Saturday, May 26, 2012

CouldBeMe7 helps Neal Rauhauser smear his enemies

A lying troll named @CouldBeMe7 who pretends to be a conservative but is obviously tied to Democratic consultant/cyber-smearer/hoaxer Neal Rauhauser somehow was able to erase retweets I made of her smears and attacks against Rauhauser's "enemies".

A longtime friend of her's named @MuddleVanHeck wrote a blog post spinning her relationship to Rauhauser, but the two of them have been smearing conservatives like Twittergate victim @GregWHoward and @SwiftRead - who has been reporting on Neal's vile deeds for two years.  @CouldBeMe7 even smeared Mike Stack aka @Goatsred as a "girlfriend beater" and attacked all the women in the #BornFreeCrew who helped bring down Anthony Weiner.

Any conservative who vouches for these obvious "moby" trolls should not be trusted.

Here are a few screenshots; more to come: