the most secret government agencies of all, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which builds, launches and runs U.S. spy satellites. Others included a senior intelligence official in the U.S. Marine Corps, the chief of staff for a U.S. congressman, and several senior executives at defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. Almost all were seasoned security professionals.

But Robin Sage did not exist.

Her profile was a ruse set up by security consultant Thomas Ryan as part of an effort to expose weaknesses in the nation’s defense and intelligence communities - what Mr. Ryan calls 'an independent ‘red team’ exercise'
How come the real Robin Sage doesn't follow Provide Security's Tom Ryan on Twitter or Facebook?

Highlights [or high lowlights] from Old ReaperSec log /w Tom Ryan Lulz Nov 2011, posted on pastebin by former or still-current Project Vigilant "volunteer"/"hypertroll" Neal Rauhauser:
"Nov 21 20:46 wanna see Robin Sage's tits?
Nov 21 21:01 Only drug I have ever done was Ecstacy when going to raves
Nov 21 21:03 X is the shit !! A Few lady Gs , hot russian girls, some Deadmau5 or Armin Van Buuren
Nov 21 21:03 end up in numerous 3somes and 4somes
Nov 30 22:22 chif I feel like I need some drugs of somesort
Nov 30 22:24 we need them at a BlackHat Party
Nov 30 22:27 I hate the crash of MDMA
Nov 30 22:28 sleep 14 hours
Nov 30 22:28 I ended up in several 3somes and 4somes on MDMA
Nov 30 22:30 it's weird cause it takes like an hour to blow your load
Nov 30 22:31 One year at the DEFCON CDC Ninja Strike Force party they had nude hookers going around and these geeks paid them $20 to eat out hookers
Nov 30 22:32 I almost puked

10/28 Update: Has Fawkes Security Facebook administrator Jodie Rushforth been identified or is it just a woman that they took photos from? Or another Fawkes Security hoax?

Someone left a comment to a pastebin dox that contains a name, date of birth etc. but I'm not publishing it or linking to it. And the avatar for the account matches a photo from Rushforth's Facebook page, which has been moved to a new link: jodie.fawk3s.

There are 21 pictures at this woman's Facebook account (including some that weren't at Rushforth's), all uploaded on February 19, 2012, but there is nothing written on the wall, no comments on the photos, and no activity since that date. The pictures that also appear at Rushforth's account didn't go up until June. It smells like another red herring.

[Editor's Note: I deleted a paragraph referring to another woman who shares the same name as the person named in the dox, since she lives in a different country and a larger version of the avatar attached to her photo doesn't appear to match.}

10/28 Update: According to her bios and multiple social network accounts scattered all over the web, LulzMouse aka Emyylii Guest studied psychology and neuro-linguistic programming, but as I reported, she made a death threat a few days ago, and has traded joking tweets with a group that made a bomb threat. The Alex Jones fan who has many explicit videos online is now going on a scorched earth campaign to smear and go after me because I'm reporting on her disturbed past. Emyylii likes to pretend she isn't in Anonymous, and maybe she isn't anymore, but she weirdly brokered a phone call between Jake Davis aka Topiary (who was hit with unauthorized computer access and conspiracy charges on July 27, 2011, is currently under house arrest and banned from the internet, and may be working with UK police) and Barrett Brown days before his arrest.

Even though she has been heavily involved with Anonymous for over four years (her involvement seemed to have something to do with her ardor for NLP which is similar in many ways to Scientology teachings), she claimed that she didn't know who Barrett Brown was until last month, and told him so, as she detailed after his arrest in a bizarre pastebin called "Barrett Brown betrayed by Topiary". When I showed proof that Brown was discussed in an IRC chat she was in earlier this year, Emily still denied knowing who he was, and her answers to other questions about why she turned against her alleged pal Topiary were also contradictory, as I'll show in a future article (along with other tweets she deleted, including one to an account that adds followers to your Twitter account and strange accounts she owned such as one called "Th3Mol35st3r").

"Hey I'm lulzmouse, I predict it'll take less than a week after this hits the net that I'm v&, Anonops isn't safe either, people have reported that even the PMs on the server are available to law enforcement and I advise people to make loads of different IRCs and places to plan and network together, use Tor hidden services to speak to each other and spread information, it's a bitch for the feds to track down, that's the whole reason pedos use it for making sick CP chans."
Emyylii also told Brown, who seemed taken aback, "oh something you might find funny I just remembered a month or 2 ago, I was texting Topiary, and we got onto talking about his leg bracelet so I tell him all the specs for it and the tamper protections it has that I'd found on tor and he had a van parked outside all night, and the firm that does the tracking bracelets text him telling him they're gonna examine it on the same night he was freaking out about it."

"jesus," Brown responded.

Emyylii replied, "I like to keep them on their toes," and later claimed, "being monitored is fun sometimes, can troll the agents of control with long encrypted messages of sports scores or cooking recipes."

If Emyylii really gave specs to Topiary's leg bracelets while he was under house arrest, she probably would have been arrested, since that would be a crime. But she refused to answer questions about that part of her alleged conversation with Barrett Brown.

She sent me a disturbing email this morning, which referred to herself as a "massive troll," and that said, in part, "I'll tell you the truth, Topiary is my master now, and I am his sex slave - I must obey...I AM DEEPLY FUCKING OFFEND THAT YOU THINK I LOOK ANYTHING LIKE LAURELAI. Your blog post read like an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, but yes, now you have a new enemy. Me."

"I am a real person, and I have no affiliation to government agencies or corporations, I'm just a random anon that you have pissed off, Hell I'm not even an anon anymore, I left my mask at the door when I went to court and sat and watched the louuusesec mispronunciation. I am a random computer user who spends her time working on comical games and trolling people you should check THAT out. I will make sure I allow others to share in the lulz you bring."
Since last night, Emyylii - who tweeted that she is scared of being tied to FawkesSecurity who claims to belong to be the new LulzSec but may be an international security firm or feds trying to entrap Anons - has tweeted Adrian Lamo, who works at Project Vigilant, a security firm that menaced Barrett Brown before his arrest and has ties to Bradley Manning's arrest, FawkesSecurity, who made a bomb threat at the end of the last Obama-Romney debate; Patterico, a Deputy District Attorney who has smeared me as a criminal and had strange conversations with Brown that Barrett recently leaked; ZAPEM, who sent me emails using an e-dress from the hacked HBGary Federal rootkit.com database; Jennifer Emick @AsherahResearch, who Barrett Brown accused of working for HBGary Federal and claims to be an FBI informant and an account called @QualitySec which belongs to her friends from the 4chanesque d2k5 boards.

An IRC chat by @QualitySec set up by "erika!nazidomin@tr.ix" announced, "Topic is 'welcome to our reich, r to the gas chamber, take the second left, to the showers, take the second left also. your new friends in trenchcoats will escort you to your designated area of work.'" The names in the chat - which appeared to be a test of bots - all included a variation of "gorenigger" and the avatar for the twitter account is dressed up like a Nazi. QualitySec joined Twitter on February 12, 2012, which was 74 years - to the day - after Hitler took over Austria.

At a new Facebook account that LulzMouse opened today - in response to my reporting - she posted a picture of a Nazi looking at a computer as her avatar. My family and I have been harassed by anti-Semitic trolls sporting Nazi imagery, which Adrian Lamo and others refuse to condemn, but instead link to and joke with; it's unreal that so many people would find anti-Semitism directed at a Jewish reporter to be a laughing matter. Anyone exchanging tweets with LulzMouse should ask themselves why they would trade jokes with a person that believes Nazis are funny or cool.

Before today, @Quality Sec only had one tweet left on its account, but has become active again. On February 12, the same day they joined twitter, Emyylii and her friends tweeted about Facepunch.com being hacked and linked to a list of passwords.

A few weeks ago, LulzMouse traded tweets with @NewLulzSec, but deleted them. One of the tweets implied that she had spoken to someone affiliated with them privately.

Just before she temporarily left Twitter, LulzMouse liked a video by @FawkesSecurity which announced, "[t]he Arab Spring turns to The American Fall," and tweeted the link, too.

This morning, Emyylii Guest @LulzMouse and Jennifer Emick @AsherahResearch traded weird tweets about this article, and a self-confessed troll actually was the voice of reason. Oddly enough, Jaime Cochran outed herself as @Asshurtmacfags a month after smearing me when I revealed her name was "Richard Cochran" which she denied, at the time.

"Anyone thus compared would be outraged," Emick said about my article which asks if Emyylii belongs to the new LulzSec, works for a security firm or is a federal agent of some sort. "WTF, really."

Emyylii's tweets included, "@asherahresearch I know I was so fucking hurt. I was actually upset at that.... since my fucking porn videos are on xtube" and "that's what makes me feel like I'm getting set up."

In response, @asshurtmacfags tweeted "@LulzMouse @asherahresearch HOW DO YOU GET SET UP ON TWITTER?! FUCK JUST UNPLUG JESUS SHIT TIT."

I've been helping Barrett Brown behind the scenes since the day he was arrested, and I'll talk more about it, probably after his trial concludes. While others close to Brown have taken my advice and done things to help him, his girlfriend ElviraXMontana has done the complete opposite, and - in some ways - made things worse. She tweeted that I was helping Brown a few weeks ago, but she is now attacking me, just like she has smeared other activists working to free Bradley Manning, Barrett Brown and others, who have criticized her for spending so much time talking to informant/security firm adversary characterization expert Adrian Lamo. But Elvira apparently believes helping Emyylii smear me is more important than freeing Barrett Brown.

10/28 Update: LulzMouse returns to Twitter after scrubbing every significant tweet from her timeline, and Barrett Brown's girlfriend ElviraXMontana takes time off from flirting with Adrian Lamo and Tom Ryan, to tweet, "ron b please never come back to twitter thank you sincerely everyone."

I've refrained from mentioning ElviraXMontana on Twitter and this blog, because I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. But since she has done little-to-nothing to help Brown since his arrest, except attack friends of Barrett who criticize her nonsensical tweets to Lamo (LulzMouse has joined her in some of those attacks, as well), I'm about to drop some tidbits from Direct Messages we've exchanged. But only what I said to her.

I was kind of wary of Elvira since she oddly shut off Barrett's laptop during the raid, and then when she made weird video that joked about him having pot plants, but what really concerned me was her tumblr account of the raid and how Neal Rauhauser somehow got Part 4 of the Patterico/Barrett Brown chats (at his blog, Rauhauser claimed the log was in his "possession four or five weeks", but on September 21 he had complained that he "wanted him to post the final installment of the set of four logs, which he did not have time to do", which implied that he didn't have it, yet). I was also bothered by the fact that she was attacking friends of Brown who criticized her for talking to Lamo, her RT of "A Message to the US Government" by LulzMouse which said that "we shall fight on the streets", and that she - for some strange reason - tweeted screenshots of texts sent by Topiary.

Elvira's posting of the raid account was an incredibly stupid thing to do, since the prosecutor can use her words against Brown without even having to call her to the stand. It was strange that she didn't appear to be giving any interviews to the press, but told her story on her own like that. The most damaging part of her account was when she wrote that she heard what "sounded like two people wrestling or struggling in the hallway," and that Barrett "seemed to be struggling" after one of the agents apprehended him. Brown's best defense against the alleged threats he's accused of making is that he wasn't armed and didn't resist arrest, but Elvira's own words could hurt him.

I didn't understand why Elvira spoke to one of the agents for "approx 30 minutes", without asking for a lawyer or remaining quiet, either. Everything she said to the agent can be used in court against Brown, so telling her that he had "fixated on agent s, and that i wished he would not do that," certainly isn't helpful.

But I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, and I had been helping Barrett behind the scenes - believe it or not - since the day of his raid. More on that later. It also struck me odd that she was going through his emails, since it didn't seem to be a wise thing to do.

"thanks for unblocking and follow...sorry i mocked your video..but the reference to pot plants unnerved me even though i know it was a joke," I said to Elvira by DM, after someone else close to Barrett put us in contact, earlier this month, " also..when you said you saw barrett struggling...you gotta realize that the prosecutor can use your tweets or blogs against you without even calling you to testify."

I added, "i believe barrett was menaced, given misinfo and pushed to do shit by a security firm.... i was misled into thinking he worked with neal [rauhauser]...i'd rather just ask you questions now then have you look through barrett's emails"

I continued, "my number one question is what journos have even contacted you...since there is a media blackout .....the times and post haven't done one story yet....and those are the two biggest papers there are... it doesn't seem like the ap contacted you but spoke to trolls instead. getting the press to cover barrett is extremely important...and most of his friends seem to have ignored this story."

"lamo lies and uses social engineering and probably played some kind of role in pushing disinfo to bb and scaring him," I said. "remember that no matter what barrett did or said, he is guilty until proven innocent...so you really should try not to say stuff like he did this to himself....lol...im tired..i mean innoncent until proven guilty obviously..."

I told Elvira, that in my opinion, "entrapment is a reasonable defense...and his lawyer really needs to see all these bizarre anonymous accounts fucking with him." I added, "since he didn't resist the raid there's no intent....so i don't think a jury will convict on those counts if his lawyer argues that barret was on and off drugs, menaced, given disinfo and has history of satire such as writing jokes and hyping things...and if his mom can testify that she was threatened or harassed by the fbi it will help too."

I advised Elvira, "personally, i think you should be publicly tweeting liberal bloggers and journalists who haven't reported on this story...just beg them and guilt trip them... folks like glenn greenwald and justin elliott.... and any reporters barrett liked...but be nice to them.....and i think you will be able to get them to do stories....which will help barrett. he needs good PR."

But, apparently, Elvira prefers spending her time having long conversations with Lamo, which have disturbed many Barrett Brown supporters, and appear to be an attempt to help him win back some cred from Anons, even though he still "volunteers" for Project Vigilant.

As I reported on Twitter, Project Vigilant Assistant Director Jeff Bardin sent many tweets mocking Barrett Brown about being paranoid, but claimed that he was "watching" him before deleting the tweets.

Elvira is apparently smearing me because I wrote about LulzMouse who is now laughing it up with Jennifer Emick. Again, somehow my asking questions is stranger than the stupid tweets and feuds they all seem to have with each other. LulzMouse is - apparently - so "afraid" of being raided for my reporting on how she applauded Fawkes Security for trolling other Anonymous accounts that she changed her name to "FawkesLulzMouse." How long before Elvira starts including Emick in her Lamo round robin chats? Something tells me that Barrett Brown might not be too forgiving of that.

This might be my last update for a few days. But there is much more to come...

10/27 Update: "Are you 12? Does your mom know your using the internet?" is an insufficient response to my questions, Laurelai Bailey. I apologize for distracting you from tweeting as @stuxnetsource.

My response: "So instead of answering one question, you're going to act stupid. You could have at least put some thought into your crack. That one's older than the Internet. Are you an informant, Laurelai? Do you work with Jennifer Emick? Why does at least one of Emily's pictures look exactly like you? You seem too stupid to be a fed. At least your pal or your doppelganger answered some questions..."

Let's add someone new to the mix.

And an interesting link: "AnonyMiss, the yin to the Anonymous yang."

Asking questions somehow makes me a conspiracy theorist, according to very serious-minded people like ru3d [w34p0n1z3d] ‏@ru3d_, Tom Ryan and Adrian Lamo.

Some observations: Laurelai and Neal Rauhauser are both from Iowa. Emily Guest and Emma A. are allegedly in England. LulzMouse uses socks to talk to herself like Neal. It sure is strange Laurelai wasn't charged with any crimes after she was allegedly raided by the FBI, and that she discussed LulzSec with Project Vigilant Intelligence Directorate James Smith who monitors #AntiSec in IRC chat rooms, as I recently reported.

And for added measure, it's kind of funny that "grown-ups" like convicted bomber turned voting activist Brett Kimberlin uses the name "Storm" in his fantasy rock band Op-Critical and Laurelai used "Storm", too (see Emily Guest's GooglePlus circle). I don't believe either one knows how to control the weather. But I could be wrong.

My key question to Bailey was, "Why do some pictures of LulzMouse - aka Emily Guest aka Th3Mol35t3r aka Emyylii aka Emmy Manson aka other names, the Hypnotist, NLP master Practicioner who is a big fan of Alex Jones and Ron Paul and who has been involved with Anonymous since Scientology (and I can barely tell the difference between NLP and Scientology), uses socks to talk to herself, and who probably had something to do with exploiting my Twitter account just before an election - look like you?" I have more questions, so that very serious people named GonzoPhD, Dr. Krypt3ia and DirkDigglerD0g ‏@p0rnoPuppy can make more tin foil jokes.

Who is Kayla?

Why is Emma_ A shyer than Patterico? At least Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey showed his whole face in a picture posted at The Brad Blog. Now he ducks on camera requests from CBS and wouldn't turn on his camera when he joined a Romney, Ryan Buzz Rally chat online. Frey's absurd excuse is that his job demands it, but I assume he can be identified by gang members when he prosecutes them in a court room. What's Barrett Brown's ex-girlfriend's excuse for hiding her face?

If Laurelai Bailey, Emyylii Guest, Emma A and Neal Rauhauser were all in the same room together, how many chairs would they need?

Why did Emyylii talk with Jennifer Emick about the Jester?

Why did Laurelai help spread bullshit cover story that @FakeGreggHoush wasn't Jennifer Emick but a man named Donald Wasylyna?

Is everyone from LulzSec a fed or a security firm bozo, or do they just all act like that?

Is Fawkes Security a security firm, the feds or a resurrected LulzSec?

Laurelai's second response: "Your questions are based on incorrect assumptions and thus do not merit answers. Ive done some googling about you and I am not going to answer any of your questions."

Bailey included a link to a video that a Deputy District Attorney has been using to try to frame me - on the Internet - as a criminal: link. The caller sounds nothing like me, and Frey's told a pack of lies about what happened that night (My version vs. Patterico's). Read Qritiq's blog post which shows how Frey cherry picked his "audio expert's" report. That same expert helped Jesse Ventura morph his voice into a 9/11 victim to prove a 9/11 "Conspiracy Theory", but apparently only did it for the money, and isn't a truther.

Laurelai added, "I have some questions for you instead, do you have any plans on attempting to swat me? Or emily? Why were you fired from raw story?"

Strange how a person who only just did some "googling" on me would ask about Raw Story. It's kind of like how Adrian Lamo obsesses over that, instead of answering my questions. I've publicly told the story about what happened many times on my Twitter timeline. Google it, Laurelai.

"Have you considered getting therapy?" Laurelai concludes.

Come to think of it, expecting the truth from weird hackers and liars like Adrian Lamo, Neal Rauhauser, Jennifer Emick is fucking insane. Maybe "Dr." Kenneth Lipp does house calls.

And people wonder why serious journalists don't cover Bradley Manning, Barrett Brown, and Anonymous anymore.

Only the very serious-minded Adrian Chen handles the wackadoo beat.

If asking questions to unravel absurd conspiracies gets me smeared as a crazy conspiracy theorist who is falsely accused of crimes, so be it. I'm not going anywhere.

10/27 Update: Look Alikes?

Jennifer Emick @AsherahResearch, who infamously lied about being @FakeGreggHouse tweeted, "how the fuck can he think any of those pics are the same person?!" The top and bottom photos are attached to social network accounts belonging to the same person (who put explicit videos on the web that hide her face, so the first picture could be an old photograph taken years ago, which means she is lying about her present age), while the middle one is her friend or frenemy. Since Emick wears glasses, perhaps she has better eyesight, but the bottom two photos look alike to me.

If I'm wrong, then I apologize for the error, but I'm just trying to get to the truth by asking questions, and instead I'm smeared by liars who get off on trolling.

10/27 Update: After vowing to quit Twitter since Barrett Brown was arrested, @LulzMouse, who contacted the former Anonymous spokesman - allegedly - on behalf of Topiary - but then smeared the latter as an informant - suspended her account early in the morning (which would only last a day, see update up top). The eve before I was suspended by Twitter, I interviewed her - after she threatened to kill FawkesSecurity - and I'm going to be publishing a story in a few days or so related to that. The picture to the left was taken on the day LulzMouse allegedly first met Topiary, when she gave him a book written by conspiracy theorist David Ickes, who writes about "Illuminati lizards" secretly controlling the world.

It's not what you might expect.

Consider the following screenshots a teaser:

PS: If something happens to this blog, Emyylii, I'll start a new one. I don't know if you work for a security firm, an agency or a resurrected LulzSec. Yet. But you're not half as clever as you think. Feel free to email me before I publish, Emyylii, so I can shovel some more snow.

10/25 Update: Twitter sent me an automated message which, partially stated, "If your account was suspended for aggressive following behavior, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. You'll need to confirm that you've removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior." Twitter's rules add, that you can be suspended "[i]f you have followed and unfollowed people in a short time period, particularly by automated means (aggressive follower churn)."

Of course, I've never used any "following automation" and I believe a similar tactic was used against two of Neal Rauhauser's "enemies": @FarRightOfLeft and @JamesOkeefeiii. On August 31, O'Keefe tweeted, "Clever tactic of whoever considers me an enemy to add 35K fake followers to my twitter over the last 48 hours."

I'm assuming this was done by Neal Rauhauser or by @Zapem and her friends who want me to blame him. Hopefully, Twitter will reinstate me soon, where I can continue to remind convicted felon Adrian Lamo @6 - who absurdly tweeted that I haven't "committed any major crimes" - that he was the one who committed crimes and was institutionalized by the police, not me.

Fawkes Security - who claimed, as ZDNet reported on March 26, that they were resurrecting LulzSec for April Fool's Day, which seemed unlikely since Sabu became an "FBI mole" and helped entrap other members - tweeted in response to this latest update, "#Lulz Did we hack @ronbryn and @ronbryn2 with a Twitter exploit script... Who knows? :P @AnonyOps @th3j35t3r @YourAnonNews."

Since my second twitter account was suspended within 15 minutes, and a few tweets mentioned @FawkesSecurity, it seems likely that they probably did play a role in both suspensions. But the Fawkes crew also claimed they managed to log 20,000 debit card details after taking credit for the HSBC site take down, that the Amanda Todd bullying story was a hoax before playing a role in naming the wrong culprit, and that they created a "Legion Exploit Kit" back in December 30, 2011, so they seem to mostly get off on playing hoaxes to make Anonymous look bad.

10/25 Update: My twitter account @ronbryn was suspended early this morning probably because of my reporting on @FawkesSecurity and a 2nd account @ronbryn2 was suspended within 15 minutes after I complained to Twitter and mentioned Fawkes again; My last tweet was to former HB Gary Federal CEO Aaron Barr @AaronBarr, asking him what US military group he bragged about "burrow[ing] into" (See 2/5/11 Financial Times article) and did his friend Tom Ryan @TomRyanBlog - who used social engineering to allegedly trick NSA and DoD employees in the Robin Sage hoax - help him; I recently reported that a troll named @ZAPEM sent me emails from an e-dress that was included in the hacked HB Gary rootkit database mi-chelle@comcast.net

Fawkes Security seems similar to Ryan's "Robin Sage" hoax and he stopped tweeting a few days ago but he recently favorited two tweets which link Fawkes to Anonymous (who have pretty much unanimously condemned Fawkes for making a bomb threat); The Jester @th3j35t3r, who as I reported below may have been hacked by Fawkes Security working with Jennifer Emick (who also has been suspected of working with HB Gary Federal's Team Themis) in July, exchanged DMs with Fawkes Security in which they joke that they may be law enforcement or a pro Muslim hacking group; I've also been reporting on convicted criminal hacker Adrian Lamo @6 - who has exchanged many tweets and DMs with @ZAPEM since September, and anti-Semitic trolls who have menaced my family - and he is exulting about my suspension.

A troll called @AnonymousDown was the first to tweet - at around 9 AM EST - about my suspension, but then he/she deleted the tweet. He/she has gone after both The Jester and Barrett Brown, and appears to play both sides of Anonymous. His/her conspiracy blog contains many posts accusing Anons of being informants, and self-identifies him/her as a "[b]ehind the scenes e-hacktivist; Professional data miner; Engaged in cyber defenses of critical infrastructure & key resources. irc.reapersecurity.net #graveyard."

And before I posted this update specifically referring to AnonymousDown, he/she linked to my blog and tweeted, "heh cc: @tomryanblog @th3j35t3r @fawkesSecurity @AaronBarr @Zapem @AsherahResearch."

Emick and Fawkes Security responded quickly, as well. Emick, who changed her name not long ago to "Team Themis" perhaps as an ironic joke, tweeted, "@AnonymousDown It's like our own custom-written sitcom." And Fawkes Security - who made a few seemingly-sarcastic tweets after the bomb threat which may have also been ironic about working with Emick - tweeted, "@AnonymousDown @TomRyanBlog @th3j35t3r @aaronbarr @ZAPEM @asherahresearch Lulz, That is all."

On Twitter @AnonymousDown only follows 39 accounts, including Tom Ryan, Ryan's security firm Provide Security, Adrian Lamo, Jennifer Emick @AsherahResearch, Emick's troll pal Sanguinarious, ReaperSecIRC, RevMagdalen (who I also mention in this article), Aaron Barr, ReaperSecIRC and many others related to Reaper Sec - who recently claimed Emick isn't a member. Emick claims that she filed a personal protection order against Ryan, but she makes lots of claims that she never backs up, and she may just be pretending to feud with Ryan, who has befriended many members of Anonymous and Operation Wall Street who dislike her. The "Team Themis" plan was to have Twitter accounts promote and attack each other to create convolution and to use the controversy to spread their attacks against Anonymous and liberal bloggers.

I'm liberal but I have always reported on both sides, and am not a member of Anonymous, and don't approve of hacking online or using trolls to menace. But many people on the left and right have been smearing me, and falsely accusing me of working with Lamo's former colleague, Neal Rauhauser, at Project Vigilant who hoaxed Barrett Brown and Anonymous, and uses sock trolls on Twitter to do similar things that "Team Themis" planned to do. Many of the people attacking me on the left work with or defend Rauhauser. Those same alleged liberals have ignored my reporting on Barrett Brown, Fawkes Security and Bradley Manning, even though I'm supported by people who knew both Brown and Manning in real life and respect my reporting. "Team Themis" was allegedly disbanded, but Barrett Brown and others believe that they are still around, and/or perhaps work for someone else now.

DEVELOPING... Fawkes Security is aligned with QT Security who were formed "to combat and disrupt the anonymous community". QT Security released a video in July threatening to release "names and addresses of 300 active anonymous members" and "data recently breached from the wikileaks website." However, since their targets include Anonymous, WikiLeaks and The Jester - who have all been targeted by Jennifer Emick and who claims that she knows who the administrator for the Fawkes Security Facebook page is - this might be another of her hoaxes.

This is a work in progress which I thought was important to publish as soon as possible. Check my Twitter timeline @ronbryn to see some other things I'll be incorporating into this article, with much more to come.

Just as the third Obama, Romney presidential debate was ending on October 22nd, an alleged Anonymous group called Fawkes Security released a video and pastebin ominously warning "200 kilograms of composite Nitroglycerin and commercial explosives have effectively been concealed in a government building, situated in the united states of America," and that "on the 5th of November 2012 the device will detonate remotely via the transmission control protocol, leaving behind severe consiquences."

Transcript from YouTube page - with misspellings left intact - follows.
Dear citizens of the world,
We are anonymous. As of today 200 kilograms of composite Nitroglycerin and commercial explosives have effectively been concealed in a government building, situated in the united states of America. on the 5th of November 2012 the device will detonate remotely via the transmission control protocol, leaving behind severe consiquences. We would like to advise that the contraption is built inside a tamper proof apparatus sensitive to physical intrusions or attempted disarmament, thus resulting in the desired effect, if the military grade device is found before the 5th of November. there is no intention, risks or circumstances what so ever to cause harm to innocent people, but we can not, say the same for the people who are the real terrorists, oppressors and war creators.

we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forget
we do not forgive
on the 5th of November, you will expect us.
The pastebin called the alleged operation #OpV.

Almost immediately, more established Anonymous accounts on Twitter began to disavow itself from the bomb threat and the group itself. Fawkes Security had only joined Twitter on December 17, 2011 and the Facebook account is locked to members.

A pastebin response stated,
"This message is to the media:

Earlier tonight, the Twitter account @FawkesSecurity posted a link to a pastebin and a YouTube video that stated the following:

"As of today 200 kilograms of composite Nitroglycerin and commercial explosives have effectively been concealed in a government building"

Let us be perfectly clear: Anonymous is not a terrorist organization. Anonymous does not use bombs. Anonymous does not condone violence in any way. Anonymous supports justice and universal equal rights. We support peaceful protest.

At this time, we are not sure whether or not @FawkesSecurity is trying to troll, or if he's trying to discredit the name of Anonymous in the eyes of the world. Maybe @FawkesSecurity's twitter and YouTube account was hacked. Perhaps this is the FBI's way of trying to label Anonymous as terrorists so they can begin using the NDAA against us.

Either way, fuck whoever posted that threat.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect us
Also, on December 17, 2011, Jodie Rushforth, who is listed as the administrator of Fawkes Security, joined Facebook, and three days later began posting sexy photographs - allegedly of herself and a girlfriend.

The Facebook profile contains few details other than claiming Rushforth allegedly lives in New York, New York and that her hometown is San Diego, California.

On July 8th, 2012 Fawkes Security administrator Jodie Rushforth shared a link of a video called "Message to Anonymous from QT Security" with The Security-Ray Facebook account [which joined Facebook on December 6, 2011].

The video was a message which stated that "an estimated 6 months ago, a hacker group was constructed amongst an array of like minded individuals, with the sole purpose to combat and disrupt the anonymous community for our own exsclusive entertainment."

