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Patterico's SWATing story is full of lies: Part 1

My Scribd account was deleted and all of my articles were scrubbed, so I'm going to re-post them here at my blog.  The following article originally appeared at

Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey's blog post about his SWATing is full of misinformation and lies, but the one thing Patterico conveniently forgets is that our phone conversations, emails and Direct Messages were about our mutual distrust for Lee Stranahan, at the time.

Prior to and after the SWATing, Stranahan was smearing me and Patterico for talking to me. Why the Deputy District Attorney keeps pretending that Stranahan wasn't the main subject of our discussions is quite curious.

In the email published below, I was referring to film professor Lew Hunter who allegedly told Stranahan that his former student Jennifer George from Boston was extremely liberal. New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston was convinced that someone was punking her, and that she never spoke to the real film professor (who never got back to me).

"I think that we’ve been punked by the UCLA professor and I think it’s been a huge waste of time," Preston allegedly told Stranahan.

"Preston clearly thought that the website and Lew Hunter and his wife were all possibly fake," Stranahan wrote in a comment on July 1, 2011 at Patterico's blog, just before he was booted as a guest blogger. "We argued about this point, which I was stunned by."

Stranahan was falsely claiming that I was trying to dissuade Preston from reporting on the threats to Patterico, Ace of Spades HQ and Mike Stack aka Goatsred, but the opposite was the case.  Considering the fact that I've spent a year still probing what happened, and Preston never reported anything about the SWATings or threats, I believe it's rather obvious that I'm telling the truth.

In fact, Preston told me that she even had George's telephone number, but she didn't call her back for some strange reason.  George called me on June 30, after sending me an email, but she always used *67 so I never learned her phone number.  After about a week or so, George mysteriously broke all communications with me, and I don't believe anyone has heard from her since.

One of my theories - at the time - was that Stranahan was working with progressives such as Neal Rauhauser to entrap Patterico.

Patterico and I also spoke about how since Rauhauser had many followers on Twitter and at Daily Kos, it was extremely possible that many of his commenters were actually liberals pretending to be conservative.  But he conveniently forgot that part of our conversation, as well, and cherrypicked from one of my emails to him, that I'm posting in full below, which largely dealt with Stranahan.

"On July 1, 2011, Ron Brynaert sent me 7 emails," Patterico wrote on the 1 year anniversary of his SWATing. "Not one referred to the SWATting that had occurred the night before. All were bizarre, impossible to understand emails about Neal Rauhauser, and sock puppets he had spoken to, and Anthony Weiner, and starchild111, and Jennifer George, and Jennifer George’s film professor."

But Patterico knows damn well our discussions mainly centered on the duplicitous, smearing Stranahan.

On our phone call, Patterico said that Stranahan had "tunnel vision," and refused to open his mind to all possibilities, but I was more convinced that Lee was working against us deliberately to hide something.

Patterico claims I "lured" him on the phone to talk about Weinergate, but I mainly wanted to talk about how and why Stranahan was smearing us.  New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston and I had a falling out because she wanted to "go dark" and drop the story, so the three of us began working together to figure out who the mysterious "Alicia Pain" was, that had been making threats to conservatives, and doxed me with information from a 20-year-old false arrest that had been expunged. 

I never went to trial, never saw a judge, and never was convicted, but Patterico and his friends have been defaming me as a "criminal" ever since he deleted Pain's comment, which I never even saw.

Preston warned me that Rauhauser was a "dangerous Democratic operative," yet, for some reason, Stranahan refused to talk about Neal, and, in fact, was exchanging emails with him for an interview which he never published.

But a year ago, Patterico seemed to be in my corner, and, finally, on July 3rd, he had enough of Stranahan's lies and wrote in a comment:

"Lee Stranahan may be completely right about his theory that a woman with the initials 'JG' is behind everything that has happened. He really may. But I have been reading his posts, and listening to his radio show with the yowling cat, and I know he has been saying and implying things about me that are simply not accurate. I have tried to remain silent about this, but I am listening to his radio show from last night and hearing how he misrepresents my position on all of this, and I can remain silent no longer."

Patterico continued, "I disabled his account here at on Thursday night, after I read this post of his, in which he ridiculously accused me of providing JohnReid9 with an uncritical platform to spout lies: 'Patterico has uncritically posted information from (drum roll) John Reid . . .' 'Publishing this sort of lie – totally unchallenged — from a person confirmed to be a fake seems very questionable on Patterico’s part. This is especially true about someone who has been so critical of Tommy.'"

"The implication that I have been somehow supportive of JohnReid9 is totally false," Patterico added. "I have been publicly agnostic on JohnReid9 for my own reasons. For Lee to insinuate that I am a dupe, in the manner of a Tommy Christopher, was absurd and false. I was shocked and appalled to see such an accusation from someone with access to post on my blog. So I disabled his account."

Patterico continued, "I decided to remain silent about it, until I fully listened to his latest radio show, where he discussed private communications with me, and continued to portray my positions in a misleading fashion."

In another comment, Patterico wrote, "It’s bad enough to have a Neal Rauhauser go around acting like I am “falling for” something that I EXPLICITLY DISCLAIMED any vouching for. To have it said by someone who was a guest blogger here — it just didn’t work."

No longer a guest blogger, Stranahan complained at Patterico's blog in the comments, "Well, there is evidence Patterico is buying into Rons theory .. Read the theory here and read Patterco’s entusism for it."

"I spoke to Patterico a few hours ago and he was arguing adamantly for this theory, with no evidence whatsoever," Stranahan later added. "It’s what he believes. Does he say that the obvious truth MIGHT be right? Sure."

Stranahan continued, "And that’s the problem. He believes a wacky theory. He believes it MORE than a simple, provable theory. And when challenged, he bans people."

Referring to Patterico's SWATing, Stranahan complained, "Patterico is the one holding back a lot of info — not me."

An obviously pissed off Patterico added another update in the comments about Stranahan, later that same day on July 3rd:

"UPDATE x2: My decision has been vindicated by Lee’s latest post at his site, in which he displays in spades his recent tendency to a) disclose private conversations that he should know good and damned well I would not want him to discuss, and b) get what I said in those discussions wrong."

"Again: Lee seems to be unable to distinguish between a theory and a fact. He is also apparently unable to distinguish between someone advancing a theory and claiming a fact as true. This leads him to put words in my mouth that I didn’t say, or to misunderstand what I have said. Asking someone to consider evidence, and to consider how that evidence might support a possible theory, is not the same as declaring that possible theory is true."

"Lee is again portraying me as gullibly accepting the views of people whose views (I assure you) I am not gullibly accepting. Neither am I publicly denouncing those people. I am taking in information. Lee used to understand that."

"Incidentally, I have not 'banned' him but simply disabled his account to 'no role on this blog.' He still has the ability to comment, although if he comes on here and misrepresents the nature of our private communications, or even discusses them, that may change. There is simply too much at stake to dick around."

"I do not want to be in a fight with Lee, but I strongly encourage him to stop spilling the private details of every conversation he has with people onto the Internet. There is a reason I feel I cannot talk to him any more, and why I consider it a huge mistake that I even tried last night."

Later, Patterico added, "Arguing for a theory does not mean I believe it. Refusing to listen to a person’s evidence does not mean the person has 'no evidence whatsoever.' Talking about private conversations without permission is never great; doing so and getting them wrong is worse; doing so and getting them wrong in an environment when threats have been made and law enforcement is involved is reckless."

"I can’t talk to Lee Stranahan again until all this is sorted out. Until then, as I have said, if he makes a claim that I said something, do not assume his claim to be true."

"Lee Stranahan has a new post up saying he will stop commenting on Weinergate, as it is in the hands of law enforcement," Patterico wrote later that same night.

Absurdly, Patterico claims, "I think Ron Brynaert was still on the line."  He knows damn well I never hung up during his SWATing...and he also knows that I told him that I had trouble sending Direct Messages that night, so I wasn't certain if Stranahan had gotten my urgent DM about the SWATing.

I'll discuss other out-and-out lies in Patterico's blog post at a future time, with more proof that he is trying to make me a patsy, while pretending that I haven't spent an entire year volunteering to talk to any and all police and FBI investigators.  I've offered to prove I'm innocent by sharing all me emails and phone records, but Patterico seems more interested in pretending I'm the "bad guy" and smearing me.

Do I think he should be fired?  Hell yes!  Since his behavior is outrageous.  And he's a stone cold liar.

But a year ago, I had no idea that Frey was such a liar and bully, and thought it was wrong that Neal Rauhauser seemed to be targeting him, and trying to get him fired. 

Patterico should not only be fired, he should go to jail for smearing me as a criminal.

This is the entire text of one email I wrote Patterico on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 7:16 PM:

I wrote the film professor...hopefuly he'll get back to me.

please just look at all sides.......not saying THIS IS FACT...

And March 13th is the day Starchild went after ginger lee....if dirty tricks people were watching Weiner and would help to have a plant on the right.

Read every post he writes: i asked him for film school professor stuff instead of giving me...he mocked the theory on his site.

I'm really good at puppet reading....I have no clue what your regular columns are like....but there is no doubt that your comments section doesnt have at least six neal r plants: wittier i see praises lee, then slams him, but ALWAYS makes sure to quote the key parts that sow division.  I can tell the diff between a Maybee and some of the other ones.

Then...what happened the other night...and the stranded wind post.....the entire M.O. of these sick fucks every one of them is to DIVERT!!!!!!  So they pretend to go after lee stranahan.....when that's not their real target.

It's you.  They want to damage your career...

You gotta think hard about who put weiner thoughts in your head...and especially if the idea of lee stranahan blogging specifically was addressed on March 13, 2011.  Cause it's after Ginger Lee tweeted about Weiner that the whole thing went down.

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