Transcript from YouTube page - with misspellings left intact - follows.
"Friends around the globe, We are QT security. this video is a direct warning to the anonymous collective, regarding the fun we have planned for you and your future downfall. an estimated 6 months ago, a hacker group was constructed amongst an array of like minded individuals, with the sole purpose to combat and disrupt the anonymous community for our own exsclusive entertainment. before you assume that this is a fabricated notion, we would sincererly advise you to look past the words, the music, the name, and take us seriously. unlike other hacker groups that have targeted anonymous in the past, QT Security currently has genuine and accountable information leading to the names and addresses of 300 active anonymous members, including the real details of the your anon news twitter admin and the anon message who commonly broadcasts on youtube. we also have data recently breached from the wikileaks website that consists of listed financial transactions and emails between government organisations. q t security is presently operating on numerous social engineering attacks towards anonymous affiliated sites, which will inevitably lead to some defacements in the near future. we would like to take this time to inform other internet users and the media that during our online expedition against anonymous, q t security will display significant examples of corporate, financial and government breaches to show the world what we are capable of, in a bid to embarrass the idea that is anonymous. anonymous at one point had meaning and a direction, but now it's concept is purely persued by misguided people, who believe that hacking is actually a positive response to the causes that you agree are worth facing, at least we have the dignity to admit that by hacking in the name of freedom, will only cause more censorship for the citizens you say you support. on the other hand, QT security is going to systematically impair the anonymous collective in it's current online form, just because we can and we know how. to those who choose to ignore our statement and disregard the facts, then, you will expect us."
Also, on July 8, 2012, a video called "Anonymous - Message to QT Security" was released by AnonymousAmerica1776, who joined YouTube on May 1, and hasn't posted any videos since July. "Please realize the size of the pile of shit you have stepped in," is posted with its response video.

QT Security joined Twitter @QTSecurity on July 8, 2012, and issued tweets threatening Anonymous, WikiLeaks and 4chan. It also said "hai" to The Jester - who once hit WikiLeaks with a XerXeS DoS Attack - a day before his/her Twitter account @th3j35t3r was compromised.

"@wikileaks You think your website is secure, Think again #OntheQT," @QTSecurity tweeted on July 8, along with "Rumors are brewing about a DoS on 4chan, Should we or not?", and "@th3j35t3r Oh hai ;)."

On July 9, Fawkes Security tweeted "Thejester got PWND! by @FawkesSecurity it's been a long time waiting #Anonymous," and "Thejester HACKED! http://pastebin.com/h35HpfzZ" and "@th3j35t3r Umad? Lulz." Just prior to those tweets, Fawkes Security apparently released a "D0X of @crystalmcraven aka @th3j35t3r's e-girlfriend https://pastee.org/np8ec #stayfrosty #whoswidme."

Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey aka Patterico posted an article called "The Jester Hacked?" on July 9, which is kind of strange, since he normally doesn't post Anonymous articles. "'The Jester' is a fairly famous opponent of Anonymous; a 'Hacktivist for Good,'" Patterico blogged, "Looks like someone has gotten a hold of his Twitter password."

Fake @th3j35t3r included "To all my followers, I am sorry. I really am a fraud.: Please forgive me, I did it for the lulz bit.ly/NdPzlI #anonymous #wise," and "Anonymous: I am sorry for running my mouth all this time. Please spare me. @YourAnonNews @AnonymousIRC bit.ly/OonIxj #anonymous #wise," and "It’s been fun.: I am in for a LOAD of drama. Next my personal details are unleashed. #wise bit.ly/NBmJdQ #anonymous #wise."

On July 10, the Jester explained at his blog, "that a rather nice ‘sideways hack’ was deployed against my twitter. Aside from that no breaches or relevant information, 'personal' or otherwise has come out of this episode and my position remains uncompromised."

Two days later, in an update, the Jester appeared to blame Jennifer Emick aka @AsherahResearch.
"As we all know, this whole thing has been the work of the usual suspects, namely @asherahresearch (aka J.Emick), ReaperSec led by @cryptkper a newcomer and a few others. Those are the same core of folks who have spent the majority of their time over the last few months/years accusing all manner of people of being me, if you look you can see this for yourselves, while basing it on the most sporadic of circumstantial evidence"
The Jester added, "for those worried about @crystalmcraven, saying I left her to burn etc. Firstly yes the whole conversation was disinfo, secondly I didn’t hack my own abandoned email account and I didn’t dox her or persecute her. Thirdly you really think any of the shit in that email box is real?? Clue is in the name – ‘Crystal Meth Cravin’??? – (she’s gonna be just fine) – keep up trolls. Everything for a reason eh? And thats been sitting there over 2 years."
"So @asherahresearch and ReaperSec hacked a long abandoned decoy email account and a lot of folks put 2+2 together and got 9, causing everyone who wants a piece of me to target the one of the 120 people named CrystalMCraven in the United States who follows me on twitter.

I hope you can all leave the real woman alone now. But I see she is handling herself nicely.

To the real CrystalMCraven on Twitter: I apologize for not contacting you. I hope you understand, I did not think your twitter account was tied to a real person. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not know who originated impersonating you. I regret you were dragged into these attacks on me.
Earlier today, at its blog, Reaper Security wrote a post called "FawkesSecurity – Your Days Are Numbered" about the bomb threat, noting that "there are several things that stuck out about the pastebin that lead me to believe this is a hoax or some other sort of sick prank."
"Just an FYI, in the US we don’t commonly use the Metric system. Without getting all technical, you got somewhere around 441 pounds of nitroglycerin, which by its self is unstable, and commercial explosives into the US through customs? You have this ‘device’ that would have to be about the size of a refrigerator or drink machine, connected to the Internet? You couldn’t use something like a cellphone cause the battery would die maintaining a data connection that long, so you would have to have it plugged into a LAN or WiFi, inside a government building… wait a minute. Haven’t I seen this movie before? This sounds vaguely like the movies Sum of All Fears, and Die Hard with a Vengeance. Oh and by the way, you spelled consequences wrong.


Hoax or not, you’ve made a threat, a bomb threat against the United States Government. Not something they generally find funny. But you need not worry about us, here at ReaperSec, or those behind the Jester mask. Nope, neither will have anything to do with you being arrested. Like the recent demise of Barrett Brown, this you have done all by yourself. The FBI and/or Interpol will be picking you up soon enough, for a nice extended stay at one of their many luxurious facilities.
Emick tweeted today, "@raincoaster Heh- but tbh, that is no fed. That group's been around, and is kinda nuts. The girl's a massive attention whore, too." Later Emick - who has targeted Anonymous and The Jester - retweeted @RevMagdalen tweet warning, "#Anonymous all you can know for sure is that for 2 years straight you've been inciting every kook on the planet to revolution."

The Twitter profile for @QTSecurity states, "QTS Hacker group ---LulzSec on Steroids---- Email qtsecurity@hushmail.com" and its YouTube profile claims it hails from Germany. QT Security only released the one video, and hasn't tweeted since July 9, 2012.

Another Facebook group called Anonymous Occupy The White House [who joined Facebook on November 5, 2011] posted the "Message to Anonymous from QT Security" video on July 9, adding, "Lulz ;p have you seen this shit?? Anons watch out QTSecurity is coming..."

On October 1, 2012, the Anonymous Occupy The White House Facebook page shared a link to Fawkes Security Twitter account via administrator Jodie Rushforth, but her name was later scrubbed from their page, as this cache link originally shows.

The link was liked by Cody Fawkes and his Facebook page at "Purified.in.the.storm." claims that he lives in Alma, Michigan, attends Central Michigan University and that he is the "Head Public Relations Coordinator" for Anonymous and that he "coordinates, info, protest info, news and meetings to better inform the public of What is events are taking place in Government, and other country's, states and cities. ect." and that he has been a "Wicked Ninja Juggalo" since 2005.

Cody Fawkes might not have any connection to Fawkes Security, but he left a message on August 2, 2012 to Anonymous and BackTrace Security - a firm which Jennifer Emick used to belong to and that she used to out Anonymous members including FBI informant Sabu - at his Facebook page.


I am not in a position of power, i am not a leader in Anonymous or hacker, but i am Anonymous i do not hide myself per say but i do try to keep out of the site of the corrupt leaders that control our world. i have millions of idea's on how to make things better and one day i hope to be able to put these idea's tp the test. I have a dream of a better world where i do not look around and see people constantly miserable, crying, heart broken, worn out because of the struggles they face trying to stay alive in this failing economy. I believe our Government is to blame for the state in which our country is in. along with the major companies, and more to blame; the banks...


But now Sadly as i finally start to fall asleep and trust me its not easy for me to sleep anymore i scrolled through facebook to see whats new and i see that there is a war going on between people who all called themselves Anonymous, it makes me terribly sad to see this, i call my self Anonymous, and i coordinate efforts in my area to make it to occupy movements especially for November 5th but im also a member of the Zeitgeist Movement, i believe in a bigger and brighter future, but if we are at war with ourselves how can we make change, how can people take us seriously, How can the people trust us, if we continue fighting amongst ourselves how long will it take till we start to be seen as terrorists instead of hacktavists, or freedom fighters, or the small glimmer of hope that the world needs. this needs to stop i may be small in what i can do. i do not hack i refused to learn that from all the skills ive learned about computers i will not hack but instead i choose to speak my words are many yes, but my hope is my words speak loud, i hope that someone is reading this right now, because at this moment my eyes are poofed up burning my back aches my head is pounding and my ears are ringing but im am here writing this hoping that it is making it to someone higher up, someone who can stop all this stupidity, i hope that this spreads like a wild fire to every corner of the web, ....

Anonymous, Back trace Security it is time for this war to end and the real war to truely start you've lost your focus, get your heads right. for the sake of the people who need us most i ask you to stand strong unite once more, because there is no former members of Anonymous, because we are all Anonymous no matter age race color or faith.

With Peace of Mind, Body, and Soul, while being true in my words and to myself, with Love for the people the earth and the animals, my actions and words are Respectful with respect to the people the planet and myself i so hear do swear to fight for what is right and speak the truth for the sake of truth, i will stick by the Values of PEACE. TRUTH. LOVE. and RESPECT
Signed Cody Fawkes of Michigan
At Daily Dot, Lorraine Murphy - aka @RainCoaster on Twitter - noted that Fawkes Security had "recently...somewhat implausibly, claimed responsibility for attacks against HSBC, the largest retail bank in the world."

On twitter, @Asher_Wolf noted that "Jodie Rushforth says she's 'right wing' in her bio" at Facebook. Just over a week ago, on October 15, the same day she changed her profile picture, Jodie Rushforth added dubious claim to her profilethat she studied at West Virginia University and that she "went from being 'in a relationship' to 'it's complicated.'"



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